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UFC on FOX 15 live results stream

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will crown a new middleweight No. 1 contender TONIGHT (Sat., April 18, 2015) when Lyoto Machida goes head-to-head opposite Luke Rockhold in the UFC on FOX 15 main event from inside Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Get complete, official "Machida vs. Rockhold"-led event results, live updates, and real-time coverage right here, starting with the UFC Fight Pass "Prelims" at 4 p.m. ET!

While it took a big hit last week (thanks to this), UFC on FOX 15 is still one of the best mixed martial arts (MMA) fight cards of the year, featuring a compelling headliner between two evenly-matched opponents, as well as a strong undercard that sorts things out in the featherweight and women's strawweight divisions.

That's where Cub Swanson and Max Holloway will bang it out for a spot in the crowded 145-pound pecking order, not long after Felice Herrig and Paige VanZant collide in a 115-pound showdown with serious title implications (even more so after this).

All that and so much more. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC on FOX 15 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. ET, and then the remaining preliminary card balance on FOX at 6 p.m. ET before the FOX main card start time at 8 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 15) before you split and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following "Machida vs. Rockhold."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC on FOX 15 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Luke Rockhold def. Lyoto Machida by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:31 of Round Two
Ronaldo Souza def. Chris Camozzi by submission (guillotine) at 2:33 of Round One
Max Holloway def. Cub Swanson by submission (guillotine) at 3:58 of Round Three
Paige VanZant def. Felice Herrig by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26 x2)
Beneil Dariush def. Jim Miller by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Ovince St. Preux def. Patrick Cummins by TKO (punches) at 4:54 of Round One

Gian Villante def. Corey Anderson by TKO (punches) at 4:18 of Round Three
Aljamain Sterling def. Takeya Mizugaki by submission (arm-triangle choke) at 2:11 of Round Three
Tim Means def. George Sullivan by submission (arm-triangle choke) at 3:41 of Round Three
Diego Brandao def. Jimy Hettes by TKO (doctor's stoppage) at 5:00 of Round One

Chris Dempsey def. Eddie Gordon by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


185 lbs.: Lyoto Machida vs. Luke Rockhold

Round 1: Absolutely phenomenal song choice from Rockhold. "Best Around" vs Machida. Superb. Machida with a strong choice in Jump Around. Main Event worthy choices from both men, but Luke wins this. The crowd is standing and HYPED. Hm. I might be imagining things from where I'm sitting, but it looks like Luke has a knot on his right knee. Not discolored or anything, so maybe that's just a weird muscle distribution or from an old injury. Buffer dipping all the way to the floor on this intro. Machida getting big cheers. Machida leads with a left. He's also on his bike early. Throws the left again. Neither man getting the distance properly... never mind, Lyoto gets in a nice left. Rockhold drops Machida and is going for a power guillotine just 90 seconds in. Lyoto gets his head out. Luke mounts. Couple of elbows. Machida regains half guard. Full. Scramble and Rockhold nearly takes the back. Machida is nearly standing, but Luke drags him back down. One hook in for Luke. He postures up as Machida rolls. Some nice rights. Machida stands but has a Rockhold blanket on him. Knee to the thigh. Luke gets him down again. Body triangle and he's punching big here. Machida covering up and rolling. RNC attempt isn't under the chin. That might be a 10-8 round.

Round 2: Lyoto looks like he just got mugged. Well, this is Newark, so who knows. Inside leg kick from Dragon. He counters a leg kick from Luke with a right and a left. Lyoto swings and misses. Rockhold gets in a left. I'm not sure if Lyoto was tagged or he just got shoved to the mat. Judging from how he fell, I'm guessing Luke's left did some damage before that. Luke jumps on top and is in side mount. Machida bucking, but can't shake him, gives up the back, gets flattened out. WOW! That's the RNC and that's your new contender in the division. Woweewow.

Final result: Luke Rockhold defeats Lyoto Machida via submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:31 of Round Two


185 lbs.: Ronaldo Souza vs. Chris Camozzi

Round 1: Good job, whoever the DJ is. He put on some Biggie just as the camera panned to Frankie Edgar. In comes Camozzi. I've seen lambs with better chances against lions. USA chant almost immediately and Chris gets some cheers with that leg kick. Answering "you're gonna die" chant in Portuguese. Chris whiffs on a head kick. Gets in a right and eats a body kick. Jacare with the takedown into full guard. Souza postures up. Clashing chants again. Jacare uses the cage to pass to side. Pretty slick. Knee to the body. Knee on belly. Jacare initiates a scramble and winds up close to an armbar. He leans back and.... yup there's the tap. Sorry, lamb. Brown belt no good, get cooked up with some cumin and Szechuan peppercorns, though

Final result: Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza defeats Chris Camozzi by submission (armbar) at 2:33 of Round One


145 lbs.: Cub Swanson vs. Max Holloway

Round 1: Not familiar with Max's walkout music at all. Sounds like country meets Hawaii que pasa? Cub, on the other hand... Still D.R.E. I can get behind. Even if it is the censored version. Cub with some hair looks a little strange after all these years. Max with a glancing body kick. Gets a head kick blocked. Cub misses a low kick, but evades a 1-2. Lands a counter left. Max gets in a right hand and lands a liver kick. Punch to the body for Max, misses a capoiera kick. Lands a right. Cub with a jab. Max lands a low kick. Flying knee attempt for the Hawaiian. Cub can't close the distance and pays with a left to his jaw. Max has been pushing the action so far, with Cub trying to react solely. Spinning back kick from Holloway. There's a slapping liver kick from Swanson. Left hand, too. They trade lefts. Great flurry from both men to end the round.

Round 2: Max kicks high, but it lands on the glove of Cub. Loud body kick from Holloway. Max circles and jabs. Side kick from Swanson. Swanson hits a right and Max gets a left in simultaneously. Swanson ducks for a takedown, but Holloway defends and gets in a knee. Swanson just can't find the range and is looking a bit frustrated here. Holloway gets in a 2-piece. Two strikes from Cub just tip off Holloway and he smiles. Big flurry from Max in the center cage and he got like, three, maybe four strikes in to the body.Cub lands a nice left. He's moving forward a bit and getting punches through. Max with a jump knee and follows that with a series of punches to back off Swanson. Nice left from Holloway. This is Max's fight to lose here.

Round 3: Cub gets a clinch and bodies Max to the fence. Max pushes off and is away. Cub gets in a nice right hand. Unless Cub cracks the incredibly durable chin of Holloway, there's almost no way he can win.Swanson slips and is down. He tries an upkick, Max with some leg kicks before letting Swanson stand. Good strikes from Max and Swanson is down. Max trying to finish. Arm triangle attempt and it looks like he has the position... but he gives it up? Back to standing after Max surprisingly backs away. Low kick from Cub, straight from Max. Nice series from Max and Cub stumbles down again. Power guillotine attempt from Max almost in front of me. Cub's head is turning solid pink here, and Max is squeezing... there's the tap. Welcome to the top 5, young Max Holloway!

Final result: Max Holloway defeats Cub Swanson via submission (guillotine) at 3:58 of Round 3


115 lbs.: Felice Herrig vs. Paige VanZant

Round 1: Long time between the fights now. They cleaned or repainted or did something to the center logo for a couple minutes. Trying to remember the last time a sample of metal into a modern rap song has been successful. This version sampling Ozzy ain't it. Props to the nod to the 80s for Felice. Fun song from Patty Smyth. Inside low kick from Zant to start and Herrig answers with punches. They clinch and Herrig with a series of uppercuts. Headlock toss from Paige, but Herrig nearly has the back. Scramble and she does.Both hooks in. She's a bit high. Sneaking the right arm underneath the chin. Zant rolls and almost escapes. Into an armbar. She dumps Herrig on her head and gets free. Hell of a scramble. They're clinched right in front of me now and after some kneeing, they break. Left from Herrig, clinch and knee from Zant. Herrig with her butt against the fence. She reverses. Zant reverses and tosses down Herrig. Full guard. Herrig scrambles, but Zant postures properly and punches down, connecting well. Nice elbow. Half guard. Herrig looking for a triangle with mission control. Armbar attempt into an upkick from Herrig. Zant rolls to a heel hook as time expires. Great round.

Round 2: The crowd loved that round. Leg kick from Zant to open up. Herrig coming forward, pushes Zant to the fencing. Paige reverses. Uppercut from Herrig to the sternum. They trade knees. Foot stomp from Zant. Herrig with the elbow. She gets a takedown, but almost immediately gets reversed. Zant posturing with some GNP, but that gives Herrig the space to stand. Paige with about 20 little pitter patter punches as Herrig clinches. They don't do much, but probably help her with the judges. Herrig catches a knee, similar to Rampage/Bader, gets the takedown, but is again reversed instantly. Full guard. Solid right from Paige. Scramble and Zant lands in side control. Herrig going for an armbar, but i don't think she has it. Paige gets her elbow free and is again in side. North/South position. Oh, the jokes. Paige staying busy, but nothing fully powerful. Easily her round, however.

Round 3: Takedown, but they're both instantly up. Now Paige gets it and sticks it. Herrig eating unanswered punches. Mount. Weird standing mount. Not going well for Herrig here at all. She does regain some semblance of guard for a brief bit. Well now, Herrig reverses it and has Zant's back. She can't maintain her hooks, however and Paige rolls into guard. Paige postures and is boxing up Herrig here. Empty half guard now. 90 seconds and Herrig is going to need a miracle here. Paige not letting Felice up. Landing less and controlling more, but she doesn't need to do anything but this to win. There's some punches. Might even be a 10-8 round for Paige Van Zant. Welcome to the top 10, kid.

Final result: Paige VanZant defeats Felice Herrig via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26 x2)


155 lbs.: Jim Miller vs. Beneil Dariush

Round 1: Low kick from Dariush as Miller advances. Miller answers. Leg kick from Miller as Dariush fires a combo. One minute in. Combination from MIller. Dariush leg kick. Superman punch  attempt. They tie up and Dariush lands a knee to the body. Miller leg kick off a Dariush flying knee attempt. Dariush with a sequence of knees from the clinch. Pressing Miller against the cage. Two minutes in. More knees. Dariush changes levels and Jim rolls him over with a Kimura grip. Miller transitions to a triangle, which Dariush manages to escape. Dariush on top in half guard. Two minutes to go.

Dariush working towards an arm triangle. Miller regains guard, Dariush passes right back to half. One minute to go. Rubber guard for Miller. Dariush postures out and Miller shoots in. Dariush sprawls on it and lands some short shots until the bell. 10-9 Dariush.

Round 2: 1-2 from Dariush. Miller on the advance. Dariush steps in with a knee to the body and they jockey for position on the fence. Knees to the body from both. Dariush looks for a single-leg, transitions to a double and completes it into half guard. Dariush working towards an arm triangle. One minute in. Miller sweeps him and pulls guard on a guillotine, which Dariush works his way out of. Dariush passes to mount in short order. Miller gives up his back and Dariush locks up the body triangle. Two minutes in. Dariush turns to mount, looking for the arm triangle. Miller gets his arm free. Elbows from Dariush. Two minutes to go.

Miller gives up his back again and Dariush looks like he has it. Miller breaks his grip, still in a precarious position. One minute to go. Miller trying to use the cage to reverse, can't dislodge him. Miller stands and slams Dariush down when the latter slaps on the choke. He ends the round on Miller's back. 10-9 Dariush.

Round 3: Miller pressing forward. Dariush ducks a left hand and shoots, landing a knee as they stand. Good left from Dariush answered by a Miller uppercut. Dariush pressing him against the cage, takes him down once again. One minute to go. Dariush on top in half guard. Dariush still on the hunt for an arm-triangle. Two minutes in. Now he passes to side control and then north-south. Miller nearly gives up his back , instead gives up mount. Now half guard. Two minutes to go.

Mount again. Dariush takes his back. Miller stands and slams him down to no avail. One minute to go. Dariush still working for the choke. Jim spikes him down one more time before the bell. 10-9 Dariush.

Final result: Dariush def. Miller by unanimous decision


205 lbs.: Ovince St. Preux vs. Patrick Cummins

Round 1: OSP lands a good straight left early on. Counter right by Cummins after taking a body kick. OSP head kick blocked. Cummins shoots in under that next one, takes him down twice before the end of the scramble. OSP back to his feet in a hurry. One minute in. Cummins shoots in again, can't keep him down but gets a front headlock. Cummins pressing him against the fence. Knees to the thigh from Cummins. OSP makes space and they return to the center. Two minutes in. OSP with a knee to the body that prompts a shot. OSP sprawls on it and lands a front kick to the body. Cummins leg kick. Straight left from OSP,

Round 2: Cummins level change denied. OSP tries a spinning back kick, so Cummins grabs his back and slams him down. St. Preux back to his feet immediately. Two minutes to go.

Straight right from Cummins after blocking a head kick. OSP front kick to the body. Clubbing left hand lands for him. Cummins leg kick. One minute to go. OSP sidesteps a rush and pops him with a left. OSP shoots in and Cummins sprawls on it. BIG counter left uppercut from OSP and Cummins hits the deck. A few more hammerfists and this one's over.

Final result: St. Preux def. Cummins by TKO (punches)


205 lbs.: Corey Anderson vs. Gian Villante

Round 1: Anderson lands a right hand early. Low kick exchange. Anderson falls short with a combination. Right cross by Villante. Low kick lands for him. Anderson with rights to the head and body. One minute in. Villante low kicks. Anderson looking for the check hook. Anderson takedown attempt stuffed. Another low kick by Villante. Two minutes in. Corey fakes a level change. Good combination from Anderson. Anderson catches a low kick and counters with a sequence of punches. Left hook lands for him. Two minutes to go.

Villante catches an Anderson low kick and eats a straight right. Anotehr straight right from Anderson. Villante low kicks. Head kick connects, then yet another low kick. Quick exchange inside. One minute to go. Yet another heavy leg kick by Villante. Anderson to the body with an uppercut. Anotehr low kick by Villante. Anderson left hook, Villante leg kick. Right hand, Villante leg kick. 10-9 Villante.

Round 2: Villante back to the low kicks in a hurry. Head kick blocked. Left hook by Anderson after a right to the body. Another pair of leg kicks. Another. Right hand from Anderson lands. One minute in. 1-2 connects. Anderson catches a kick, can't do anything with it. Sweeping right hand at the end of a combo. Anderson counters a leg kick with some nice punches. Two minutes in. Check hook. 1-2 lands. Villante blocks a flurry. Uppercut by Anderson. Three-punch combo afterwards, met by a low kick from Villante. Two minutes to go.

Another leg kick by Villante. Another. Anderson tries to shoot, is stuffed. 2-3 lands for him. One minute to go. Villante low kick checked. Anderson body kick blocked. Anderson with a three-punch combo. Another leg kick by Villante. Again. A third one, caught this time. Flying knee from Anderson after he tries to rush. There's the bell. 10-9 Villante.

Round 3: Villante has some loose tape and indicates it to the ref. For some reason, Anderson tries to rush anyway. Back to the action. Anderson checks a leg kick and lands a body kick. Head kick blocked. Anderson active this round, eats an overhand right. 3-2 lands for Anderson. One minute in. 1-3 lands. Quick exchange punctuated by a Villante leg kick. Another low kick. Left hand exchange. Left hook from Anderson. Spinning backfist attempt, then a spinning back kick attempt, neither of which land. Villante leg kick. Two minutes in. Anderson with a right hand after stepping in with a knee. Long right uppercut, knee to the body. Flying knee lands to the gut, right hand lands to the head. Villante is tired. Two minutes to go.

3-2 from Anderson. Villante leg kick. Anderson left hook, Villante right hand. Left hook by Villante. Anderson changes levels, settles for a short left. Left hook by Anderson, right to the body afterwards. Villante left hook. One minute to go. Villante lands an overhand right, then another, then another right hand rattles Anderson and "Beastin" wobbles to the fence, out on his feet. The ref rightly calls it before too much more damage can be done.

Final result: Villante def. Anderson by TKO (punches)


135 lbs.: Takeya Mizugaki vs. Aljamain Sterling

Round 1: Sterling flicks out a front kick. Head kick blocked and Sterling ties up. Mizugaki grabs the rear-waistlock, then sprawls on Sterling's shot. Sterling shoots again and looks to change levels. On eminute in. Sterling looking for a single-leg. He moves to a standard clinch and lands some knees to the body. Sterling gets him briefly to his knees. Two minutes in. Mizugaki doing a good job of staying on his feet but not of making space. Sterling kneeing his legs. The referee breaks them up with two minutes to go.

Mizugaki moving forward. Sterling lands a body kick, avoiding a counter right. Leg kick from Sterling, who eats an uppercut on the way up. Another good leg kick from the American. Check hook from Sterling as Mizugaki connects. Sterling hunting for a single-leg and gets Mizugaki to his knees. One minute to go. Mizugaki scrambles up immediately and Sterling grabs the rear waistlock. Sterling trips him down, Mizugaki pops up. Mizugaki turns and they're chest-to-chest on the cage once again. Sterling misses a spinning backfist but lands a pair of punches before the bell. 10-9 Sterling.

Round 2: Mizugaki blocks a head kick. Sterling shoots in and gets him to his seat on the fence. Mizugaki pops back up and tries a trip of his own. Knee to the body from Mizugaki. One minute in. Good elbow by Sterling as he separates. Mizugaki lands an uppercut as he sprawls on Sterling. Teep by the American. Mizugaki tries a flying knee that doesn't connect. Counter right does connect. Two minutes in. Mizugaki denies a level change. Another teep by Sterling, who trips Mizugaki to the mat from a single-leg. Mizugaki back to his feet, Sterling trips him back down and takes his back. Both hooks in for Sterling. Two minutes to go.

Body triangle now for Sterling. One minute to go. Mizugaki tries to roll, can't dislodge him. Round ends there. 10-9 Sterling.

Round 3: Mizugaki opens with a two-punch combo. Teep from Sterling. Front kick, right hook from Sterling. Mizugaki sprawls on a takedown and backs off, only for Sterling to lunge forward and complete an ankle pick. Mizugaki on his rear against the fence. One minute in. Sterling quickly takes his back once more. Mizugaki can't remove him with a roll. Sterling turns and latches onto an arm-triangle as Mizugaki sweeps his way into top position. Despite being from the bottom, it's enough to force the Japanese veteran to tap.

Final result: Sterling def. Mizugaki by submission (arm-triangle choke)


170 lbs.: Tim Means vs. George Sullivan

Round 1: Means checks a low kick. Sullivan barrels forward and eats a knee from the plu, before they separate. Low kick from Means. One minute in. Means eats a right hand, having defended most other strikes. MEans head kick just misses. Left hand lands for him. Right hand by Sullivan and Means ties up, landing an elbow. Check right hook after they split. Two minutes in. Right hand by Sullivan as he shoots in. Pressing Means against the fence, lands a knee to the body. Means hits the switch, landing a knee and a pair of elbows after reversing. Two minutes to go.

Means advancing steadily. Left hook from Sullivan, then another at the end of a combination. Means low kick. Leg kick once again. Sullivan lands a body kick. One minute to go. Low kicks from Means. Sullivan right to the body. Means to the body in return. Front kick to the body by Means, Sullivan lands an elbow. Left hook lands for him and he avoids a spinning elbow at round's end. 10-9 Means.

Round 2: Means slips a right hand, lands a counter left soon after. Body kick from Means. Check hook lands. Sullivan connects with a kick to the body. Means moves him to the fence, but eats an elbow. One minute in. Means to the body. Front kick to the body. Left hook by Sullivan, then a 3-2. Left hook gets Sullivan's attention, as does an uppercut. Means in pursuit, eats some retaliatory right hands. Means 1-2, then a pair of knees as Sullivan ties up. Means hurls him down into half guard. Two minutes in. Means makes some space, lands a left hand and gets back on top in half guard. Short punches from Means. Nice left hand, then a pair of knees as Sullivan stands. Two minutes to go.

Sullivan connects with a right hand. 1-1-2 from Sullivan. Sullivan head kick blocked. Sullivan seems to be fading. Means front kick to the body. Short uppercut by The Dirty Bird. One minute to go. Sullivan with a good right hand, then a combination. Means mugs him inside in return. Means lands a straight left, takes an elbow. Right hook from Means. Means decks him with an elbow and starts dropping bombs, trying to put Sullivan away. "The Silencer" makes it to the bell. 10-9 Means.

Round 3: Sullivan has his hands on his knees as he leaves the corner. Means lands a front kick to the body and a hard pair of low kicks. Sullivan right hand misses. Right hook by Means. Sloppy shot by Sullivan, who does land a Superman elbow. Knees from Means. Sullivan left hook. Means low kick. One minute in. Straight left by Means, right uppercut by Sullivan. Means to the body with the front kick, then the face with the left hand. Means hits a foot sweep and moves into side control. Means knees the body. Two minutes in. Short elbows now. Sullivan just holding him close, occasionally making an effort to turn away. Two minutes to go.

Means pops him with a left and denies an attempt to scramble up. Sullivan scooting towards the fence but gives up an arm-triangle. It's not long before he taps.

Final result: Means def. Sullivan by submission (arm-triangle choke)


145 lbs.: Diego Brandao vs. Jimy Hettes

Round 1: Brandao moving forward as Hettes circles. Hettes checks a low kick, avoids a body kick. Jimy catches the next leg kick and takes Brandao down. The Brazilian scrambles up, lands some hard shots in the clinch, and takes Hettes down. Hettes scrambles back up, so Diego slams him down once again. One minutes in. Brandao takes Hettes' back, then latches onto an arm-triangle when Hettes looks to get out. Gettes gets back out and Brandao takes side control. Hettes regains guard quickly. Two minutes in. The American controlling posture well. Hettes transitions into a leglock from an omoplata, using it to stand. Brandao pressing him against the cage, Hettes reverses. Diego grabs the fence to avoid a trip, earning a rebuke. Two minutes to go.

Nice knee by Hettes. Brandao trips him down after a few more knees connect, landing on top in open guard. Brandao lands some good elbows, but gets swept into mount. He latches onto a heel hook, which Hettes avoids as they return to their feet. One minute to go. Hettes ties up and takes him to the fence, eating a left hand as they separate. Hettes misses with a knee at the bell. 10-9 Brandao.

The fight's over. Looks like Brandao burst Hettes' cauliflower ear.

Final result: Brandao def. Hettes by TKO (doctor stoppage)


185 lbs.: Chris Dempsey vs. Eddie Gordon

Round 1: Using Five Finger Death Punch's version of Bad Company instead of the original? Dempsey with a rough start.

Dempsey looking to pressure early. They exchange a few times at close range. Gordon buzzes him with a right hand. Dempsey ducks another right and takes him to the fence. Eddie reverses quickly. One minute in. Gordon looking for a single-leg, can't get it and lands a right on the break. Dempsey lands a cross. Gordon stops another shot and takes him to the fence. Dempsey briefly latches onto a front headlock before separating. Uppercut by Gordon. Two minutes in. Lead right snaps Dempsey's head back. Gordon lands a counter right after taking a two-punch combo and sprawls on a double-leg. Gordon in the front headlock position, his trainers yelling at him not to let him up. Dempsey gets up anyway. Dempsey wading in, leading to a series of quick trades. Two minutes to go.

Gordon sprawls on another takedown, working towards the plum on the feet. Dempsey grabs a front headlock, loses it but has good position on the fence. Dempsey landing some body shots, eats a hard knee to the body that gets his attention. One minute to go. Eddie circles off the fence, then bops Dempsey with a counter right. Dempsey eating some big counters, including a right that stumbles him. Counter uppercut. Dempsey plodding forward, landing some heavy punches but eating a good many. Dempsey ties up on the fence until the bell. 10-9 Gordon.

Round 2: Gordon sticking out his jab, eats a right hand. Gordon ducks a right hand that Dempsey slips while throwing. Dempsey still plodding, ties up on the fence. He looks to change levels and instead gets reversed. Gordon separates after landing a knee. One minute in. Left hook by Gordon, then a lead right. Body shot answered by Dempsey, who lands a good combo as he gets in on a leg. Gordon denies it, reverses, and takes Dempsey down into side control. Two minutes in. Gordon digging for an arm-triangle, doesn't have the position. Dempsey gives up his back but manages to break Gordon's seatbelt grip as they stand. Good right hand by Dempsey and this time it's Gordon taking him to the fence. Two minutes to go.

Back to the center. Dempsey connects with a hard 1-2, eats an overhand right soon after that prompts another trip to the fence. Gordon looks somewhat fatigued. Dempsey separates. One minute to go. Dempsey shoots from way too far out and is stuffed. Lead right from Dempsey. 3-2 by Chris, who finally gets Gordon down against the fence. Gordon uses an overhook until the bell. 10-9 Gordon.

Round 3: Dempsey as aggressive as ever, ties up but gets reversed on the fence. Dempsey gives up a takedown in pursuit of a loose guillotine. Eddie passes to side control and gets out, after which Dempsey stands back up. Hard right hand from Dempsey, Gordon answers. Gordon sprawls on a shot, but Dempsey grabs a headlock as he goes to the fence. One minute in. Eddie reverses, then separates. 1-2 connects for Truck, then Dempsey gets to him with a left hook. Both men winging bombs. Dempsey shoots in, gets sprawled on. Two minutes in. Eddie in the front headlock, moves to the rear waistlock. Dempsey gets space and they return to the center. Lead right by Gordon, then another nice right hand. Gordon sprawls on him yet again and works for a single-leg. Two minutes to go.

Dempsey working for a guillotine, loses it. Gordon on top in guard. Dempsey sweeps his way up and goes to the fence. He separates when Gordon looks to reverse. Both men flinging tired punches until Dempsey shoots yet again. one minute to go. Dempsey working for a double-leg, switches to a single and completes it. Gordon scrambles up, gets dumped into bottom side control. Dempsey looks for ground-and-pound until the bell. 10-9 Gordon.

Final result: Dempsey def. Gordon by split decision


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