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Conor McGregor: PED use may simply be a part of 'Brazilian culture'

Did "Notorious" just hit below the belt?

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

It's one thing to verbally attack your foe, but when you attack an entire country, then you're Chael Sonnen playing with fire.

That's just what Conor McGregor did during a recent media scrum (via MMA Fighting), as "Notorious" suggested that using and abusing performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) could simply be a part of the Brazilian culture.

His words:

"It seems to me like maybe it's Brazilian culture. The women are on it. The men are on it. I don't know what to think. So I don't really have to think. It's in Vegas. We are in a new age. The sport is being cleaned. The athletes who are dedicated to martial arts and dedicated to health and fitness and purity, they are the athletes who are being rewarded now. I am happy to be part of the new age."

He continued on by supporting UFC's new drug testing policy, which will go into effect this summer.

"It's brilliant, it's great for the sport. When all the things came out with Anderson Silva being on the juice, and the other people that got caught, it was not a good time, or a good thing for the sport. Then, when they had the press conference, I called Lorenzo and told him, 'this should be a celebration. We are changing the game, we are turning the tide.' Now we are dedicated to the fight against this, purity of martial arts and pure combat. It's a new age and it should be celebrated. So, I am happy to be a part of that new age."

Not sure how long his reign as "King of Rio" will last after those comments.

In fairness, failed drug tests aren't specific to Brazilians, as plenty of Americans -- and Cubans -- have also failed their drug tests in recent weeks. Also, in his over decade-long career, Aldo has yet to test positive for any type of PED.

"Junior" has been pretty calm and has absorbed all of Conor's verbal fire and antics ahead of their much-anticipated title fight at UFC 189 on July 11, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

But will these latest claims be enough to force the champ to finally lose his cool?


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