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Christy Mack tattoo 'Property of War Machine' to be covered up ahead of Sept. 2015 trial

While Jon Koppenhaver sits in solitary confinement, awaiting trial in September on charges of attempted murder, ex-girlfriend Christy Mack is moving on with her life.

Which is easier said than done.

Mack was left partially disfigured after an alleged attack by Koppenhaver, better known by his mixed martial arts (MMA) moniker of "War Machine," in her Las Vegas home back in August of 2014. After a brief period on the run, the former UFC and Bellator attraction was taken into custody.

"He still hasn't taken responsibility to this day," Mack told ESPNW. "He blames his childhood, he blames me, he blames fighting. He claims he found God now -- he's looking for any kind of way not to take responsibility for what happened."

That day may never come, even if the courts find him guilty, based on what happened the last time he was in front of the judge.

War Machine has flip-flopped on his story behind that fateful night last August. After an unsuccessful suicide attempt, Koppenhaver embraced Grandma's faggotry (his words), despite his claims that Mack "got what she deserved," even though he "bitched out way too early."

His attorney insists the ex-fighter is a "good guy" and not a "monster."

Assuming his motion to dismiss the charges gets tossed out during a writ of habeas corpus hearing on April 22, Koppenhaver will face trial in September. In the meantime, Mack will continue to work on her new tattoo, one that will cover her existing ink that reads "Property of War Machine."

For more on War Machine's incarceration and upcoming trial click here.

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