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Anderson Silva 'surprised' he failed UFC 183 drug test, offers Nick Diaz immediate rematch

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Why did Anderson Silva fail his UFC 183 drug test?

Don't ask "The Spider," because the former middleweight champion has no explanation. In fact, when his manager informed him that Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) returned a positive result for steroids (more on that here), Silva was taken by complete surprise.

From his conversation with TMZ.

"I don't know what happened. I'm surprised. When my manager called me and said ‘Anderson, we have a problem because you go to the test for the commission is bad.' I said, ‘What, I don't know what happened.' I think this is bad for the sport, it's so bad for me and my life and that does nothing to change my performance in the fight. I respect the commission now. When all this (is) done, I go fight Nick next one."

The video:

Unfortunately for Silva, the commission found more than just steroids.

The chances of him rematching Nick Diaz are pretty slim, considering the Stockton slugger was popped for marijuana. Because Diaz is a repeat offender, there is a chance his suspension could run well into 2016, and that doesn't take into account any time served for the Brazilian.

That sentence is to be determined within the next few weeks.

One good thing came out of this debacle, however, as it forced the promotion to take action to combat the steroids "epidemic" and it will now drug test every fighter from every card starting this summer.

That said ... any fight fans out there still think Silva is innocent?

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