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Urijah Faber interested in Conor McGregor fight, insists 'Notorious' would quit in the face of pain

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when Urijah Faber was king of the featherweights?

Sure, that was back in the days of World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC), but "The California Kid" has a proven track record of being one of the most dangerous fighters at both 145 and 135 pounds.

Assuming, of course, he's not fighting for a title.

So perhaps if Conor McGregor comes up short against Jose Aldo at UFC 189, and Faber can spoil the Frankie Edgar party in Manila, we'll get a "Notorious" showdown in the second half of 2015.

Faber talks to FOX Sports:

"I wouldn't mind fighting Conor. I'll tell you what -- he's got something that a lot of guys don't have. Something a guy like me doesn't have, a guy like Chad Mendes doesn't have, a guy like Frankie Edgar doesn't have, and that's the instincts and willingness to give up when he's about to get knee barred. I wouldn't give up. Come on ... His knee was in danger of having some pain inflicted on it and he was like, 'I'm out.' Can you teach that? Can you take that away? I don't think so. That's an instinct. He will give up."

Faber has yet to tap in 39 professional fights.

But whether or not he can finagle a McGregor fight largely depends on how well the Irishman does in July, because "The California Kid" is not even in the discussion when it comes to 145-pound title shots. In addition, there is a long line of featherweights itching to smash the "Notorious" trash talker.

But if and when they do fight, where do you put your money?

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