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UFC 189 'Embedded' video blog (Ep. 4): Jose Aldo grinds a stripper pole in Las Vegas

Cue Def Leppard ...

Brazilian fever?

Rather than boil over Conor McGregor's constant trash talk during their world tour to promote UFC 189 that will span eight cities in five countries over the course of 12 days, Featherweight champion Jose Aldo is finding the levity wherever he can ... even on a stripper pole.

Indeed, "Notorious" continues to be a thorn in the side of "Scarface," taunting him with "pussy" as the two cross paths in Las Vegas, Nevada, to meet with the mayor. When he's not being a total dick, McGregor puts in a late-night training session at the UFC gym, explaining that mixed martial arts (MMA) is his life, while Aldo has to worry about things like family, including purchasing gifts for his three-year old daughter.

Whether or not Aldo's outside obligations will impact his performance inside the cage on July 11, 2015, inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in "Sin City" remains to be seen. One thing is for certain, though, he is showing a ton of restraint throughout their time together.

Proof positive. But, it is certainly slowly eroding with every Irish antic.

The good news? It will be all worth it, right, Conor?

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