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UFC Fight Night 62 results: Erick Silva smashes, then submits, Josh Koscheck within one round

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Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

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Josh Koscheck wanted to get right back on the horse after suffering a submission loss just a few weeks ago, stepping up on short notice to battle Erick Silva in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 62, which took place inside tonight (Sat., March 21, 2015) inside Maracanazinho Gymnasium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It was an awful idea.

Koscheck rushed out from his corner and immediately drilled Silva with a right hand. Silva responded, oddly, with a takedown attempt, but Koscheck made him pay with a standing elbow. Both fighters battled for position along the cage and were eventually returned to the center of the cage by the referee.

Silva dropped Koscheck with a left hand and soon found himself on top in half-guard. Koscheck seemed fine and soon found his way back to his feet, uncorking a head kick on the break. Silva, though, clipped Koscheck again and this time it hurt him. The Brazilian followed it up with a thunderous kick to the gut and Koscheck seemed in trouble once again.

Regardless, he kept bringing the fight, but it was a bad idea because Silva buzzed him again. Koscheck tried to weather the storm with a takedown, but Silva locked in a guillotine choke, sat back and squeezed until Koscheck tapped, his second submission loss in as many fights.

Koscheck tried to bounce back, bringing the fight to Silva even when hurt, but it reeked of desperation from a former title challenger who is clearly in the twilight of his career ... if not the end.

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