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UFC Quick Quote: Dominick Cruz believes 2015 return is 'realistic'

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

"Is it realistic [to fight before 2015 ends]? I believe it is. Am I going to say that I'm going to do it? I'm only two months into rehab and I need wait a little bit longer before I make a statement like that because right now I'm in the portion where I need the tendon to transform into ACL tissue. They took my patella tendon and now what happens is I'm in the very crucial part of healing, which my tendon is like a piece of Swiss cheese."

"I'm looking at about four months [rehab], and then from there I'll be able to give everyone a more definitive answer."

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight kingpin Dominick Cruz is cautiously optimistic following yet another major surgery -- this time to repair a torn ACL in his right knee -- but the "Dominator" won't put all his eggs into one basket just yet and predict a 2015 return to the Octagon with certainty. Speaking with FOX Sports, Cruz noted he is optimistic because he only has to deal with one surgery this time as opposed to the two surgeries he suffered through to repair his injured left ACL that had the former champ stripped from his title and out on the sidelines for nearly three years. When Cruz made his triumphant return back at UFC 178 by knocking out Takeya Mizugaki in just one minute (watch it here), fight fans believed the "Dominator" would be vying for his title soon after. Even with another injury halting his career process, Cruz gave no indication that he will be giving up mixed martial arts (MMA) anytime soon, and that could be bad news for the bantamweight division if the former champ can return with a clean bill of health later this year.

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