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UFC 185: Rafael dos Anjos will finish 'beatable' Anthony Pettis in Dallas

Because "RDA" is unlike any of "Showtime's" past challenges.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Pettis has made it a habit to get in and out of the Octagon as quick as possible, as his last four fights -- which includes two title bouts -- have totaled a little under 14 minutes of cage time.

More importantly, however, they have all been victories for "Showtime." On the flip side, the quick work he's put in has prevented fight fans from seeing Anthony's "full potential."

In fact, the last time Pettis went to the judges' scorecards was back in 2011 which resulted in a unanimous decision loss to Clay Guida in his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut.

He won't have to worry about going the distance in his next bout, though, as Rafael dos Anjos predicts that their upcoming lightweight title fight -- which goes down this weekend (Sat., March 14, 2015) at UFC 185 in Dallas, Texas -- will not need all five rounds to decide a winner.

And it won't turn out in Anthony's favor, because as "RDA" recently told Fight Hub, unlike "Showtime's" past foes, he plans on getting the job done.

"He's a tough opponent. In his fight against Melendez he showed that he is really good on the ground, too. He's got good submission skills. But, me and Melendez are different fighters. I think I have more weapons to beat Pettis. And i have more experience than him (Pettis). I think this fight not going to be by decision, as well. I've been fighting MMA for over 10 years with 30 fights. And I am really looking forward to getting there on March 14 and to put on a good show for the fans and show everybody that I am ready and deserve to be champion. I am really looking forward to wi nthis fight well; not by a close decision. I'll be looking for a finish. Every time go go into the Octagon I go for the finish. This fight is not going to be different. I don't see weaknesses, but I do see holes in his game. And i see the holes and he is not unbeatable. He's like a common human and he makes mistakes. And in the top level, any mistake makes a difference. So, on March 14, if he makes a mistake, I am going to take advantage of it. When I say he has holes in his game, I mean that he is not unbeatable like a lot of people say."

Furthermore, dos Anjos says he has no problems letting the fight play out on the feet, but is more than prepared to use his overall MMA game to pull out the "W."

And despite the fact that many believe Pettis holds a distinct advantage in the striking department, one fellow 155-pounder believes Rafael will "smash" the champ anywhere the fight goes.

Two fighters with a head-hunting mentality? This title fight has all the ingredients to produce an instant classic.

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