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UFC Quick Quote: Jose Aldo says Conor McGregor didn't slap him, Dana White 'didn't see' altercation

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

"We went to a studio early in the morning for a live show, and we already stared at each other as soon as (McGregor) arrived. I was sitting in the couch with Dana, and he sit behind me. He pulled my jacket, so I immediately stood up. Dana turned, separated us and apologized. There was no slap. He pulled my jacket. That's what happened. It looks like Dana said that he slapped me, but he didn't even see it."

Drama in paradise? Not so much, says Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo following UFC President Dana White's comments earlier this week that "Junior" went "crazy" after Conor McGregor slapped the champ in the back during a media session on the UFC 189 World Tour in Toronto. Aldo cleared up the confusion in a video posted on the UFC website (geo-blocked in United States), noting that "The Notorious" one merely pulled the Brazilian's jacket and nothing came of it. While Aldo didn't directly accuse Dana of overhyping a seemingly innocuous altercation, he did mention that UFC's head honcho didn't even see what happened. This is a good time as ever to remind you that White's job is to sell fights, and with UFC pouring a ton of money into the World Tour, you have to expect something to be blown out of proportion. With expectations for the PPV to sell with astronomical figures, I think it is safe to say White is doing a dandy job -- even if he tends to stretch the truth a bit.

(Transcription via MMAFighting)

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