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Here's video of Fedor training fighters in Dubai and uh ... he's still got it

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Russian fighters don't want to be trained by Fedor Emelianenko, so fuck 'em, "The Last Emperor" is headed to United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The former PRIDE heavyweight champion was in Dubai last week helping the next generation of mixed martial arts (MMA) combatants get their fight on, learning everything from striking to ground-and-pound. And even in training, being pinned underneath the former combat Sambo champion is a frightening place to be.

Welcome to the fight game, kid.

UAE has become a hotbed for combat sports. In addition to One Championship and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) staging events in the region, GLORY kickboxing is headed to the World Trade Centre next month for GLORY 20, headlined by a lightweight title fight between current champion Robin van Roosmalen and Andy Ristie.

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