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UFC 185 results: Alistair Overeem decisions Roy Nelson in fun Dallas duel

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Hard-hitting Heavyweight veterans, Roy Nelson and Alistair Overeem, collided tonight (Sat., March 14, 2015) at UFC 185 from American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

And it was fun.

Overeem took dominant position in the center of the Octagon immediately and started things off with a front kick to Nelson's knee. He followed it up with a knee, while Nelson responded with his traditional overhand right. Overeem looked cautious, very aware of Nelson's power. The pair exchanged big shots and then Overeem went back to work on the body ... and knee.

Nelson started to unload on Overeem along the cage, but the Dutchman was playing possum. He returned fire and then, shortly thereafter, landed a kick that rocked "Big Country." Huge left to the body again from Overeem, who also landed a knee to Nelson's face as he came diving in for a rare takedown.

Huge knee, then kick, to Nelson's gut landed for Overeem as a very exciting opening frame concluded.

Overeem started second round action with another front kick. Nelson, though, pressed the early action, but ate a clean right hand for his effort. Nelson might have hurt his knee in round one, nonetheless, he landed a clean, tremendous shot that Overeem was able to absorb.

Overeem landed a right hand, then a quick takedown, before the action resumed in the center of the cage. He had huge success with his body attack -- Nelson barely blocked anything below his neck. With about one minute left in the round, Nelson pinned Overeem up against cage and landed some body shots of his own.

Round ended with Overeem up against the cage with Nelson looking for an opening to land a haymaker, but once never materialized in time.

Third and final frame and both big men appear relatively, and oddly, fresh. Overhand right lands for Overeem just before he launches a a flying kick. There was a brief stop in the action because of a knee to Nelson's nuts, and on the restart, "Big Country" came out fired up. He missed with a straight right, while Overeem landed another kick.

Nelson eventually landed another nice shot, but once again, Overeem responded to it well. In fact, he was able to hurt Nelson with a huge head kick, but he didn't follow up as Nelson staggered around the cage. More kicks from Overeem, as well as knees, and Nelson can't get anything together.

Then, with 20 seconds remaining, Nelson finally found a home for his homerun shot, flattening Overeem with a left hook. Nelson swarmed, but realizing there was just seconds remaining, made it a point to get to his feet fast ... and that's how it ended.

Too little, too late for Nelson, as Overeem won a unanimous decision and, in the process, strung together back-to-back wins inside the Octagon for the first time ever.

He looked good doing it, too.

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