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Wanderlei Silva on drug testing: A 'fighter has a right to do anything he wants out of competition'

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Wanderlei Silva is back!

Color me shocked, but once again the PRIDE legend and former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star is lashing out at UFC brass, this time berating the new, more rigorous, out of competition drug testing policy.

After comparing UFC to slavery, Silva is now claiming that UFC's enhanced drug testing policy is against the constitution.

But that's not all.

Wanderlei told MMA Fighting that a "fighter has a right to do anything he wants out of competition."

His words:

"If I'm going to fight you today, I have to be clean today. There are anti-inflammatories and painkillers that are considered doping, but are not. I'm against steroids. Steroids are bad. But the fighter has a right to do anything he wants out of competition. That's his right. You can't get into his life and take his blood to see what he's doing. I'm against all types of drugs and steroids, but the athlete has the right to have a private life. He has to be clean on the day of the competition. Out of competition, that's his life."

No wonder "The Axe Murderer" strangely congratulated Anderson Silva following the legend's failed drug test fiasco.

Silva wasn't anywhere near completed with his tirade, citing UFC middleweight kingpin Chris Weidman's story of how the commission came to his house for a random test in the wee hours of the morning.

"I heard some things that the commission did to looks like they showed up at the champion's house at 6:50 a.m. to test him. What the f--k is that? Is this a joke? I also heard they forced a famous fighter to undress in front of everybody in order to be tested. What is that? We are being violated. They are taking out our rights as citizens. The test has to be done on the day of the competition. You have to be at the same level of your opponent on fight day. That's against the constitution. You can't have this law. They are not athletes and they don't know what we have to go through to be there and put on a show."

Silva, who is banned from mixed martial arts (MMA) by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) after he dodged a random drug test and disciplinary hearing, has taken every opportunity to uncover UFC brass and NSAC's unfair practices.

Maybe it is time Silva signs on the dotted line.

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