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UFC Quick Quote: Andrei Arlovski still has f---ing nightmares about Fedor Emelianenko loss

Esther Lin

"My nightmare is fuckin' when Emelianenko knocked my ass out in Affliction. You know it's ridiculous. It was so far back, and four years ago it was the biggest fight of my life and you know I fought like.....I don't just have bad words. I just, I did what I wasn't supposed to do and I just, and I jumped this flying knee, I gave him a present. First of all because the fight before when I fought Ben Rothwell I jumped with a flying knee and I hurt Ben Rothwell. People went crazy, and you know for some reason I thought I can like do like anything that I want; I can throw elbows, knees, you know. And I jumped with a flying knee when I fought Emelianenko and I didn't cover myself, you know just lights out. John McCarthy woke me up and I was, that's it. But the first four minutes I felt that every kick, every punch got the target. I saw he was hurt. I just needed to, at that time I just needed to stick to the game plan [for the] first or second round and I [would've] whooped his ass definitely. But it is what it is, fact that he knocked my ass out and I lost that fight."

That was a crazy night indeed, as most of us were following their Affliction fight in much the same way: Oh shit Andrei Arlovski is winning this fight against Fedor Emelianenko [SONIC BOOM] annnnd now he's asleep. That's life in the fight game and "The Pitbull" told the boys at Submission Radio that getting KTFO is still his nightmare ... but perhaps one that can finally put to rest with a rematch? Not likely, as "The Last Emperor" wasn't too thrilled with the idea of a mixed martial arts (MMA) return, even for his ex-Strikforce sidekick Scott Coker. So what chance does UFC President Dana White have? Not much, I would imagine, though Arlovski has bigger fish to fry at this point in his career, having been paired off with Travis Browne at UFC 187. New nightmare? Or dream scenario? We'll find out on May 23!

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