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Demian Maia vs Ryan LaFlare full fight video highlights from UFC 'Rio' last night

Viewer discretion is advised ...

If you're looking for Brazilian jiu-jitsu brilliance, these highlights from UFC Fight Night 62's main event last night (Sat., March 21, 2015) between Demian Maia vs. Ryan LaFlare are right up your alley.

If you're looking for an epic, tide-turning mixed martial arts (MMA) match well, you might be disappointed.

That's because for 20 straight minutes, Maia implemented his unrivaled grappling skills and completely neutered a Top 10-ranked opponent whose biggest strength coming into the fight was wrestling. Then, for the final five minutes, Maia flopped around the Octagon, completely exhausted after grinding LaFlare to a pulp.

To his credit, LaFlare dug deep and finished the fight strong. He even picked up an extra point when referee "Big" John McCarthy docked Maia a point at the buzzer because he could not get up off the floor quickly enough. But it was way too little, way too late as Maia piled up the points with his smothering top game and masterful jiu-jitsu.

It's an incredible skill set. And Maia will seemingly always be a threat to anyone in the division who can't figure out how to stay off their backs.

Whether you like it or not.

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