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Breaking: WSOF signee Ben Fodor/Phoenix Jones claims he stopped knife attack in New Haven, CT

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The newest WSOF signee was having lunch in New Haven on Friday afternoon (March 27, 2015) and told MMAMania he sprung into action to stop a knife attack. The New Haven Police confirmed there was an incident, but a report has not yet been filed.


Ben Fodor, who goes by the name "Phoenix Jones" when he patrols the streets of Seattle, Washington as the leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement, doesn't take a break from action when he travels away from his home city.

Earlier on Friday afternoon (March 27, 2015) Fodor, was having lunch on The Green in New Haven, CT, along with his girlfriend Amber Lavigne and reporter/author Jack Hitt, when he noticed a crime in progress.

According to Fodor, 26, a man was being chased by another man wielding a knife.

"I saw a guy running across the street being chased by another man," said Fodor, who will make his WSOF debut on April 10, 2015 against Emmanuel Walo at WSOF 20. "When the first guy passed me I saw he had been punched in the face and slashed by a knife."

Fodor, who has handled situations like these for the last several years, had his bulletproof vest in his backpack and made a quick change before taking off after the assailant.

"I ran across the street, did a simple disarm, removed the knife and pointed the suspect out to the police," said Fodor, on how he successfully apprehended the attacker.

Fodor said there was video footage, but the New Haven Police currently have it in their possession.

The WSOF welterweight was not harmed in the process saying, "knives are garbage if you are an idiot." Fodor did not have his trademark Phoenix Jones mask either but said,"stopping crime is a lifestyle. Mask or not, I know what to do."

MMAMania reached out to the New Haven Police Department and spoke with their media liaison, Officer David Hartman, who said he spoke with all four officers that worked downtown today.

Hartman said the officers said no one apprehended anyone for them and nobody brought anything like that to their attention, but, a stabbing did in fact occur.

"There was however, a report of someone who got stabbed near the Green or on the Green, but it was not handled by New Haven Police," Hartman said. * Upon a second conversation, the officer said that stabbing occurred further north of the Green and was further away from where the actual incident occurred.

Fodor reached out to MMAMania with a case number (15-13110), and sent pictures of his statement about an hour after the initial phone call with the New Haven Police Department and said no arrest had been made because the victim did not want to press charges.

When Officer Hartman was reached a second time, he said there was mention of an incident that involved a man being chased by several individuals -- which matches part of Fodor's statement -- and that he had spoken to the officer that was on hand, Officer Roger Kargarazat. But, contradictory to Fodor's story, nothing about a knife was mentioned or reported, only that the victim was punched.

"I don't know how to support this guy's claim that he was directly involved," Harman said. "I don't want to say he wasn't. He may have been involved outside when it happened. I presume he talked to an officer because he got the case number, but as far as his involvement, I can't say one way or the other."

Hartman also mentioned that the report on the incident has not yet been written because an officer is only mandated to write a report on the date of an incident if an arrest is made. The officer said it is also possible that Fodor spoke to a downtown Ambassador at the time of the incident. Those Ambassadors act as emissaries, wear a uniform and assist people with information, and directions among other things.

The officers shift ended at three this afternoon, said Hartman, so it is possible that a report could filed as early as tomorrow if Officer Karagarazat is on duty, but it has not yet been written.

MMAMania will give an update on this story when more information becomes available from the New Haven Police Department.