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UFC 189 'Embedded' video blog (Ep. 8): Cameras capture Conor McGregor's infamous 'slap' that drove Jose Aldo 'crazy'

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Slap? Hardly. Unwelcome physical contact? Definitely.

I can empathize with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight champion Jose Aldo. It's bad enough to have someone sitting above and behind you, but to have that same person be your mortal enemy? Shit, I go nuts when some soda-slurping douchebag sits behind me at the movie theater.

Anyway, this is the oft-mentioned "slap" that supposedly sent "Junior" into rage mode (more on that here), but from this blogger's perspective, he look more aggravated than he did berserk. As a result, the fans in Toronto, Canada, the latest stop on the UFC 189 world tour, got a pretty intense staredown.

And McGregor went Multiple Miggs on the Brazilian by way of his "I can smell your pussy" line. Hopefully "Notorious" doesn't swallow his tongue on the way to Dublin.

For more on the UFC 189 world tour, which should be wrapped up in the next day or so, check out yesterday's "Embedded" video by clicking here.