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Live Rousey vs Zingano fight updates, UFC 184: Round 1

Here we go!

Cat Zingano is first to the Octagon and she takes her time. Meanwhile, once "Bad Reputation" blares throughout the arena, Rousey rushes to the cage with a cold, blank stare like "Alpha" stole her lunch money.

Zingano charges across the cage with a flying knee and Rousey pushes her right by. Rousey spins her around, throws her in a head lock, latches onto her right arm and torques it the wrong way. We're just seconds into the match and Rousey has Zingano in a pretzel.

Zingano can no longer take the pressure and taps just 14 seconds into the biggest fight of her life. What an awful mistake ... and what amazing composure from Rousey.

Bad ass.

FINAL RESULT: Ronda Rousey defeats Cat Zingano via straight armlock submission in round one

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