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UFC 'vehemently and categorically denies' Burt Watson departure a result of Ronda Rousey entourage

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) site coordinator Burt Watson, also known as the "babysitter to the stars," shocked the mixed martial arts (MMA) community earlier this week when he announced he was leaving the ZUFFA family after 14 years of dedicated service.

Get the initial report here.

Not long after he was gone, reports began surfacing on Twitter (via Front Row Brian) that Watson threw in the towel after a run-in with the Ronda Rousey entourage at UFC 184. Not because he was getting grief from Team "Rowdy," but rather because UFC President Dana White failed to have his back.

Something White said was "the furthest thing from the truth."

In addition, the promotion has "vehemently and categorically denied" that Watson's departure had anything to do with its women's bantamweight champion, according to FOX Sports 1 analyst Ariel Helwani. Unfortunately, the only person who can confirm or deny any of this is Watson, who has remained silent since calling it quits.

Expect more details to trickle in over the coming days.

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