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UFC 185 results recap: Johny Hendricks vs Matt Brown fight review and analysis

Last night (Sat., March 14, 2015), Johny Hendricks and Matt Brown went to war at UFC 185 inside American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. In an excellent performance, Hendricks earned the unanimous decision. Find out how below!

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweights Johny Hendricks and Matt Brown battled last night (March, 14, 2015) at UFC 185 inside American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

After losing his title to Robbie Lawler, Hendricks was more than ready to return to the win column. Displaying a new focus with his conditioning and eating habits, Hendricks hoped this attention to detail would shine through in this fight.

Brown was also looking to recover from a loss to Lawler, which snapped his vicious seven fight win streak. Despite that loss, there were still rumors that Brown could earn a title shot with this victory, so "The Immortal" definitely had proper motivation.

Unfortunately, it still wasn't enough to overcome the wrestling champion.

Brown started the first round with his usual aggression, chasing after his opponent with strikes. After a brief exchange, Hendricks made his game plan clear, diving after a takedown and securing it. Brown momentarily got back to his feet, but Hendricks put him on his back again before long.

The second time Brown returned to his feet, he made use of it. After landing a high kick and hard knee, Brown really opened up with his clinch attack, slicing at his opponent with elbows. However, Hendricks again scored the double leg, riding out the round on top.

Hendricks' wrestling was on point in the second round. Early on, he put Brown on the defensive with his boxing, only to drive through Brown's hips with a powerful double leg. Additionally, he did a better job landing ground strikes in the second round.

While Brown was able to work back up to his feet a couple of times, Hendricks stymied his offense and then put him back on the mat quickly. In short, it was a rather dominant round for the former champion.

"Big Riggs" continued to dominate Brown with his wrestling in the final round. Outside of a couple inverted triangle attempts, Brown was not able to put forth much of an offensive effort, as he was utterly controlled by Hendricks' wrestling talent.

It's clear from this performance that Hendricks should have been maintaining this level of fitness since the beginning of his career. Hendricks was very dominant and thoroughly beat Brown up across fifteen minutes. Plus, unlike past performances, Hendricks never waited around and stalled.

He was constantly working.

With this victory, Hendricks is close to getting back into a championship bout. If he doesn't get an immediate title shot, a title eliminator with Tyron Woodley would make sense.

Brown simply couldn't stop the takedown. He was aggressive with submissions from his back and always taking advantage of any time on his feet, but it wasn't enough. Hendricks dictated the pace and position of the fight, which cost Brown the victory.

Brown didn't help himself by frequently over-extending on his punches. Hendricks was able to duck under his right hand numerous times, usually landing in a body lock. From that position, there was little Brown could do to stop the takedown.

At UFC 185, Johny Hendricks returned to the win column with a vengeance. Can the Texan regain his title?

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