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Premier Boxing Champions: Garcia vs. Peterson results and LIVE coverage

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Two of the top five super lightweights in the world will do battle on network television this Saturday night (April 11, 2015) as consensus No. 1 Danny Garcia takes on Lamont Peterson in the latest installment of Al Haymon's Premier Boxing Champions series on NBC.

MMA Mania will have LIVE coverage, starting with the NBC broadcast at 8:30 PM EST.

Garcia (29-0, 17 KO) has lost some luster since his tremendous win over Lucas Matthysse despite defeating both subsequent challengers. After controversially edging Puerto Rico's Mauricio Herrera in March of '14, Garcia faced the ludicrously outmatched Rod Salka, who was ranked 93rd at lightweight, and put him away in four. Peterson (33-2, 17 KO), meanwhile, has likewise won twice since his own encounter with Matthysse, including defeating 15th-ranked Dierry Jean.

Interestingly, both men have a split decision and a (technical) knockout win over Amir Khan and Kendall Holt, although who got decisioned and who got knocked out is different for each man.

The co-feature will also feature a quality clash, this time at middleweight, WBO champion Andy Lee (34-2, 24 KO), last seen knocking out Matt Korobov for the belt, will face unbeaten prospect Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin (31-0, 22 KO), who previously vacated the belt rather than face Korobov.

Quick results and round-by-round coverage below.

Super Lightweight: Danny Garcia def. Lamont Peterson by majority decision (114-114, 115-113 x2)

Middleweight: Andy Lee draws with Peter Quillin (113-112, 112-113, 113-113)

Danny Garcia vs. Lamont Peterson

Round one: Peterson active with his jab. Lead right from Lamont. Garcia jabbing as well, landing rights to the body. One minute in. Double jab from Garcia. Garcia prods the body with his right. Lead right lands for him as Peterson comes off the ropes. Overhand right connects. One minute to go. Counter right by Peterson. Garcia to the head and body with rights. Bell. 10-9 Garcia.

Round two: Both men tentative. Peterson maintaining range. Overhand right lands for him. Jabs from Peterson. One minute in. Garcia just misses with a right hand. Garcia to the body. Garcia to the body with both hands on the circling Peterson. One minute to go. Garcia's groin protector is stupidly high on his torso. Bell. 19-19.

Round three: Garcia fires a sequence of left hands, does not connect. Left hook lands for him. Garcia to the body. One minute in. Peterson active with his jab, but finding himself with his back to the ropes. Peterson to the body. More jabs from Peterson. One minute to go. Glancing straight right lands for Garcia as Peterson retreats. Lead right connects, clinch. More jabs from Lamont. 29-28 Garcia.

Round four: This fight is pretty underwhelming so far. Lots of jabs early on in this round. Garcia to the body. One minute to go. Garcia calls for action. Garcia counters a right with body shots. 2-3 from Peterson, who slips near the ropes. One minute to go. Garcia doing well to counter to the body as Peterson circles away. Good exchange inside. Right hand up top from Garcia. 39-37 Garcia.

Round five: This is just frustrating. Peterson isn't committing to any power punches and Garcia is having trouble reaching him. Straight rights land for Garcia as I type that. Left hook from Garcia. 2-3 from Peterson in response. Peterson flurry blocked. Halfway through the round. More jabs from Peterson. One minute to go. Lead right from Garcia. To the body. Nice right up top. Overhand right from Peterson lands. Peterson jabs and retreats until the bell. 49-46 Garcia.

Round six: Double left hook from Garcia. Again. No clean contact from either man. Another double hook, both to the body. Garcia focusing on body shots now, lands a 1-2-3. One minute in. Garcia to the body. Garcia warned for straying a bit low, lands a combination upstairs soon after. Peterson digs a right downstairs, then a clean 1-2. Peterson warned for pulling Garcia's head down. Danny with a counter hook and an overhand right. One minute to go. Lead right by Garcia. Left hook lands. Lead right by Peterson now. Peterson ducks a combo upstairs. Bell. 59-55 Garcia.

Round seven: Peterson very vocal when he throws, but not landing anything of note. Quick exchange inside. Lead right lands for Danny. One minute in. Clinch. Garcia to the body. Peterson ducks a combination. Garcia to the body. Peterson with some jabs and a body shot of his own. Good combo by Garcia. One minute to go. Things are starting to get interesting. Garcia to the body as Peterson goes high, the latter getting warned for holding the head down. Round ends. 69-64 Garcia.

Round eight: Peterson a little more aggressive to start the round. Still, neither man is landing clean despite increased activity. Peterson to the body, takes an overhand right. Good exchange near the ropes. Clinch. Garcia to the body. One minute in. Right hand to the gut this time. Double left hook, ending to the body. Peterson to the body, clinch, then again to the body. Garcia warned for going low. Three-punch combo to the body from Garcia, then they exchange upstairs. Both men rip to the body. One minute to go. Peterson body shot, then a right hand. Peterson now on the attack. Overhand right, then body shots as they clinch. Three-punch combo from Garcia. 1-2-3 by Peterson. Garcia with a pair of punches downstairs before the bell. 78-74 Garcia.

Round nine: Peterson going back to the active jab. Lead right met by a Garcia left hook. Two-piece from Danny. One minute in. Hard 1-2 by Peterson. Garcia body shot. Garcia right hand after Peterson teases a bolo punch. Clinch. Garcia to the body. One minute to go. Nice right hand by Garcia as Peterson circles into it, then a left hook to the body. Garcia 1-2. Lead right hand. Both land left hooks. Overhand right connects for Danny, then a sequence of body shots. 1-2 from Garcia, Peterson to the body and head. Good right from Peterson. Garcia to the body, then lands a counter right. Peterson with an overhand at the bell. 88-83 Garcia.

Round ten: Peterson clowning early on. Garcia with a pair of hooks to the body. Garcia again to the body after missing with a right hand. One minute in. Left hook exchange. Dart right hand by Peterson. Both do some shuffling. Garcia to the body as Peterson circles. Peterson answers. One minute to go. Clinch. Straight right lands for Danny, followed by a 2-3. Peterson avoids an overhand. Garcia connects with one more overhand before the bell. 98-92 Garcia.

Round eleven: Garcia whiffs on some punches early on. Two-piece backs Peterson off. Nice overhand right from Lamont, Garcia goes to the body in return. Again to the body, and again. Overhand right, clinch. Peterson rips the body as they exit. One minute in. 1-2 from Peterson connects. Peterson slips after being shoved. Garcia to the body, Peterson with a right upstairs. Peterson pressing forward. Clinch. Nice sweeping right from Peterson, glancing left hook from Garcia. One minute to go. Garcia to the body, Peterson answering. Nice left hook downstairs form Peterson, Garcia answers upstairs. Peterson with a right upstairs and another, followed by a pair of wicked body punches. Peterson in pursuit now, attacking high and low. Bell. 107-102 Garcia.

Round twelve: Early clinch. Heavy right hand by Peterson produces a spray of sweat. Left hook up top, then a powerful sequence to the body. Clinch. One minute in. 2-3 from Garcia blocked. Peterson wading forward. Nice combination from Garcia. Peterson with a right on the pivot, takes a left to the gut. Garcia left hook. Peterson right hand, Garcia to the body. They're engaging at close range. Good left hook by Peterson. One minute to go. Peterson smothering Garcia. Both men firing with everything. Nice left hook by Peterson. Clinch. Hard left hook by Peterson, wading forward with no fear. Garcia backed to the corner. Peterson dances about until the bell. 116-112 Garcia.

Final result: Garcia def. Peterson by majority decision


Andy Lee vs. Peter Quillin

Round one: As a reminder: Quillin failed to make weight, so he will not receive the belt even if he does come out on top.

Both men prodding with their lefts. Lead right from Quillin. Quick exchange, lead by another right from Quillin. One minute in. Counter hook from Lee, then a left straight after Quillin overextends. Counter left by the Irishman. One minute to go. Lead left by Lee. Quillin responds with a long right hand that puts Lee on the canvas. He's up, a little unsteady with less than twenty seconds to survive. Quillin buzzes him with a left hook, then another just after the bell that nearly takes Lee's legs out. 10-8 Quillin.

Round two: 3-2 connects for Lee. Quillin misses with a two-punch combo. One minute in. Both men tentative. Lee just misses with a lead left. Quillin cracks him with another lead right. One minute to go. Three-punch combo falls short for Kid Chocolate. Big left hook by Quillin and they exchange brutal punches at close range. Both men surprisingly still on their feet afterwards. Lee connects with a good left hand, then a right hook before the bell. 20-17 Quillin.

Round three: They're prodding with their lead hands early. Hard straight left rattles Quillin. Lee moving forward, lands a right hook. One minute in. Another lead left connects. Quillin responds by knocking him down once more with an overhand right. This time Lee doesn't seem hurt. One minute to go. Nice 1-2 from Lee, followed by a right hook. Three-punch combo in the corner. Both land hooks in sequence. Lee lands again with the straight left. Quillin sticking out the left hand, lands a lead right. Lee goes to the body, then lands an overhand at the bell. 30-25 Quillin.

Round four: Looks like Quillin was stepping on Lee's foot when the knockdown happened.

Lead right from Quillin. Both men prodding with their lead hands. One minute in. Straight left by the Irishman. Quillin with a right to the body and left hook up top. One minute to go. Lee sticks a left to the body. One more. Not a busy round. 40-35 Quillin.

Round five:More poking to start the round. Lee jabbing now. Quillin just misses with a counter right. One minute in. Quillin 1-2 to the body. Both whiff on power shots and clinch. Quillin with a left hook, Lee with a left straight. 2-3 by Quillin and they trade on the ropes. One minute to go. Clinch. Clinch. Both wing two-punch combos, neither connects. There's the bell. 50-44 Quillin.

Round six: Another tentative start to the round. Lead left from Lee. Check hook from the Irishman. One minute in. Lee ducks a left hook. Left to the body by Lee. 1-2 lands for him. One minute to go. Quillin lands some jabs, eats a left straight. Lee with the check hook once again. Both whiff with lead hooks. Straight left connects for Lee. Quillin goes to the body and upstairs with left hooks. Round ends with a Quillin 2-3. 59-54 Quillin.

Round seven: The doctor checks out Lee's jaw before the round begins.

Lead left by Lee, now smiling. Both land their hooks. One minute in. Check hook from Lee. Lee with a right hook to the body. Counter left, clinch. One minute to go. Lee to the body. Quillin being terribly passive. Clinch. BIG 2-3 from Lee sends Quillin to the canvas for the first time in his career. Lee on the attack, hitting high and low on a recovered Quillin. Quillin makes it to the bell. 67-64 Quillin.

Round eight: Neither man committing early. Lee goes to the body. One minute in. Check hook from Quillin after avoiding a left straight. Quillin whiffs on an overhand right. One minute to go. Both connect with right hands. Lead left from Lee. Once again. Quillin with a sweeping right inside before the bell. 76-74 Quillin.

Round nine: Lee to the body once more with the left straight. Both men jabbing, though not with conviction. Lead left from the champ. Quillin falls short with a 1-2. One minute in. Lee 2-3 falls short. Left hook from Kid Chocolate. Lee continuing with the straight to the body, then one upstairs. One minute to go. Good exchange, both men landing well. Nice straight left by Lee snaps Quillin's head back. Quillin jabbing but not much else. Bell, 85-84 Quillin.

Round ten: Lee pops him with another straight left early, gets smacked with a hard left hook soon after. Same sequence again. Lee with yet another left hand, then a clinch. Lead right from Quillin, lead left by Lee, Quillin left hook. One minute in. Left hook from Quillin after missing with a right. Straight left yet again. One minute to go. Clinch. 1-2 from Lee blocked. Round ends without any more big contact. 94-94.

Round eleven: Both jabbing, neither committing. 2-3 by Lee, Quillin counters. Lee to the body. One minute in. Lead left from Lee, then an exchange inside where Quillin lands a nice right hand. Lee straight left. Overhand right from Kid Chocolate. Lead right for Quillin. One minute to go. Lead right by Quillin, lead left by Lee. Overhand left soon after. Lee with another lead left. There's the bell. 104-103 Lee.

Round twelve: Quillin opens with a straight right, then a left hook on the pivot. Big straight left from Lee met by a pair of uppercuts. One minute in. Straight right by Quilin lands. Lee to the body, Quillin with a grazing right hand in return. Left straight lands for the Irishman. 1-2 lands as well. Quillin right hand. One minute to go. Both land their hooks. Quillin lands an overhand right and left hook. Lee with a right hook. 1-1-2 misses for Lee. Clinch. Both land right hands and they bang away until the bell. 114-112 Lee.

Final result: Draw


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