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Video: Freddie Roach agrees to corner Georges St. Pierre, expects 'Rush' to fight one more time

At least!

"I trained him two days ago, before he went home. I said, ‘What do you think, are you going to fight again?' He said ‘I'm getting the itch.' I said, ‘Well if you do, make sure you're 100-percent healthy and everything is on point.' He said, ‘The only way I'll fight again is if you promise me you'll be in my corner.' That's not a problem. I do think Georges will fight one more time, at least, and we will train very hard for that fight. Hard work pays, and he's a disciplined guy."

How serious was Georges St. Pierre about making his return to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)? Well, aside from just "thinking about it," the former welterweight champion told his boxing trainer, Freddie Roach, that he once again has the itch to compete, and wants the man behind pugilists like Manny Pacquiao, among others, to corner him if and when he does. Perhaps this latest revelation is enough to sway pessimists like UFC President Dana White, who may have resigned to the idea that "Rush" is gone for good, after walking away from mixed martial arts (MMA) in late 2013 due to burnout. While we may not get him back in 2015 -- or ever if the scales tip in favor of this Canadian -- there's no reason the still-training St. Pierre can't open 2016 with a bang. After all, late-career comebacks are all the rage these days.

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