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Pic: Cris Cyborg drops her drawers to reveal 'Brazilian Bootay,' fears cut to 135 will give her 'white girl bum'


I'm offended.

Not because Invicta featherweight champion Cristiane Justino flashed her tight ass on Instagram -- on the contrary -- but rather because she lives in fear of having a flat fanny like a white girl, a perceived side effect of dropping to the bantamweight division.

Excuse me, lady, but plenty of white girls have round rumps (proof).

cybutt 2

Okay @lockloadedmma people are saying if I trade my brazilian bootay for a White Girls bum...I can make 135, but I wanna know coach...can I make 135 and keep these brazilian curves..#springbreak in brazil!!! #chuteboxe #crisCyborg #teamcyborg!

[right click, save ass]

Justino -- who signed with ZUFFA a few months back -- has some work to do at 145 pounds and will likely defend her title this summer before attempting to cut down to bantamweight. It may be well worth the sacrifice, as the prize is a UFC title fight against bitter rival Ronda Rousey.

Unless another Brazilian gets to her first.

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