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GIF: Tyrone Spong makes boxing debut, viciously knocks out Gabor Farkas in first round

Good to see the "King of the Ring" is back.


The last time we saw Tyrone Spong inside a ring, the Surinamese-Dutch kickboxer was carried out on a stretcher after breaking his foot against Gokhan Saki in horrific fashion just 11 months ago in the main event of GLORY 15.

Well, the "King of the Ring" returned to action this afternoon (Fri., March 6, 2015) in Berlin, Germany as the Muay Thai specialist made his boxing debut against Gabor Farkas -- a boxer who is the absolute definition of a "can" with a 7-34-6 record including 12 knockout losses.

You already know exactly what happened, so enjoy Spong's beautiful handiwork in the GIF below, provided by MolesyMMA:

Regardless of the quality of his opponent, it is fantastic to see Spong perform in any combat sport, especially coming off his terrible injury.

Now let's just hope he doesn't pull an Anderson Silva and pop for performance enhancing drugs (PED) after the fact.

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