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UFC Fight Night 64 results: Jimi Manuwa decisions cautious Jan Blachowicz

Polish mixed martial arts (MMA) standout, Jan Blachowicz, was out to prove that he belonged among the top Light Heavyweight talent earlier today (April 11, 2015), taking on No. 9-ranked Jimi Manuwa at UFC Fight Night 64 inside Krakow Arena in Krakow, Poland.

Maybe some other time.

It didn't take long for fists to start flying, as Manuwa fired off haymakers as Blachowicz attempted to keep him honest with stiff jabs. Manuwa then started to use his legs, uncorking head and straight kicks that Blachowicz was able to block for the most part.

Blachowicz seemed to find his rhythm with about 30 seconds remaining in the opening frame after a rather tentative start.

That momentum didn't appear to carryover to the second round, though, as Manuwa stalked a back-pedaling Blachowicz straight out the gate. The British banger didn't really accomplish much; in fact, after an accidental eye poke, both fighters spent most of the second round tied up in a clinch.

Blachowicz was able to score with his jab, as well as a nice combination with about 30 seconds remaining in the round, but other than that, was rather ineffective.

Third and final round was more of the same to start — Manuwa chasing a very careful Blachowicz. Manuwa was able to score with knees and punches to Blachowicz's gut before the pair got tied up again along the fence.

Blachowicz uncorked a head kick that appeared to anger Manuwa, who responded with a barrage of violent strikes, none of which did any real damage. With two minutes to go, the referee separated both fighters and Manuwa landed a nice hook before Blachowicz tied him up again.

With about 45 seconds left in the bout, Manuwa landed another combination, and then at the bell he finished with a flurry. Blachowicz was able to survive, which is all he seemed to want to do for 15 minutes.

As a result, Manuwa was awarded the unanimous decision, the first time in his career that he went to the judges scorecards.

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