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Burt Watson: UFC 184 weight-cutting incident involving Mark Munoz led to ZUFFA resignation

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Early last week, longtime "babysitter to the stars," Burt Watson, revealed that UFC 184 -- which went down on Feb. 28, 2015 in Los Angeles, California -- would be his final event after more than 14 years as site coordinator with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Full details here.

Despite rumors that a backstage beef with members of Ronda Rousey's entourage had something to do with Watson's abrupt departure from the world's largest mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion, UFC officials denied those claims.

Something Burt himself confirmed in this interview.

During his recent guest spot on The MMA Hour, Watson talked more about the incident and cleared the air once and for all.

Well, sort of.

"There was a situation where one of the fighters that didn't make weight was sent back to the weigh-in areas, where I wait for the fighters. I waited for the fighter for about an hour. When I finally got the fighter and put him on the scale, I was satisfied because he made weight. Now, keep in mind that the arena is 10 minutes away from the hotel. As I normally do, I have my guys take the fighter and the camp back to the hotel. Well, somewhere between me making sure that the fighter made weight and getting back to the hotel, there was, somehow, and I really don't know, that supposedly the fighter didn't have a way back to the hotel. Which, still I can't tell you because I don't know. I would say that maybe an hour later, someone approached me to address that. And they approached me about it wrongly. Because number one, I knew that I had just seen the fighter and he had just made weight. And ultimately, we were close enough to make sure that everyone got back from the arena. So I was caught off guard with that. I was approached, and it was not in the proper manner. At least I didn't think I was approached in the proper manner and I was questioned about my work and the way I handled things. That's the way I felt and I didn't appreciate it and I didn't approve of it. And I knew that the fighter was safe, he was not in any kind of detriment and I knew that it was a done deal. And that's what happened baby."

All that's missing is a name.

Burt was secretive when asked who exactly approached him about the situation, but did say it had to be someone of authority to approach him in such a manner. Furthermore, he went on to say that he has never had a problem with any of the ZUFFA higher-ups, including UFC president Dana White and company CEO, Lorenzo Fertitta.

In his view, Burt says there is no reason to name names because that person still has to work with the company, though he did confirm it was Mark Munoz that had to try and make weight again and was ultimately left without a ride.

But, he is adamant the beef was not with "The Filipino Wrecking Machine."

In closing, Watson says his work and commitment to the fighters speaks for itself and he has always done his job the best he can. And judging by the support he received from fighters following his announcement, he was damn good at his duties.

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