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UFC Quick Quote: Renan Barao expects a 'very different' fight against 'cocky' TJ Dillashaw at UFC 186

The former champ is gunning for his title at UFC 186.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

"He's boasting a lot about himself and this is not going to be good for him in the fight. He's way too cocky. He just got the belt. He thinks he's already defended the belt against me and he's speaking about fighting other people. He'll see what happens. Just wait."

"I learned a lot (from the first fight). We have studied a lot with my team in all the fields of fighting. I've been training very hard for this fight. It's a very different situation now. I want to be the champion again - I'm very eager to get the belt back. I have lot of confidence after my last victory and I'm excited to fight and get this belt once again."

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight kingpin Renan Barao is sick and tired of hearing 135-pound champ TJ Dillashaw discussing a potential "super fight" with flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson while he is scheduled to face-off against "The Baron" next month. The Brazilian told MMA Junkie that he believes "Viper" is way too cocky heading into their title fight rematch in the main event of UFC 186 on April 25, 2015 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and he hopes to make his American counterpart pay the ultimate price by taking back the UFC title. In their first contest, Dillashaw shocked the mixed martial arts (MMA) world by pulling off a monstrous upset in one of the greatest performances of all time when he knocked out Barao in the fifth round of their title fight. Both Barao and Dillashaw have fought once since then, both earning finish victories to set up their highly anticipated rematch. With the Brazilian itching to be the champ once again, does anyone out there think Dillashaw is taking Barao too lightly?

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