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Nate Diaz still non-committal on Matt Brown fight: 'It's like I'm being forced into a fight'

It's not that Nate is opposed to a fight against "The Immortal," he just wants UFC matchmakers to let him know what's going on before they confirm his opponents.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Nate Diaz is tentatively scheduled to face Matt Brown at the upcoming UFC 189 pay-per-view (PPV) event on July 11, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Or is he facing Anthony Pettis?

It's quite a pickle the Stockton slugger finds himself in, as his next opponent is still pretty much up in the air. That's according to Nate himself, who revealed on The MMA Hour that he never agreed to face "The Immortal" over the summer.

Diaz makes it perfectly clear that the situation is not his fault, because the powers that be at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) never confirmed the Brown fight with him before going public with it. It's a fight Nate has no issues taking, but rather the circumstances he has beef with.

Check it out:

"The Brown fight was talked about and they were supposed to work out a deal to figure it all out and negotiate the fight. Then all of a sudden, it's, I never necessarily okay'd the fight. The fight was never negotiated, so ... then all of a sudden I was getting blown up about the fight. I think it's a great fight, everybody would want to see that fight. That sounds like an awesome fight, a fight to see. But, it was never talked about. And I don't appreciate being, it's like I'm being forced into a fight. The fight was never negotiated, I heard about it just like everybody else. It was kind of blown out of proportion. But, I like the fight, it sounds good it sounds great. I don't like the circumstances of the fight. I think I deserve better and he deserves better than to be on the undercard and to be on this, to be a great contribution to Mr. Conor McGregor's pockets. They are talking about him blowing up all the records of being the highest pay-per-view draw and the highest watched fighter. They put me and Matt Brown on the undercard and Robbie Lawler on the undercard. I think Robbie Lawler should speak up a little bit about that, too. But, I know how it is, it probably worked out good for him, too. I think it's going to be a great card and I think if I am going to fight a great fight where a lot of people are going to tune in to watch me fight Matt Brown, who is a great fighter too, I think it should be more toward my end of the deal and not everybody else's."

He continues:

"I'm okay with being on the undercard or whatever, but this is definitely a main event fight, especially with the recent fight cards going on, it's ridiculous. They are making this humongous card and I ain't got nothing against the main event, that's great for them, but it's the circumstances I am talking about. No one ever negotiated, no one ever told me what, where, when and how. I just heard maybe Matt Brown, maybe Anthony Pettis. Anthony said something about fighting me, I've been talking about fighting him for a long time. I don't care who, Matt Brown is a good fight and Pettis is a good fight, those are the fights I am looking for, big and exciting fights. I'm not into fighting boring people. I just want to know what's going on, I don't like being strong-armed into a fight. I don't need to hear that I'm fighting a guy before it's been negotiated. So I say it's not official and now I'm the guy pulling out of a fight. But, that's not the situation at all. I just liked to be approached a bit better and make sure stuff is confirmed before it blows out of proportion."

That might work with other guys, but that's not how Diaz rolls.

As of today (Mon., April 13, 2015), Nate says he has yet to speak with a UFC official regarding his fighting future. But if he had his way, he'd rather take on the opponent who will bring him the most money, because he doesn't have time to "bullshit around and fight his life way."

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