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Dana White on Georges St-Pierre's UFC return: 'I'm leaning toward him not coming back these days'

First Brock, now this?

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys football team isn't the only sports organization losing one of its top stars due to free agency.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) recently lost out on the Brock Lesnar sweepstakes after WWE CEO, Vince McMahon, gave "The Beast Incarnate" an "offer he couldn't refuse" to remain with his company instead of heading back to the Octagon.

Not even Lorenzo Fertitta doubling down on the cash offer could convince Lesnar to change his mind.

On the heels of failing to lure in that big fish, UFC president Dana White says they could lose out on another one for good, as he doesn't think Georges St-Pierre will return to action.

"I talked to him. I offered him a fight in Montreal and he said he's not ready yet," said White during an interview on The Jay and Dan Podcast. "I'm on the fence, I'm leaning toward him not coming not back these days."

When asked if being worn out was on of the reasons for "GSP" not coming back, White said, "no, he's rich, he doesn't have to do anything."

And by rich, he means filthy rich.

But, the brash head honcho made it clear that he is not announcing the former welterweight champion's retirement for him. "Fighting is one of those sports where you have to be hungry and want it. He hasn't been hungry in a long time," declared White.

"He's got a lot of money, he's young, he's got a lot of options and he's going out on top. (But) I'm not announcing George St-Pierre's retirement here," he concluded.

If "Rush" does indeed call it quits, he'll leave the sport on a 12-fight win streak including nine straight title defenses.

On the bright side, there are no shortage of stars ready to step up and lead the pay-per-view (PPV) charge for UFC, including light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Also, White and Co. made sure to lock up another one of its cash cows, as they recently inked Ronda Rousey to a new deal.

Plus, they still have this guy.

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