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Video: Watch UFC's Dana White react to losing Brock Lesnar to WWE (again)

So much for that.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

In case you didn't already hear, Brock Lesnar is not coming back to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

The former Heavyweight champion broke the news himself earlier today (March 24, 2015) during an exclusive interview on ESPN, saying that after mulling the decision over for quite some time, it was in his best interest to re-sign with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and forget about a career inside the Octagon once and for all.

It was a deal he could, admittedly, not refuse. And one that UFC President Dana White probably could not match ... even if he wrote him a blank check.

White offered his immediate reaction (via FOX Sports):

"I’m happy for him — he was always a stand up guy. I knew this three hours ago, he called us and let us know. From what I understand, Vince [McMahon] made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, which is awesome. I’m happy to hear that, happy for both of them. This is a sport where you have to be all in, like Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo. Brock had a really good stint here, did some amazing things, and it was fin to have him."

Working part-time with full-time compensation, at age 38, was more than likely what sealed the deal for WWE.

In the process, after months -- even years -- of flirting with the idea of a UFC return, it seems Lesnar's fighting days competing against the best big men in the world are now done for good. Indeed, McMahon came correct with the cash to assure that "The Next Big Thing" stayed with his company for the foreseeable future.

Sorry, Punk.

Lesnar will defend his WWE World Heavyweight title this Sunday night (March 31, 2015) against Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania 31. The re-signing more than likely shakes up any predictable outcome, like ensuring Lesnar lost his belt on the last fight of his contract.

He's got more work to do.

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