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Bellator 135 live results stream

The Spike TV-televised main card airs tonight (Fri., March 27, 2015) and features Joe Warren defending his bantamweight title against Marcos Galvao, LC Davis taking on Hideo Tokoro, and more! Before that, Bellator 135 real-time results begin with "Prelim" under card matches on at 7 p.m. ET right here!

Bellator 135 "Warren vs. Galvao" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., March 27, 2015) at the WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma, following up on their "British Invasion" event last month by stacking up another intriguing card of fights airing live on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET.

The main event will see the self-declared "Baddest Man on the Planet," Joe Warren, putting his Bellator bantamweight title at stake in a rematch against Marcos Galvao, who many people believe should have won the first time. Tonight, he gets a chance to prove his supporters right.

Or wrong.

Before that takes place, LC Davis battles Hideo Tokoro in the co-main event, in a fight that could have future title contender implications for the main event's winner. They're joined by fights pitting Guilherme Viana vs. Francis Carmont at light heavyweight and Dakota Cochrane vs. Ryan Couture at lightweight.

Bellator 135 starts tonight on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to deliver LIVE results and play-by-play for the televised fights, along with the under card "Prelim" action on at 7 p.m. ET.

In addition a live video stream of tonight's preliminary fights can be found below!

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 135) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Main Card (Spike TV):

Joe Warren (c) vs. Marcos Galvao: Galvao wins via sub (verbal) at 0:45 of R2.

L.C. Davis vs. Hideo Tokoro: Davis via SD (28-29, 29-28 X2).

Francis Carmont vs. Guilherme Viana: Carmont via UD (29-28 X3).

Dakota Cochrane vs. Ryan Couture: Couture via sub (RNC) at 3:23 of R1.

Preliminary Card (

Rashad Coulter vs. Jeremiah O'Neal: Coulter via TKO at 1:44 of R1.

Alejandro Villalobos vs. Emmanuel Sanchez: Sanchez via UD (29-28, 30-27 X2).

Sean Holden vs. Tim Roman: Holden via UD (30-27 X3).

Neal Ewing vs. Logan Nail: Ewing via UD (29-28 and 30-27 X2).

Stephen Banaszak vs. Brad Mitchell: Banaszak via sub (omoplata) at 2:51 of R2.

Klayton Mai vs. Xavier Siller: Mai via sub (neck crank) at 3:55 of R1.

J.P. Cole vs. George Pacurariu: Pacurariu via sub (armlock) at 2:59 of R1.


Joe Warren (c) vs. Marcos Galvao

Galvao makes his way to the cage in Future Legend gear, his whole team wearing matching outfits, and he's got on white trunks that match his white hair for tonight's main event. Warren and his team have matching gear as well for Bamboo Nutra, and like the "bad man" he proclaims himself to be he's wearing black trunks. The champ Warren is 12-3, the challenger Galvao is 16-6-1. Our referee for this bantamweight main event is "Big" John McCarthy.

Round 1: They tap gloves and with respet out of the way Warren starts swinging and shoots for a takedown. Galvao turns him around, Warren turns him back and hits the takedown at 38 seconds. Galvao gets up and gets his own takedown at 54 seconds. Warren uses a butterfly guard to create space and sits up against the fence. Warren's back up at 1:35. Galvao with knees as they circle and clinch. They break at 2:02.Warren shoots at 2:17 and almost gets Galvao down, almost taking his back, but in the end it's just a clinch. Galvao pushes free at 2:51. Warren lands a right hand and doubles Galvao at 3:03 but he's up immediately. They reset at the center at 4:02. Galvao lands a right hand. Warren shoots and gets Galvao's back with 15 seconds. McCarthy warns Galvao not to grab the fence. 10-9 Warren.

Round 2: Galvao tries to roll for a knee bar in R2. He's got it! It's straight and it's tight! Warren screams and it's a verbal submission at 44 seconds!

Final result: Marcos Galvao becomes the new Bellator bantamweight champion via sub (verbal) at 0:45 of R2.


L.C. Davis vs. Hideo Tokoro

Round 1: Davis (22-6) is in the black trunks tonight. Tokoro (32-27-2) is in the red trunks. Our referee in charge for this bantamweight bout is Jason Herzog. Tokoro flies in with a flying knee right at the bell but doesn't land - grazing the leg of Davis. Things settle down from there. Tokoro throws a head kick that's checked. Tokoro spins his way to a single leg at 1:37 but Davis pops up immediately. Left hand to the chin by Davis at the 2 minute mark causes Tokoro to clinch. Tokoro tries to let Davis on top and roll for the heel hook but he can't get it. Davis grazes the hairline with a high kick. Davis pops Tokoro with a left hook. He may have caught a shot to the cup but he waves Herzog off. The left hook and jab are landing with increasing frequency for Davis. Good right jab from Davis. Davis gets stung and gets a late takedown but Tokoro stands back up. Very close first round.

Round 2: Tokoro pushes forward to open R2 but Davis continues to feel confident about his left hand. Tokoro gets dropped by a right hand as he tries a jump knee and goes for a leg lock while he's hurt. Davis is able to get free and grind Tokoro against the fence. Herzog warns Davis not to grab the chain link. He hurts Tokoro with another over the top right once he gets his arms free, and follows with a hard elbow. Davis seems firmly in control with 90 seconds to go. Tokoro finally escapes and tries to take a leg, but Davis winds up on top and stands right back. Tokoro rolls for an inverted heel hook but can't get it. Thanks to the hard strikes delivered standing this round goes in the books for Davis.

Round 3: Tokoro lands a right hand in the first 30 seconds that puts Davis on his back trying to recover. Tokoro tries to get an armbar, Davis throws him to the ground to get out, and Tokoro lands an upkick as Davis was dropping to a knee. Herzog stops the fight thinking it was illegal and asks Davis if he wants to continue - Davis says yes. No point was deducted. Tokoro throws a head kick but can't drop Davis, who gets a body lock. Davis gets a takedown at 2:11. Tokoro scrambles free as Davis tries to take the back. Tokoro goes for a leg trip but can't quite get it. Tokoro tries to roll for an armbar again. Davis stacks Tokoro up and slips out. Both men roll as Davis goes for a guillotine. Tokoro tries to take Davis down, Davis takes the back. The action is frantic. Davis gets a single leg but Tokoro gets a full mount and goes for a kimura. Davis pops out and has a headlock. Davis goes for a late guillotine at the bell and Tokoro doesn't tap. If you want fifteen straight minutes of non-stop action THIS was a fight to see.

Final result: The judges scored this contest 29-28 Tokoro, 29-28 Davis and 29-28 for Davis by split decision.


Francis Carmont vs. Guilherme Viana

Round 1: Carmont is in the black trunks with a red Hayabusa logo tonight. Viana is in the less colorful black trunks. Carmont is 22-10 and Viana is 6-1. Our referee for this light heavyweight bout is 'Big' John McCarthy. Loud snapping leg kicks from Carmont early in the fight. Viana stuffs a takedown attempt. Carmont jabs and lands a right hook. Carmont with a kick to the thigh as we pass two minutes. Viana with a right hand. Carmont with a kick to the shoulder. Viana sting Carmont with a left hook. Viana with an overhand right to the shoulder as Carmont avoids a direct strike. Inside leg kick by Carmont. Carmont shoots with 30 seconds left but VIana pushes him into the fence. Carmont goes for a throw but Viana lands on top right before the bell. Close round.

Round 2: Carmont is keeping the same measured pace he did in R1, continuing to throw leg kicks and back Viana away with occasional big shots. Viana eats two right hands. He's got some swelling under his right eye. Carmony goes for the single leg, Viana keeps his balance and stays upright. Viana holds him against the fence and McCarthy doesn't seem inclined to break it up. Viana with knees to the legs. After a minute of this the crowd starts to boo and that's when McCarthy pulls the trigger to reset at 3:20. Carmont rocks Viana with a right hand and gives chase. Carmont gets him against the fence, peppers him, hits a single leg and drops hard elbows as McCarthy warns him about shots to the back of the head. Carmont decisively wins R2.

Round 3: Viana comes out swinging to start R3, but Carmont drops underneath and it puts Viana on his back. Viana sweeps on top at 1:12 and takes the back looking for the rear naked choke. Viana keeps fishing for it as Carmont keeps the arms from getting under the chin. Carmont throws backward punches trying to save himself. 2:30. Viana is not giving up but Carmont keeps tucking his chin and peeling Viana's arms away. Carmont escapes right into an armbar attempt, but he slips out of that too and is on top. That was Viana's last chance. McCarthy calls for work as Carmont is content to grind away with elbows and stay heavy on top until the final bell. We go to the judges.

Final result: Francis Carmont wins a unanimous decision (29-28 X3).


Dakota Cochrane vs. Ryan Couture

Round 1: Cochrane comes in 18-7 in the blue trunks. Couture is 9-3 in the black trunks. Our referee in charge for this lightweight bout is Kerry Hatley. Cochrane and Couture trade leg kicks early until Couture initiates a body lock. They dance across the fence and trade knees until Cochrane goes for a double leg and hits it at 1:40. Couture tries to peel him away sitting against the fence. He gets up at 2:13, knees and fists are flying, but Cochrane goes for a takedown and that may have been a mistake as Couture spins to take the back and gets a hook in. 2:10 remains as Couture hammers away from behind with right hands before getting the second hook in. He goes for the rear naked choke and Hatley is looking close - the tap comes at 3:23.

Final result: Ryan Couture finishes with a first round rear naked choke at 3:23 of R1.


Rashad Coulter vs. Jeremiah O'Neal

Round 1: O'Neal in white trunks. Coulter in red trunks. Our ref for this heavyweight bout is Jason Herzog. Coulter gets backed into the fence in the first minute but is able to turn it around. He throws Holder into the fence, lands two big knees, resets at 1:25, then Coulter finishes via TKO as he unwinds with strikes and O'Neal can't continue. The knees to the gut were the killer blows in this short but exciting bout.

Final result: Rashad Coulter wins via TKO at 1:44 of the first round.


Alejandro Villalobos vs. Emmanuel Sanchez

Round 1: Villalobos is in the black trunks. Sanchez is in the red. Our referee in charge of this featherweight fight is 'Big' John McCarthy. Both men stand and trade for the first 80 seconds - then Villalobos hits a single leg eight seconds later. Sanchez pops right back up. They break at 1:44. Sanchez is throwing flurries. McCarthy warns them to watch the fingers. Sanchez gets on top when Villalobos slips and does some damage. Villalobos looks for an upkick as Sanchez backs away at 3:30. Sanchez takes the back and gets his hooks in with under a minute in R1. Villalobos turns out on top but winds up in a triangle and an armbar and has to scramble to avoid both. 10-9 Sanchez.

Round 2: Villalobos is trying to change his fortunes with push kicks and leg kicks. Sanchez responds with a double left jab. Sanchez lands a nice right hand and drives Villalobos to the fence. He gets a spinning backfist on the break. Villalobos with a spinning back elbow. Sanchez loads up with more kicks as we push late into the round. Villalobos lands a flying knee to the body. Sanchez knocks Villalobos down with a right hand with 30 seconds left and that will be the difference maker in a close round. 10-9 Sanchez.

Round 3: Sanchez tries a spinning kick and falls down, letting Villalobos on top in half guard. Sanchez is actively trying to sweep or escape but Villalobos stays sticky. McCarthy calls for more work. Sanchez finally explodes and gets on top at 2:15. He stands up at 2:38 and throws kicks to the thighs, but he takes two slapping upkicks before he drops back down. Villalobos stands and they break at 3:02. Sanchez gets rocked by a knee and Villalobos swarms trying to follow up on the flash knockdown. Villalobos gets full mount and takes the back with 35 seconds left. Sanchez sweeps to the top to save himself from a submission. Elbows on top from Sanchez. Villalobos gets the round but not the fight in my estimation.

Final result: The judges score it 30-27 and 29-28 X2 all for Emmanuel Sanchez.


Sean Holden vs. Tim Roman

Round 1: Roman is in the blue trunks tonight. Holden is in the black trunks with red trim. Our referee for this welterweight bout is Jason Herzog. It's a brawl quickly. Holden tries to push Roman into the fence, and Roman gets a warning for elbows to the back of the head. Holden gets him to the ground but only for a second. Holden throws Roman to the ground at 1:08. He steps over to half guard and tries to get a guillotine choke but lets it go as both men stand, and Roman gets the takedown this time. They stand at 2:07 and Holden gets a takedown, Roman tries a guillotine, and Holden's head pops out. Knees to the ribs from Holden. Holden nearly gets full mount. Holden gets a warning for shots to the back of the head. Holden stands up with 33 seconds left, takes the back and tries to pour it on with short time. Holden goes for broke with a rear naked choke but the bell saves Roman. 10-9 Holden.

Round 2: Holden has Roman on the ground in the first 30 seconds of R2. Roman goes for a guillotine but loses his grip. Holden moves to side control as he pops his head out and delivers knees to the body. Holden stands and tries to lock on a guillotine. Holden gets full mount at 2:20 but Roman escapes it. Holden stands up, avoids upkicks, and gets back on top heavy from half guard. He's inches away from full mount - he's got it - and he's going for a guillotine. Roman sweeps to the top but he's still in danger. Roman pops his head out at 3:44. Roman lands some hammer fists as we approach the bell. He could potentially have stolen this round with a judge or two.

Round 3: Holden only needs eight seconds for a takedown in R3. He stands up at 1:55 looking to do more damage. Roman sits up against the fence and gets back up at 2:30 and taken right back down again a second later. Unless Roman does something drastic quick he's losing the decision. Holden has side control and is landing rights to the body. Roman sits up again but is pushed back down with 1:05 remaining. Holden has half guard and Roman is flailing around on his back hoping to land. Holden has full mount as Roman tries to escape. Holden pours it on with seconds left but Roman is saved by the bell (again).

Final result: Sean Holden wins via unanimous decision (30-27 X3).


Neal Ewing vs. Logan Nail

Round 1: Ewing is in the black trunks tonight. Nail is in the red trunks. Our referee for this middleweight fight between undefeated fighters (Ewing is 5-0, Nail is 1-0) is Kerry Hatley. Ewing and Nail waste no time throwing down. Ewing hits a double leg at 23 seconds. Nail is doing a good job of tying Ewing up, who has to settle for body shots to the ribs. Ewing tries to stand up and get the position to land heavy, Nail keeps trying to pull him down into closed guard. Harley finally tires of the stalemate and stands them at 3:12. Nail grabs a muay thai plum and lands a couple knees. Ewing takes him down at 3:46 to put an end to that. Ewing stacks Nail against the fence trying to pour on damage. Nail got hammered for most of the round but survived. 10-9 Ewing.

Round 2: Ewing gets a takedown 28 seconds into R2. Nail sweeps to the top at 58 seconds but six seconds later gets swept right back. Hatley warns Ewing about fingers to the eyes. Nail gets on top again and Ewing back scoots to the fence and stands back up at 1:42. Ewing is digging hard for a takedown and eating elbows to the head from Nail. Nail is doing a good job of spreading his knees sideways and sitting down to block but finally at 3:35 the relentless pressure of Ewing gets him to the ground. Ewing is in half guard trying to step over. Ewing is landing some elbows to the face and hard rights to the body in the final minute. Another 10-9 for Ewing.

Round 3: Ewing and Nail trade for the first 15 seconds, Ewing lands a big right, then puts Nail on the fence and drops levels trying to pick the ankle. Blood drips from Nail's nose onto Ewing's back. Ewing with knees to the thigh. Hatley calls for more action. He resets the fighters at 1:29. Nail is breathing hard. He's pushed to the fence again and Ewing has another takedown, this time to side control. Nail tries to push off the fence with his feet. No luck. Hatley reminds him not to hook his toes in the fence. Ewing loads up knees to the body. An exhausted Nail is unable to shake Ewing off as time slips away. Hatley gives Nail another toe warning. Nail nearly slipped out with 32 seconds left but Ewing round all the way around as he pushed off. This should be a clean sweep with the judges.

Final result: Neil Ewing wins via unanimous decision - 29-28 and 30-27 X2.


Stephen Banaszak vs. Brad Mitchell

Round 1: Banaszak is in red trunks for this bout. Mitchell is in the blue. Our referee for this catchweight (147 pounds) fight is 'Big' John McCarthy. Mitchell comes forward swinging. It appears he's being the aggressor because he's worried about his cardio (he's 40). Banaszak keeps trying to lure him to the ground but so far it's not working. Banaszak shoots and Mitchell momentarily has a guillotine but lets it go. Banaszak finally gets tired of working from his back against the fence and moves forward for some leg kicks. Mitchell is momentarily caught in a guillotine but Banaszak lets it go. Banaszak tries to pull guard but abandons it. McCarthy warns the fighters about knees to the groin. Banaszak and Mitchell break at 3:49. Banaszak throws kicks as Mitchell tries to close distance. Banaszak gets a leg trip with short time but can't keep Mitchell down. Warning from McCarthy not to grab the shorts. Banaszak landed the better strikes and even cut Mitchell but some judges might be fooled by Mitchell moving forward the whole time.

Round 2: A familiar pattern repeats itself - Mitchell pressing forward and Banaszak counter striking with his back on the fence. Banaszak misses with a spinning backfist and momentarily has an outside leg trip. Mitchell moves forward and lands a hard right hand. Banaszak jumps guard again and this time he may have Mitchell in trouble with an omoplata. The tap from Mitchell comes before the three minute mark.

Final result: Stephen Banaszak wins via submission (omoplata) at 2:51 of round two.


Klayton Mai vs. Xavier Siller

Round 1: Siller is in the light blue trunks and Mai the red. Our referee for this flyweight fight is Jason Herzog. Mai jumps up for the guillotine almost immediately, Siller tries to slam his way out of it, and he finally pops his head out at 1:04 and both fighters stand. Mai gets a takedown at 1:35 into full guard. Mai is using shoulder strikes on top as Herzog calls for more work. Mai stands to drop a left hand after they spin away from the fence. Mai is almost caught in an armbar but stands and backs out, then he takes the back of Siller to pour on right hands. Mai flattens out Siller at 3:40 and goes for the neck. Siller taps shortly thereafter.

Final result: Klayton Mai wins via submission (neck crank) at 3:55 of the first round.


J.P. Cole vs. George Pacurariu

Round 1: Kery Hatley is our referee for this bantamweight bout. Pacurariu is in the blue trunks and Cole in the white trunks. Cole is only 2-2 and his opponent is 8-4. Cole is dancing around on his feet, moving his head, pawing with jabs and throwing the occasional body or leg kick. Pacurariu is calm and patient, but when he attacks he throws combos. Pacarariu throws Cole to the ground just before the halfway point of the round. He's in side control and gets the straight armlock tap at 2:59.

Final result: George Pacurariu wins via submission (armlock) at 2:59 of the first round.


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