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Dana White promises UFC will stand behind Anderson Silva regardless of NSAC penalty

Unsurprisingly, no mention of Nick Diaz.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I got your back, bro.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White is standing behind his former middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, even after "The Spider" flunked multiple drug tests and left the promotion's head cheese "screwed up" for several days.

Besides, how can you drug-shame Silva when the entire roster -- save for these two angels -- is doping?

"Anderson has been a huge part of this company and regardless of how this thing comes out, we're going to support the guy," White told the mixed martial arts (MMA) media at the UFC Fight Night 62 event in Rio (via MMA Fighting). "He's going to go before the Nevada Athletic Commission and I have no idea what's going to happen."

He certainly knows what's going to happen in July.

"I know there were some rumors down here that he's only going to get 18 months," White continued. "I don't believe that's true and I don't know how anyone would know anything like that. That's just a rumor. We'll see what happens when he goes before the commission."

Silva, pulled from his coaching duties on TUF, has already penciled in his Octagon return for late 2015.

The length of his suspension, as well as his monetary fine, all depends on what kind of case "The Spider" and his overly-optimistic legal team can present to the commission in April. They must have something extravagant planned, as Silva and Co. were recently granted a stay of execution to further prepare.

It should also be noted that his UFC 183 slip up marks the first time the Brazilian -- coming off a devastating leg injury -- has ever tested positive for banned substances.

Are you willing to forgive and forget?

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