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Bellator injunction reveals exorbitant contract perks for Rampage Jackson as UFC legal battle continues

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Bellator MMA's filing with the Superior Court in Burlington County, New Jersey, for an injunction against Quinton Jackson, revealed some interesting perks and expenditures they made to the former (and once again current) UFC fighter.

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Ever since Quinton Jackson returned to UFC in December 2014, the former light heavyweight champion has alleged that Bellator MMA was in breach of its contract with him, clearing the path for him to go anywhere he pleased.

Jackson has even accused Bellator MMA of lying about its attempt to get an injunction, saying it's "just jokes" and that he never got a copy of the paperwork.

Whether or not the promotion was obligated to serve Jackson a copy of its filing with the Superior Court in Burlington County, New Jersey, is up for debate, but the paperwork definitely exists and reveals why Bellator believes it more than held up its end of the contractual bargain.

Key points to consider from its application for injunctive relief (via

  • Bellator gave Jackson a $129,603 Telsa Sport and a $100,000 signing bonus in 2013.
  • Jackson was to receive $200,000 minimum per fight, capped at $300K for non-PPV bouts, with an upper ceiling of $450K for PPV.
  • Jackson was to receive 30% of the gate above $400,000 at any live event he was on.
  • Bellator paid Jackson $35,000 per episode of "Rampage 4 Real" on Spike TV.
  • Bellator spent $200,000 to secure the rights to a Rolling Stones song for a Jackson promo.
  • The contract stipulated that Bellator hire a screenwriter to develop feature films for Jackson.

Bellator's court documents also refer to Jackson as a "diminished" fighter and say that it "rebuilt Jackson's reputation in the MMA industry" during his three-fight tenure, with three fights still remaining on his deal. It also claims Jackson was the one who breached his contract by not revealing UFC's offer and giving officials 12 months to match any offers from competing promotions.

Bellator may be seeking more than preventing Jackson from competing at UFC 186 in Montreal and it may be laying the groundwork for Jackson to be liable for not holding up his end of the contract, even though Team Rampage clearly sees it the other way around.

We definitely haven't heard the last of this story from either side of the argument.