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UFC 185 drug test results are in ... (gulp)

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

I've got bad news for all the butthurt Anthony Pettis fans, particularly those hoping new Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos was fighting dirty.

Sorry, but the Brazilian is (and was) clean as a whistle.

The UFC 185 drug test results (urine) came back earlier today, by way of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation's Combative Sports Commission (via MMA Junkie). All 24 fighters competing the American Airlines Center earlier this month in Dallas tested negative for performance-enhancing drugs, as well as drugs of abuse.

And Texas has a reputable, well-respected commission so please move along, as there's nothing to see here.

UFC 185 featured an upset win for Dos Anjos, who captured the 155-pound crown with a five-round shellacking of "Showtime" in the five round main event (replay).

To see who else went home victorious at UFC 185 click here.

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