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Bellator 136 results, live video stream

The Spike TV-televised main card airs tonight (Fri., April 10, 2015) and features Will Brooks defending his lightweight title against Dave Jansen, Joe Schilling vs. Rafael Carvalho, and more! Bellator 136 real-time results include "Prelim" and "Postlim" matches on right here!


Bellator 136 "Brooks vs. Jansen" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., April 10, 2015) at the Bren Events Center in Irvine, California, following up an explosive Oklahoma card two weeks ago with a fresh line-up of bouts and another world title fight in the main event.

For lightweight challenger Dave Jansen, the main event on Spike TV is four years and seven straight wins in the making, dating all the way back to Bellator 39. For the once-beaten champion "Ill" Will Brooks (15-1), it's another chance to affirm his status as one of the top lightweights on the planet.

The Spike TV card is loaded with potentially stellar fights. Joe Schilling will look for another big knockout when he takes on the impressive and streaking middleweight Rafael Carvalho. Future lightweight contenders Alexander "Tiger" Sarnavskiy and Marcin Held will battle for rank and pride. Heavyweights will go to war as Tony "Hulk" Johnson takes on former champion Alexander "Drago" Volkov.

Bellator 136 starts tonight on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to deliver LIVE results and play-by-play for the televised fights, along with the under card "Prelim" action on at 7:30 p.m. ET.

In addition a live video stream of tonight's preliminary and postliminary fights can be found below!

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 136) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Main Card (Spike TV):

Will Brooks (c) vs. Dave Jansen: Brooks wins via UD 49-46 X3.

Joe Schilling vs. Rafael Carvalho: Carvalho 28-29, 30-27, 29-28 via split decision.

Marcin Held vs. Alexander "Tiger" Sarnavskiy: Held via verbal submission at 1:11 of R3.

Alexander Volkov vs. Tony Johnson: Johnson 29-28 X2, 28-29 via split decision.

Preliminary Card (

Joey Beltran vs. Brian Rogers: Beltran wins 28-28, 29-28, 29-27 majority decision.

Saad Awad vs. Rob Sinclair: Awad via UD 30-27 X3.

Fabricio Guerreiro vs. John Teixeira: Teixeira via SD 29-28 X2, 28-29.

Post-TV Fights (

Marcos Bonilla vs. AJ McKee: McKee via RNC sub at 2:08 of R1.

Mark Vorgeas vs. Chad George: George via sub (Von Flue choke) 3:37 of R1.


Will Brooks (c) vs. Dave Jansen

Jansen is in the blue gloves and black trunks, the champion Brooks the red gloves and gray trunks. Our referee for this title fight is "Big" John McCarthy.

Round 1: Brooks rushes to the center and Jansen responds with a couple of push kicks. Jansen continues to throw his feet and momentarily sweeps Brooks to the ground with a kick. Brooks tries to get tight at 1:03 but Jansen spins away. Brooks with an over-the-top right at 1:21. Jansen charges forward again and goes for a thai plum. Jansen lands knees to the body against the fence and Brooks finally gets away at 2:02. Jansen comes forward with a body shot. Jansen wings out head kicks periodically but they don't find the mark. He bulls Brooks into the fence again for more knees. Brooks turns it around at 3:30. Brooks gets an uppercut from clinch before they break. Brooks throws a four punch combo and Jansen tries an axe kick. They end up in a headlock clinch until Jansen shoves him away. Jansen 10-9 with his hands in the air at the end of R1.

Round 2: McCarthy calls time 12 seconds into R2 as Brooks takes a kick to the cup. Brooks makes a humorous remark to the ref and is quickly ready to resume. Jansen and Brooks tie up against the fence. Jansen tries a couple of hammerfists to the thigh as we battle. Brooks gets a couple of hard rights and then a big kick after the separation. Jansen spins around with a kick that misses then pushes Brooks to the fence. Jansen throws hammerfists to Brooks' left knee. He eats a knee charging toward Brooks. McCarthy warns them to keep the fingers closed striking. Brooks keeps throwing a kick punch combo this round. Jansen puts him against the fence with 90 seconds left. Jansen tries a high kick and is taken down at 3:54 but he's back up quick. Brooks lost his mouthpiece and McCarthy briefly calls time to put it back in. Close round that could go either way with a judge.

Round 3: Jansen has Brooks against the fence 25 seconds into R3. They are pushing against each other's heads and Jansen briefly considers a standing guillotine but lets it go. Brooks gets a takedown at 1:55. Jansen stands at 2:23 and throws a knee. They separate at 2:40. Brooks is landing the right hand with increasing frequency and has caused some blood to trickle down Jansen's face. Jansen goes for a single leg and can't get it. McCarthy calls time again for an inadvertent eye poke by Jansen. Brooks says he's good to go even though McCarthy gives him every chance to clear his vision. One minute left in the round. Brooks with a knee and a hard right hand in the waning seconds. Clear 10-9 goes to the champion this round.

Round 4: Jansen goes hard for a takedown and gets a single leg in his grasp but Brooks uses his wide stance to fend off the attempt. McCarthy calls for work at 1:16 as Jansen goes for foot stomps. He resets them at 1:35. Brooks is stinging him with the hands. Jansen teases another standing guillotine as they clinch again with McCarthy calling for work. Brooks nails him flush with a right hand. Jansen can't escape the assault and Brooks lands another big right hand as he gets the distance. Blood is running down Jansen's nose from a cut between the eyes via elbow. Every inch of Jansen's body language suggests exhaustion. Brooks is jumping around like he's got gas for days. Jansen pushes him to the fence for a foot stomp as R4 ends. 10-9 to the champ again.

Round 5: Dave Jansen now needs to hit a home run to win this fight. Getting stuck against the fence 30 seconds in won't help. McCarthy calls for work. Spike TV runs a crawl indicating there will be post main event fights on so there may be bonus coverage coming after this title bout. McCarthy resets both men at 2:15 after a shoulder strike in clinch. Brooks is still throwing jackhammer rights but couldn't land the head kick. Big John wants more work at 2:55, his comment seemingly directed at Brooks. He responds with body head combos. McCarthy resets them again at 3:35. Brooks pushes Jansen right back into the cage so McCarthy should just give up on another restart. He can't stop Brooks from doing it, and Jansen can't stop Brooks from doing it to him. Brooks breaks of his own accord at 4:35 then hits a takedown with 15 seconds left, forcing Jansen down by staying over the top of his back until the bell. The two embrace after the fight.

Final result: Brooks takes the unanimous decision 49-46 X3.


Joe Schilling vs. Rafael Carvalho

Round 1: Our referee in charge is Mike Beltran. Both fighters are in black trunks, but Schilling has on red gloves and Carvalho has on blue. Carvalho is content to let Schilling push forward and move side to side along the fence. Schilling lands a left hook at 1:01 then closes the distance. Beltran calls time due to a cup shot on Carvalho. Carvalho resumes with only 1:20 gone. He catches a leg kick and drives Schilling backward into the fence. Schilling tries to turn out but Carvalho keeps a body lock tight, and as Beltran likes to do the call of "work" echoes through the Bren Events Center followed by "improve your position." Carvalho also gets a warning not to grab the shorts. They finally break of their own accord at 3:06. Schilling lands a couple of combos, gets taken down, and sweeps to the top seconds later. Schilling stands at 4:01 and Carvalho back scoots before standing up again. Carvalho lands a couple of rights and Schilling responds with a knee and an elbow as they clinch. Two more knees for Carvalho, one right from Schilling before the bell. Schilling takes a fairly close 10-9.

Round 2: Schilling dances around with his hands down, and then he starts to shimmy and shake his shoulders trying to beg Carvalho to engage with him. They wind up clinched against the fence again after Carvalho lands a leg kick. Schilling throws knees to the thigh after turning Carvalho's back to the cage. Carvalho sprawls to avoid a takedown then gets one of his own at 1:45 and moves to side control briefly at 1:55. He stands up and tries to stack Schilling against the fence. He's got it again at 2:50 and Carvalho is looking for a kimura. Schilling turns and pushes off the fence with his feet but Carvalho isn't giving up - he tries and fails to get it a second time. Schilling stands up at 3:52 as the crowd roars. They trade knees as Beltran barks instructions in multiple languages. He threatens a reset but with ten seconds left it's pointless. 10-9 for Carvalho.

Round 3: Both men trade for the first 28 seconds until Schilling causes a flash knockdown. Carvalho recovers but he's stuck against the fence taking foot stomps as Beltran calls for more work. Carvalho gets a takedown from the body lock at 1:48 but Schilling goes for a foot lock. Carvalho looks for a submission of his own as Schilling tries to throw heels at the ribs. Carvalho stands and gets another takedown at 2:45 but Schilling turns trying to stand and lets Carvalho take his back. Beltran calls for more work as Carvalho throws hammers. Carvalho backs out as Schilling moves and throws kicks, then jumps back on and gets side control at 4:18. Carvalho throws knees to the leg and tries to suck in a wrist. The judges need to sort this one out now as we go to the bell.

Final result: The judges score the fight 29-28 Schilling, 30-27 Carvalho, and 29-28 for Carvalho by split decision.


Marcin Held vs. Alexander "Tiger" Sarnavskiy

Round 1: Sarnavskiy is in black trunks with blue gloves, Held is also in black trunks but has red gloves. Our referee in charge is "Big" John McCarthy. With a glove tap the fight is underway. Both men are a flurry of hands and knees until Held shoots at 40 seconds. Sarnavskiy spreads his legs to block the attempt. Held tries knees to the thigh to break the stance then rolls for the leg. Sarnavskiy escapes but Held winds up on top in closed guard. He throws rights to the body and a couple of hammers. Held and Sarnavskiy battle for wrist control as McCarthy calls for work. Held tries to pass as Sarnavskiy holds onto an arm. He gets side control at 3:28. Sarnavskiy sweeps to the top at 3:50. Held goes for an arm but can't get it, lands an upkick, then goes for a heel hook again. Sarnavsky is bleeding above his right eye. 10-9 round for Held to open.

Round 2: Sarnavskiy lands a body kick as Held closes the distance looking for a takedown. He sweeps his way to a leg trip at 1:08. Sarnavskiy tries to push off the fence to get free with no success. Held throws right hands and left elbows. McCarthy wants to see more. Held gets full mount at 2:07. Sarnavskiy explodes and can't get free but manages to push Held back to half guard for a bit. Held quickly reasserts full mount as Sarnavskiy is warned not to hook the fence with his toes. Held goes for a triangle as Sarnavskiy gets on top but can't find it. McCarthy calls for more work with a minute left. Sarnavskiy runs away from another leg lock but Held takes him down again at 4:25 when he rushes in. Another 10-9 round going Held's way.

Round 3: Held goes for another takedown at 22 seconds. He rolls for a leg lock and Sarnavskiy flees. Sarnavskiy lands a left hand but Held takes the fight to the ground again and he's going for a kneebar - and SARNAVSKIY VERBALLY SUBMITS - shades of Joe Warren.

Final result: Marcin Held wins via verbal submission at 1:11 of the third round.


Alexander Volkov vs. Tony Johnson

Round 1: Johnson is in the red trunks, Volkov the black. Our referee in charge is Mike Beltran. Johnson is swinging heavy from the start, shoots for a single leg at 13 seconds, momentarily has Volkov off his feet 10 seconds later, but Volkov recovered quickly. Johnson drops levels against the fence but Volkov doesn't go down, and responds with knees to the body as the war against the fence drags on. Johnson is using his weight to his advantage and not letting the beanpole Volkov escape. He starts swinging wild at 2:05 then drops levels again as Beltran warns Volkov to watch fingers to the eyes. Johnson tries a single leg and lets it go. He pushes Volkov across the fence with his body and head throwing lefts at Volkov's chin. He goes for a single leg and Volkov stays upright. Beltran calls for work. More knees to the body from Volkov. Volkov takes a singer to the eye at 3:32 and Beltran calls time. Volkov is quickly ready to resume and immediately throws a hard front kick. Volkov stays at range throwing push kicks and leg kicks until Johnson gets the takedown at 3:03. Johnson lands a left as Volkov is trying to wall walk. Johnson moves to the back as Volkov tries to escape. Volkov finally gets up at 4:12 but Johnson is all over him. Volkov with a knee as Johnson stays tight. Volkov lands a good flurry before the bell but it's a 10-9 to Johnson.

Round 2: Johnson goes for a single leg immediately and has Volkov on the ground in eight seconds. Volkov tries to turn it into a guillotine but Johnson pops his head free at 49 seconds. Things are not going Volkov's way to say the least. Beltran calls for more work at 1:35. Volkov's best hope is to tie Johnson up and get a stand up. Two minutes gone. Johnson is grinding Volkov's face with some nasty elbows. Another call for work at 2:30 and at 2:49. Johnson tried to jump to side control but couldn't get there. Volkov suddenly has a kimura but Johnson escapes and takes Volkov's back. Volkov stands back up at 3:46 and eats a knee. Johnson pushes Volkov to the fence. Volkov is bleeding from just above the left eye. Beltran threatens to break them apart at 4:20. Johnson looks for a single leg but it's not there. Another 10-9 round goes to "Hulk" Johnson.

Round 3: Johnson shoots 9 seconds into the round but Volkov stays upright. Wheelock says this could be the biggest win of Johnson's career, clearly forgetting he's beaten both Derrick Lewis and Tim Sylvia. Volkov manages to grab the thai plum and land a couple of knees, but Johnson stays smothering Volkov and throwing the left hand where he can. Beltran threatens a reset at 1:37. Johnson drops levels again, resets, then goes for the waist at 1:58. They move across the fence as Beltran looks eager to pull the trigger and break it up. He calls for action again at 2:23. Johnson lifts Volkov in the air at 2:42 but puts him back down on his feet. Beltran finally resets them at 3:00. Good left jabs by Volkov and right hands to follow. Johnson pushes him against the fence after one too many of those. Volkov circles him around and momentarily gets separation at 3:55. Johnson is right back on him with Beltran calling for work at 4:21. Johnson just needs to ignore anything Beltran has to say at this point. He should get the unanimous from the judges.

Final result: 29-28 Johnson, 29-28 for Volkov, and 29-28 for Johnson by split decision.


Joey Beltran vs. Brian Rogers

Round 1: Mike Beltran is our referee in charge. Rogers is in the blue trunks and Beltran the white. There's not much happening in the first 75 seconds which gives Jimmy Smith to talk about Beltran spending most of his career at light heavyweight and making the cut to middleweight for this fight. Rogers seems to be the more fleet on his feet of the two men. Rogers is more aggressive as we hit 3:30 but Beltran lands a nice counter right. Rogers gets him against the fence at 4 minutes and backs off. He backs him up again at 4:25. Rogers looks for a takedown but Beltran fends him off with an elbow. Yet another close round on the Bellator prelims, with maybe a slight nod to Rogers.

Round 2: Rogres opens R2 more aggressively but Beltran isn't afraid to stand and counter. Rogers throws a jump knee followed by a left hand. Beltran responds with what Smith calls a "jump hammerfist." Sure. Rogers keeps moving forward with jabs and a hook or a knee when he can close the distance. Beltran with a nice body kick. The ref warns them to watch the fingers at 1:50, then calls for time at 2:01 for that very reason. Rogers says he's good to go and the fight continues. Rogers swarms at 2:44 but Beltran eats it all and keeps coming. Rogers continues to push Beltran to the fence and teases a takedown until he backs up at 3:15. He moves back to center at 3:27. Beltran backs up as Rogers continues to unleash shots, but Beltran lands a stiff elbow as they're in tight. Two right hands from Beltran have Rogers backing up and covering up at 4:12. The ref is starting to think about stopping it. Beltran continues to pour it on as Rogers is struggling to survive with short time left. The ref warns Rogers to defend himself. Beltran is pouring on unanswered rights but the ref lets it go and the bell ends the round. Rogers is bloody and battered on his stool.

Round 3: They tap gloves to open R3 after what was borderline to a 10-8 for Beltran in R2. Rogers may actually have been saved by a kick to the cup, as one minute can't have been enough time between rounds to recover, but now Rogers gets up to five if he wants them. Rogers doesn't use it though - he takes a minute at the most. We resume the round with only 45 seconds elapsed. The official Bellator stats have Beltran landing 82 strikes in R2 to 25 for Rogers. Beltran is verbally urging Rogers to stand and trade with him. Rogers swarms at 2:20 and resets. Beltran with a strong left hook. Another warning to the fighters to watch the fingers. Rogers lands a couple of good right hands, then slips, then takes a right from Beltran. Rogers is landing more shots in R3 - Beltran may have blown his tank in R2 looking for a finish. It's up to three judges in California to sort this one out.

Final result: The judges score this contest 28-28 draw, 29-28 and 29-27 for Joey Beltran.


Saad Awad vs. Rob Sinclair

Round 1: Sinclair is in the blue trunks, Awad the black. Our referee in charge is Mark Smith. Neither man is giving up an inch in the first minute of the fight. Sinclair eventually starts circling as Awad throws a leg kick. Awad is looking for a place to cut him off but Sinclair stays moving side to side. Awad lands a nice body kick and then backs off to let Sinclair cometo the center. Sinclair catches Awad off balance with a right hand but he pops back up. Sinclair checks a high kick. Awad is pushing forward again with two minutes left. More kicks from Awad. Hard left jab makes Sinclair smile. Right leg kick by Awad. Sinclair kicks Awad in the knee and Awad responds with a hard leg thrown of his own. Awad goes for a takedown late and can't complete it before the bell. A really close first round.

Round 2: Sinclair is slowly pushed back toward the fence for the first 45 seconds. Awad suddenly backs off and resets. This fight is similar to the opening bout except that when Teixeira would push forward he'd land strikes, but Sinclair is avoiding taking much damage when Awad tries the same. A body kick finds the mark and Awad follows up with knees on the fence. Sinclair goes down defensively and Awad locks on a front d'arce choke. Sinclair avoids it and steps over into side control with 120 seconds left to work. Awad gets up at 3:40 and the crowd responds with applause. Awad lands a stiff left and a leg kick at 4:08. Sinclair with a solid right at 4:40. Awad is caught when he throws a leg kick, momentarily goes off his feet, but lands two hard back elbows before the bell. Both tight rounds so far.

Round 3: Jimmy Smith has Awad up 10-9 for both rounds on commentary, but admits it could be one round apiece. Awad's best reason to be ahead in this fight so far is effective cage control as Sinclair has spent most of the bout backpedaling, or as Smith says "Awad is dictating the geography of this fight." They trade kicks and Sinclair just misses with a big left. Body kick by Awad. Sinclair lands a leaping left hook at 2:40. He tries another at 2:52 that misses. Awad is landing more leg kicks than head strikes. Sinclair keeps circling away. It's not as though Awad isn't trying to find the mark, it's just Sinclair is being elusive. Mark Smith calls time to let Sinclair recover from an accidental kick to the cup by Awad. Sinclair takes little time before the restart with under 50 seconds left. Awad closes the distance and they spin on the fence. Smith calls for more work at 4:45. They reset and Awad gets a leg trip late throwing hammers before the bell ends the fight, making R3 the only one that seems decisively his.

Final result: The judges score this contest unanimously 30-27 X3 for Saad Awad.


Fabricio Guerreiro vs. John Teixeira

Round 1: Guerreiro is in the red trunks. Teixeira the black. Our referee in charge is Mylan Aires. Teixeira is aggressive right from the opening bell, forcing Guerreiro to circle on the outside. Teixeira lands a nice left hook at 50 seconds before they reset. He's throwing so hard his momentum actually takes him to the canvas for a second. Guerreiro moves side to side trying to stay out of range. Teixeira cuts him off again at 1:55 and lands rights and lefts. Whenever he corners Guerreiro the fists fly. Very little in the way of leg kicks for either man. Teixeira gets swept off his feet by a leg lock attempt but pops back up. The ref calls for more work with 90 seconds to go in the round. Teixeira goes for a flying knee with 40 seconds left. An accidental kick to the cup is waved off by both fighters even though the ref wants to call time. Solid 10-9 round for Teixeira.

Round 2: Teixeira starts R2 aggressively as well but Guerreiro tries to turn the momentum into a leg trip, letting it go at 42 seconds. Teixeira lands a stiff combo that may have stung Guerreiro - a left and a hard right - but Guerreiro recovers and the fight continues. Teixeira is not backing off though and is loading up on his left hand. Guerreiro's kicks are defensive - just trying to keep Teixeira at a distance. Teixeira gets a takedown at 3:20. He slowly inches his way toward an arm triangle choke but Guerreiro is able to reestablish guard. The ref tells Teixeira to do more work and he takes a full back mount with 20 seconds left. Guerreiro stands up carrying his weight as he tries to sink in a rear naked choke. They fall back to the ground just before the bell and it's another 10-9 for Teixeira.

Round 3: Teixeira is still the aggressor in R3 and mixing in leg kicks, but both fighters are staying closer to the center of the cage. Guerreiro is getting in some good jabs. By 1:48 Teixeira is a little more open in pushing Guerreiro backward looking for a home run shot. Guerreiro shuts that down with a takedown at 2:33. Teixeira gets back up at 3:01 and goes for a leg trip but Guerreiro turns it into a judo throw and is on top landing left hands from side control. Teixeira tries to use the fence to get back up. The ref calls for more work at 3:55. Guerreiro hooks a leg to keep Teixeira from standing but he's running out of time to change the result of the fight. Teixeira turns out and Guerreiro turns in response to jump on his back. He lands some knees from behind and some right hooks right at the bell. 10-9 from Guerreiro but this should still go to Teixeira on the scorecards.

Final result: The judges score this contest 29-28 Teixeira, 29-28 Guerreiro, 29-28 for Teixeira by split decision.


Marcos Bonilla vs. AJ McKee

Round 1: AJ McKee is the son of veteran MMA fighter Antonio McKee. He's in the white trunks tonight and his opponent Bonilla is in the black. McKee goes for a d'arce choke at 1:40 and loses it, tries to take the back, goes to the ground for a rear naked choke and Bonilla taps at 2:08 to the debuting McKee.

Final result: AJ McKee wins via rear naked choke at 2:08 of the first round.


Mark Vorgeas vs. Chad George

Round 1: Vorgeas is in the black trunks with blue gloves. George is in the black/red trunks with red gloves. Our referee in charge of this fight Mylan Aires. Vorgeas is going for a guillotine the moment the fight goes to the ground but George breaks out at 1:04. Vorgeas goes for it again as George passes to side control but doesn't have it. Jimmy Smith theorizes we might see a Von Flue choke then notes there's only been one in Bellator history. The ref calls for more work repeatedly and George says "I'm working a choke" in response. He throws a knee to the body. Vorgeas GOES OUT COLD in the choke and Aires lets go so we do indeed get the Von Flue choke finish. The ref at first REFUSED to stop the fight so George had to argue with him. "He's out." "No he's not." "Yes he is!!!" Aires finally waves it off. That is one of the most bizarre finishes I've seen and it's the final bout of the night so it will leave a lasting memory.

Final result: Chad George wins via Von Flue choke submission at 3:37 of R1.


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