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Keith Thurman vs Robert Guerrero results, LIVE stream NBC boxing updates

One of boxing's most promising Welterweight prospects faces one of its toughest customers tonight (March 7, 2015) as unbeaten Keith Thurman faces multi-division champ Robert Guerrero in the main event of Al Haymon's first "Premier Boxing Champions" card from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. will have LIVE coverage, starting with the NBC broadcast at 8:30 p.m. ET below.

Thurman (24-0, 21 KO) was last seen going to a rare decision against world-ranked Leonard Bundu, winning all 12 rounds after dropping him in the first. He had knocked out 11 of his previous 12 foes, including tough-as-nails customers like Diego Chaves and Jesus Soto Karass.

Guerrero (32-2-1, 18 KO), meanwhile, rebounded from his loss to Floyd Mayweather with an epic brawl against Yoshihiro Kamegai, taking a decision win over the Japanese veteran in one of 2014's best fights.

In the co-main event, boxing's easiest man to hate, Adrien Broner (29-1, 22 KO), will look for his third win since his humiliating loss to Marcos Maidana as he takes on John Molina, Jr. (27-5, 22 KO), who made headlines with his 2014 "Fight of the Year" against murderous Argentine puncher Lucas Matthysse.

To open the card, Abner Mares (28-1, 15 KO) will continue his rebuilding phase following his crushing loss to Jhonny Gonzales, facing Mexico's Arturo Santos Reyes (18-4, 5 KO) in a Featherweight battle.


Welterweight: Keith Thurman def. Robert Guerrero by unanimous decision (120-107, 118-109, 118-108)

Featherweight: Abner Mares vs. Arturo Santos Reyes

Welterweight: Adrien Broner def. John Molina, Jr. by unanimous decision (120-108 x2, 118-110)


Keith Thurman vs. Robert Guerrero

Round one: Thurman immediately moves into close range, though neither lands cleanly. Nice right hook from Guerrero, Thurman answers with an overhand right. Counter left by Guerrero. The Ghost is jabbing well. One minute in. Coutner right hook by Guerrero, Thurman rips to the body and Guerrero answers upstairs. Counter left by Guerrero, left hook by Thurman in the same exchange. Thurman to the body. One minute to go. Right straight downstairs, Guerrero eats a hard combination as he steps in. Thurman doubles up the right hand. 3-2 by Thurman near the ropes. Guerrero clips him with a counter hook and they trade heavy blows to end the round. 10-9 Thurman.

Round two: Both men probing with the jab. Clinch, short blows from both men. Nice counter uppercut from The Ghost to the body. Guerrero's right hand very active on the retreat. One minute in. Guerrero with a left downstairs, tehn a blocked 1-2. Nice check hook. Thurman with a clubbing right uppercut near the corner. Straight right lands for him. To the body this time. One minute to go. Guerrero check hook. Thurman rips him with a left uppercut and two vicious body shots on the ropes. 1-1-2 connects for him. Double right hand. One more straight right lands before round's end. 20-18 Thurman.

Round three: 1-2 by Guerrero lands. A few more blows inside. Thurman connects with a lead right. Lead hook by Guerrero. One minute in. Guerrero jabbing to the body well, lands a left up top. Counter uppercut and left straight by Guerrero. Another counter uppercut backs Thurman off. Clinch. Massive hematoma growing on Thurman's forehead. One minute to go. Guerrero's jab is dialed in. Thurman connects with a hard lead right. Guerrero cuffs him with a right hook, eats a left uppercut before they clinch. 29-28 Thurman.

Round four: Looks like a clash of heads created that hematoma.

Thurman to the body with a straight right. Check hook lands, as does a Guerrero left to the body. Double right hand by Thurman. One minute in. Body shot lands for him. Guerrero answers. Nice straight right from Thurman. 2-3 connects. Guerrero keeping up the body attack with his jab. Clinch. One minute to go. Hard check hook and left uppercut by Guerrero. Thurman goes back to the body. Thurman straight right lands once again. Again. Guerrero avoids trouble until the end of the round. Very good fight; 39-37 Thurman.

Round five: Tentative start to the round. Left hook by Thurman thirty seconds in. Check hook lands for him, then a straight right. One minute in. Another heavy straight right lands. Counter right connects for him. Guerrero's output has dropped this round. One minute to go. Guerrero wades in with heavy punches, Thurman answers. Guerrero right hook lands. 1-2 by Guerrero kicks off a nice combination. Thurman bounces some hooks off the guard. Guerrero body shot, Thurman left hook. Thurman lands one more to the body to end things. 49-46 Thurman.

Round six: Guerrero in pursuit early. Left to the body lands for him. Left hook upstairs from Thurman. One minute in. 1-2 by Thurman, Guerrero to the body. 1-2-3 from Thurman lands heavily, as do a left hook and right upstairs afterwards. 1-2 from One Time. Guerrero lands a hard lead uppercut, takes one to the body. One minute to go. Double right hand by Keith, check hook from Robert. They exchange to the body, then trade hard shots upstairs. Big left hook by Thurman, then a lead right. Another right lands for Keith, then a final one on the ropes before the bell. 59-55 Thurman.

Round seven: Guerrero continuing to advance, lands to the body. Counter hook from Thurman. One minute in. Both land hooks to the body. Slower round. Both men jabbing well. Thurman switches to southpaw, lands a right hook. One minute to go. Clinch, Guerrero body shot.  Both land straights. They trade to the body. Slapping left hook from Thurman. Clinch, Guerrero with one more body shot before they go to the corners. 68-65 Thurman.

Round eight: Guerrero still active with his jab. Thurman sneaks in a right hand, eats a left downstairs. Nice check hook from The Ghost. One minute in. Thurman drills him with a right to the body, then a left hook that Guerrero answers upstairs. Guerrero moving forward, landing decently. 1-1-2 by Thurman. One minute to go. Guerrero with a left straight inside. Check hook lands, then a pair of body shots. Right downstairs connects. Massive straight right lands for Thurman. Another lead right lands, then a four-punch combination. Guerrero check hook, right hand from Thurman. Good late action, but a Guerrero round in my book. 77-75 Thurman.

Round nine: Tentative action early in the round. Counter right connects for Thurman. Left hook off the top of Guerrero's head. One minute in. Thurman digs an uppercut to the body, exchanges inside with Guerrero. Shovel hook just misses for Thurman. Guerrero digs to the body, eats an uppercut on the exit. One minute to go. Thurman left hook, then a right uppercut absolutely melts Guerrero. The Ghost takes his time, but is up by 10.. He's bleeding from above the left eye. Thurman on the attack, absolutely blasting away. Guerrero ties up, but keeps eating bombs until the end of the round. 87-83 Thurman.

Round ten: Thurman right back on the attack, throwing heavy shots. Guerrero retaliating with haymakers of his own. Clinch. Again. The ref pauses the fight to cut some loose tape from Guerrero's glove. Back to the action. 1-2 from Guerrero, then a lead right. Guerrero answers with a right hook. Another right by Thurman lands. Clinch. One minute in. Another straight right, then an uppercut to the body. Guerrero cracks him with a hard left hook, eats a right hook himself. Guerrero moving Thurman to the ropes, digging to the body. Guerrero continuing to chisel away, eating some short punches from Thurman in return. Huge left uppercut and right hook by Thurman. Guerrero left uppercut, then a Thurman combination backs him off. One minute to go. Guerrero rattles him with a left uppercut, then a pair of right hooks. Guerrero opening up in the corner with gusto. Thurman circles off the ropes late in the round, blasting him with a right uppercut. Guerrero's machismo in full effect. Thurman blasts him with an overhand right and a left hook, after which they clinch to end the round. Hell of a fight. 96-93 Thurman.

Round eleven: Guerrero still on the offensive, lands a pair of good shots. Lead left hook lands for Thurman. Left hook, right uppercut. 1-2 lands for him. Big lead right by Thurman. One minute in. Thurman circling, Guerrero chasing. Thurman left hook. Thurman just misses with a counter left uppercut. Left hook by Guerrero, hard left downstairs. One minute to go. Guerrero takes him to the ropes and resumes chiseling. Thurman ties up. Heavy overhand right and body shot connect for Thurman. Check hook lands before the bell.  105-103 Thurman.

Round twelve: Guerrero right back to mugging. Heavy combination by Thurman. 3-2 from Thurman. Guerrero in full pursuit, eating check hooks with impunity. Thurman drills the body, eats a combination. Guerrero is consistently taking him to the ropes. Clinch. Nice left by Guerrero. One minute in. Clinch. Guerrero with a left uppercut inside. Big counter right by Thurman, big left straight by Guerrero. They trade right hands. Thurman with a long right hand as they trade. Counter uppercut lands for him, then a check hook. One minute to go. Clinch. Lead right connects for One Time. Then another. Counter uppercut, clinch. They chisel away inside. Good combo by Thurman on the break, right back to the clinch. They trade vicious shots inside until the end of the fight. Well done, boys. 115-112 Thurman.

Final result: Thurman def. Guerrero by unanimous decision


Abner Mares vs. Arturo Santos Reyes

I guess they're not showing this one?

Seriously, I have no idea what's going on with this.


Adrien Broner vs. John Molina Jr.

Round one: The fighters meet in the center and begin to circle. Broner sticking out his jab. Broner connects with a left hook. One minute in. Molina wings a missed overhand right and clinches. Broner left hook bounces off the guard. One minute to go. 3-2 from AB hits guard. Molina clinches and lands a low blow. Both men wing left hooks, failing to connect. Molina with a right hand on the break to end the round. 10-9 Broner.

Round two: Broner double jab, lands to the body. More jabs by Broner on the painfully-inactive Molina. 3-2 blocked. One minute in. Broner tries to open up and Molina clinches. Broner resumes jabbing. One minute to go. Molina lands an overhand right and a couple of blows inside the clinch. Broner continuing to land well with his jab. Molina lands another overhand right before they clinch. Bell, 20-18 Broner.

Round three: Broner goes right back to the jab, bounces a left hook off the guard. Molina wades in with some haymakers. Overhand right by Broner around the guard. One minute in. Molina whiffs on a big right hand. The next one connects, then another into the clinch. One minute to go. Broner has been landing his jab consistently, but eats a flurry from close range. Clinch. Again. 1-2 by Molina. Molina continues to wing heavy punches, which Broner avoids and counters with an uppercut to end the round. 29-28 Broner.

Round four: Molina connects with a straight right. Broner answers with a lead left hook. He's still controlling the tempo with his jab. One minute in. Molina right misses, clinch. Molina just misses with a right on the exit, eats a 3-2. One minute to go. Quick exchange in center ring. Molina lead right, clinch. Round ends with a jab exchange. 39-37 Broner.

Round five: Broner 3-2 blocked, jabs continue to pile up to the head and body. Both land questionable left hooks on the break. Broner with a series of hooks inside. Nice uppercut in the clinch. One minute in. Molina digs to the body before they next tie up. Nice overhand right by Molina after taking a left hook. Broner with a right inside, eats a series of hooks for his trouble. Left hook from Molina, clinch. One minute to go. Broner ducks an overhand right, eats a pair of shots inside. Another left hook lands, as does a lead right. Clinch. Left hook from Broner, overhand right from Molina. Broner digs to the body, Molina answers before the bell. 48-47 Broner.

Round six: Broner's jab continues to land. Broner digs to the body inside. That jab has been the story of this fight. Right to the gut, Molina flurry doesn't connect. One minute in. Clinch. Check hook by AB, then a hard combination inside. Molina answers with a pair of wide hooks. More potshotting jabs by AB. One minute to go. Clinch, body shots by Molina. Nice overhand right from AB, then a left uppercut as Molina ducks in. Both have left hooks blocked. Clinch. Bell, 58-56 Broner.

Round seven: Broner continuing to control with the jab, landing it well to the head and body. Good 1-2 connects. Lead left hook lands. One minute in. Molina not cutting the ring off, not throwing, not doing anything to pressure AB. Clinch. Molina whiffs on another right hand. One minute to go. Right hand lands on the break. Molina gets Broner on the ropes and lands three short punches. Broner showboating, landing around the guard. 68-65 Broner.

Round eight: The jabs continue to land. Molina whiffs with haymakers and they clinch. One minute in. Both wing punches inside, neither connect. Broner lands a lead left hook. Left uppercut, then a right between the guard. Three-punch combo lands for him. One minute to go. Molina wings a few punches that fall woefully short. Clinch, showboating from Broner. Broner opening up, lands a left hook at the end of a combination. Clinch, short punches by Molina. Ref warns Molina for using his head before the bell. 78-74 Broner.

Round nine: Jabs continue to sneak through Molina's guard. Nice left hook and overhand right from Broner. Molina waves him on. Uppercut to the body by AB amidst the jab onslaught. One minute in. Clinch. Clinch, both men land inside. Ref lectures them on continuing to throw after being told to stop. One minute to go. Counter uppercut by Broner. More Broner jabs until the end, when they clinch. 88-83 Broner.

Round ten: The narrative proceeds unchanged, Broner picking him apart with jabs and the occasional power shot through the guard while Molina refuses to throw more than one punch at a time. One minute in. Clinch. Molina whiffs again, clinch. Double left hook by Broner, right from Molina. Clinch. One minute to go. Broner body shot, Molina overhand right. Two more hard body shots and a left hook by Broner, who's warned for using elbows. Molina connects with a long right hand, landing a low blow when they clinch. 3-2 by AB. Molina looks to unload after eating a sequence of combinations, lands a left hook and gets clinched. 98-92 Broner.

Round eleven: Early clinch, Broner thankfully refrains from humping after spinning to his back. Jabs, jabs, jabs. Clinch. One minute in. Clinch, both men land inside. Straight right connects for John, then a left hook inside. Clinch. Clinch, both connect with left hooks on the exit. One minute to go. Three-punch combo by AB. Broner lands a series of combos before they clinch. Straight right by Molina, left hook by Broner. Molina left hook after taking a two-punch combo. Bell. 108-101 Broner.

Round twelve: Early clinch. Molina continues to run into jabs without offering resistance. Left hook misses, clinch. One minute in. Sweeping right hand by Broner as Molina ineffectually follows him around the ring. Both connect to the body near the ropes. One minute to go. Broner on his bike. 11-2 lands for him, his only offense of the last minute. Broner showboats to end the fight. Flaccid performance from Molina. 118-110 Broner.

Final result: Broner def. Molina by unanimous decision


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