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UFC 189: Jose Aldo will always complain about fighter pay because it's his right to do so

But will the company ever buckle and increase salaries?

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few short months ago, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, gave his opinion on the ever-popular topic of fighter pay. In Junior's view, he -- and many of his colleagues -- aren't being compensated enough for their efforts.

At times, it seems fighters are actually paying to compete in mixed martial arts (MMA).

And while I'm sure UFC President Dana White didn't appreciate hearing one of his champions complain about the pay scale, he and the rest of the ZUFFA brass better get used to it, because Aldo recently informed the media (via MMA Fighting) that he isn't going to let up anytime soon.

Because it's his right to fight to party for more pay.

"I will always complain. This is the right that I have. I always want more. I will always want to earn more. This is the right that I have, so I'm going to continue doing this."

One of the points Aldo brings up when talking about increasing salaries is the fact that athletes don't just step into the cage and trade punches; but rather, the hard work done prior which includes long months of training and promoting the bout.

Some, like himself and Conor McGregor, often have to go all out as they are currently on a "World Tour" to promote their epic 145-pound showdown this summer at UFC 189 in Las Vegas, Nevada. As much as Aldo despises having to see his upcoming foe before they scrap, he did admit one of the attributes he admires about "Notorious" is his ability to promote a fight with his sharp tongue.

"It's great to have a joker like him that calls the attention of all the public to the division. So yeah, this is one of the things that I admire on him. I try not to get close to him, because he's not a friend of mine. But this is my job. But especially with him it's especially difficult, because he's a joker. He's kind of awkward, all the things he talks about me, but this is my job. I have to do this."

As far as the tour itself -- which will see the duo hit 10 stops across the globe in 11 days -- Aldo doesn't mind it one bit.

"If UFC sees this fight as the biggest of history, I just accept that we really need to promote this. I always did promotion for my fights. Never something like this, but I'm happy that we're doing it, that everybody is seeing this as the hugest fight of all times."

After all, you can't get those pay-per-view (PPV) buys by sitting on the couch.

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