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Tyson Fury: If pretend fighters like Brock Lesnar can win UFC title, it doesn't say much about MMA

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Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

WBO International heavyweight boxing champion, Tyson Fury, is still intent on proving to mixed martial arts (MMA) fans that his skills are too much for the best Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has to offer.

Cain Velasquez included.

After Fury labeled Cain a "small, stiff idiot" that he could knock into next week, Velasquez responded by saying the undefeated (24-0) boxer wouldn't be getting a "free ticket" to the title based on his talk alone.

But according to Fury, if a "pretend" fighter like Brock Lesnar can come into the Octagon and win the most prestigious prize in MMA, then it doesn't say a whole lot about UFC's heavyweight division, or the sport, for that matter.

His words to WHOATV:

"We all know WWE is pretend. And if a pretend fighter can come in and win the heavyweight championship of the world in what is supposed to be the ultimate fighting competition, it doesn't say a lot, does it? I haven't changed my mind, anytime, any place, anywhere, tell Dana White to bring Velasquez to me and I'll knock him into next week. As I said before, they are not on my level, they are bums compared to me. Anyone one of them. To be honest, he is just a six foot fat podding. Alright, he's a wrestler. He wrestles about and grapples on the floor a bit. But there is no match for the power and size of me. When I connect on him, finished. Listen, he's never been punched proper before. Getting slapped from the inside of the gloves is not like getting punched with straight with knuckles to the jaw. Dana White knows where to find me. He's already offered me a fight before. But I told him, and I'll tell you again, when he can afford it come and see me. Until then, forget about it."

He went on to say that he does indeed have respect for any man who is willing to go into a cage or a ring for one-on-one combat with another trained fighter because it takes a "rare breed of man" to do so.

Still, Fury is adamant that Cain -- or any other fighter on the UFC roster -- can't hang with him.

Apparently, Dana White's pockets weren't deep enough for Tyson's taste the first time around to find out. Perhaps now that the company saved some coin after losing out on this guy, White and Co. can step to the boxer with a better offer.

Who wants it?