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Georges St-Pierre on UFC comeback: 'I'm thinking about it'

Hold the phone!

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Dana White crushed plenty of fans' hopes of Georges St-Pierre ever returning to the Octagon after recently stating that he didn't see the former Welterweight king coming back to reclaim his title.

See his comments here.

Thankfully, that's his opinion and not fact, as "Rush" recently told The Winnipeg Sun that he is thinking about a return to mixed martial arts (MMA) action.

"He (Dana) says he's sure I won't come back, that's his opinion," said St-Pierre, who is currently in his native Quebec. "I train, I keep myself in shape. I have marks on my body because my body bruises easily and I'm training hard. It doesn't mean I'm coming back, but it doesn't mean I'm not coming back," he added. "I'm thinking about it."

Reverse psychology FTW?!?!?!?

While many believe St-Pierre and White drifted apart during the latter part of the long-time champion's run inside the Octagon, "GSP" says otherwise.

The French-Canadian says he and UFC's president have a good relationship and understands the reason he made comments that insinuated St-Pierre wasn't "hungry" enough to mount a comeback.

"Dana always does what's good for the business side," he said. "I was never angry at him. On the contrary, he had a good reason to say that to come back -- you have to be hungry."

One of the kickers that led to St-Pierre to vacate his title and put his career on hold was his displeasure with the promotion's predictable and inefficient drug-testing policies.

But, now that UFC has vowed to kick its fight against performance-enhancing drugs into high gear (see how here), the former 170-pound champ says it's a start, but we still have to wait if all the talk will be backed up.

"So far, there's been some nice words, but nothing's been done," he said. "As long as they do nothing, I for sure won't come back."

As far as the title is concerned, nothing would give "Rush" more pleasure than to see his long-time friend and training partner, Rory MacDonald, defeat Robbie Lawler at UFC 189 on July 11, 2015, to claim his old belt.

"What would give me the most pleasure is to see Rory take the title," he said. "I feel like I would have accomplished something new. My duty is to help him up. Right now, I am where I am, and if it had to end, I ended at the top. I ever want to go back, I'd snap my fingers and it wouldn't be too hard to get back in fighting form."​

Perhaps if MacDonald comes up short, that will give St-Pierre a bit more motivation to return to claim what he never lost.

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