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Former UFC champ Randy Couture interested in training 'great athlete' Laila Ali for potential Ronda Rousey fight

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After Ronda Rousey defeated Cat Zingano at UFC 184 (highlights here), many wondered how the UFC women's bantamweight champ would fare against a man. Once that was nipped in the bud by "Rowdy," the focus shifted to former Boxing champ Laila Ali, who noted that the "too small" Rousey can't beat her. While a fight between the two is unlikely even with Ronda's invitation, former UFC champ Randy Couture caught wind of the potential bout, and told TMZ Sports that he would be willing to train a "great athlete" like Ali to fight Rousey -- even though he is not sure if the former Boxer would be able to get up to speed in the grappling department fast enough to compete with the former Olympic judoka.