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UFC Fight Night 62: With win over Ricardo Lamas, Chad Mendes 'sitting pretty' for another featherweight title shot

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Anyone down for Aldo vs. Mendes 3?

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Mendes currently finds himself in quite a unique position.

Five months removed from a five-round championship war against featherweight champion Jose Aldo at UFC 179 (video here), "Money" could find himself in line for another title shot with a win in his next outing, seeing as how the rematch against "Junior" was an instant classic that almost saw the crowning of a new champion.

And after performances that had everyone raving, who wouldn't want to see those two men thrown down for a third time?

But, if Conor McGregor happens to defeat Aldo at UFC 189 on July 11, 2015, then Mendes is still "sitting pretty" in the title hunt, because then he has the chance to silence the mouthy Irishman once and for all.

From his conversation on The MMA Hour:

"If he (Conor) wins, which I highly doubt is going to happen, but if he does and I win this fight against Ricardo, it's definitely a great possibility that I get in there and get to beat the crap out of that dude next. I just don't see him beating Aldo, honestly. Here is my situation, I kind of sat back and looked at the whole thing. I feel like I'm sitting pretty no matter what happens. I mean, Aldo is the only guy that beat me, he beat me twice. It sucks, but it happened and there are a lot of guys that don't get to fight a guy three times after losing to him twice. But you know, I feel because that fight was so close, there is a lot of people and fans, and UFC that wouldn't mind making that happen again. So if I beat Ricardo and Aldo wins, hopefully I get to get back in there and try to avenge that loss, those two losses. And if for whatever reason Conor wins, then I get to go in there and beat the crap out of him for the title. I feel like either way, I am sitting pretty. I am excited for this fight, so I get to sit back and watch."

Of course, before Mendes starts his campaign for another shot at the title, he has to get through a very tough obstacle, as he is scheduled to face off against Ricardo Lamas in the main event of UFC Fight Night 62, which goes down this weekend (April 4, 2015) in Fairfax, Virginia.

A loss will force "Money" to start from the bottom and give "The Bully" a much-needed catapult for his own title fight.

Only one can inch himself closer to the strap ... who will it be?