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UFC Fight Night 60 live results stream

When Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) doesn't stage a weekend event, we normally refer to that as a "break" from the Octagon action, but it was just as busy these past two weeks thanks to a pair of failed drug tests in the wake of UFC 183 (more on that here).

And you can bet the promotion is itching to put that behind them as it gears up for UFC Fight Night 60, set for this Saturday night (Feb. 14, 2015) inside the 1STBANK Center in Broomfield, Colorado. Leading the charge is lightweight import Ben Henderson, who swoops in on short notice to replace the injured Stephen Thompson against welterweight wunderkind Brandon Thatch.

Happy Valentine's Day from UFC! will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 60 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. ET, right on through the FOX Sports 1-televised prelims and main card, slated to begin at 8 and 10 p.m. ET, respectively.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 60) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Henderson vs. Thatch."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 60 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Ben Henderson def. Brandon Thatch by submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:58 of Round Four
Max Holloway def. Cole Miller by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)
Neil Magny def. Kiichi Kunimoto by submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:22 of Round Three
Daniel Kelly def. Patrick Walsh by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)
Kevin Lee def. Michel Prazeres by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)
Ray Borg def. Chris Kelades by submission (Kimura) at 2:56 of Round Three
Nik Lentz vs. Levan Makashvili
Efrain Escudero def. Rodrigo Lima by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Chas Skelly def. Jim Alers by TKO (knee and punches) by 4:59 of Round Two
Zach Makovsky def. Tim Elliott by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
James Moontasri def. Cody Pfister by submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:49 of Round Two


170 lbs.: Ben Henderson vs. Brandon Thatch

Round 1: Bendo opens with a low leg kick. Thatch tries to go high. Bendo whiffs on a right hook. Stiff jab from Thatch. Body shot from Henderson. One minbute in. Knee to the body and right hook from Thatch. Body kick. Bendo with a hard body kick. Another hard body shot by Bendo. Thatch with a body kick and a pair of right hands two minutes in. Thatch low kick. Good teep by Bendo. Thatch head kick just blocked. Two minutes to go.

Henderson pumps the jab, lands another right hook to the body. Low kick lands for him. Again, Thatch knees the body in response. Body kick by Bendo. Thatch answers. One minute to go. Knee to the body from Thatch. Bendo leg kick. Bendo again with that right hook downstairs. Round ends on a Henderson low kick. 10-9 Henderson.

Round 2: Thatch overhand left met by a right hook. Bendo flying knee falls short. Henderson gets a brief bodylock. Thatch just misses with a knee. Jab exchange. Lead right hook by Thatch. Straight right. One minute in. Henderson low kick and stiff jab. Thatch leg kicks, Bendo body shot. Thatch straight right upstairs. Two minutes in. Thatch high kick blocked. Spinning back kick connects. Bendo body shot and left straight. Thatch sticks the jab. Hard straight left. Bendo fakes a level change, lands a jab and a right uppercut. Counter right by Thatch, hard body kick. Straight right. Two minutes to go.

Thatch body kick. Nice straight left by Henderson. Thatch head kick just misses, left straight does not. Bendo ducks a spinning backfist, then giets tripped to the mat. He's back on his feet quickly. One minute to go. Thatch with a pair of right hands. Now on the pursuit, trips Bendo down again. He waves him up after kicking the legs. Bendo with another hard body shot and left straight, eats a left hook. Bendo ends the round with a jab. 10-9 Thatch.

Round 3: Bendo with another right uppercut to the body. Straight right from Rukus. Thatch low kick. Bendo lands a head kick and a leaping right hook. Bendo pumping the jab as Rukus pursues. Yet another uppercut to the body. One minute in. Thatch goes high, cracks him with a straight right. Thatch utilizing head movement on the advance. Bendo ducks a right hook, eats a knee to the body. Thatch tries and fails to dump Bendo again. Henderson shoots in, Thatch stuffs it. Bendo relentless. Ben manages to bring him down two minutes in. Thatch gives up his back and Bendo jumps on it. Bendo traps an arm, Thatch extracts it. Heel strikes by Bendo. Thatch's right eye is swelling shut. Two minutes to go.

Body triangle now for Henderson. Thatch tries to turn into him, can't dislodge him. Hard elbow from the back. One minute to go. Bendo transitions to an armbar and Thatch gets out immediately. Both men return to the feet. Brandon trudges after him until the bell. 10-9 Henderson.

Round 4: Benson keeping his lead hand active. Thatch leg kick. Hard straight left from Henderson. One minute in. Bendo to the body. They clinch, Thatch knees the body. Bendo goes for a single-leg, Thatch denies it. Straight right from Thatch. Thatch denies a takedown, lands a knee to the head. Bendo to the body. Bendo's jab working well. He goes to the body, eats a southpaw 3-2. Two minutes in. Straight right from Rukus, Bendo low kick. Bendo attacks the body, then plows him to the mat again. Bendo takes side control, then the back. Two minutes to go.

Thatch scrambles to half guard, then gives up his back again. Henderson with punches and a knee to the body. Thatch stands, gets wrangled back down. Bendo secures the rear-naked choke and secures the tap. Great fight.

Final result: Henderson def. Thatch by submission (rear-naked choke)


145 lbs.: Max Holloway vs. Cole Miller

Round 1: Holloway opens with a leg kick. Again. Miller answers in kind. More lg kicking. One minute in. Cole flicking out the front kick. Holloway catches a body kick, can't do anything with it. Both kick at the same time, Max slips. Miller leg kick. Two minutes in. Counter right by Miller. Miller counters with a flurry as Max approaches. Hard body kick lands for Holloway. Again, Cole answers with a leg kick. Two minutes to go.

Brief clinch. Cole lands some knees to the body, Max moves him to the cage. Cole jumps guard, then drops it. They trade knees to the body before separating. Holloway with a straight left to the body. Counter right lands for him, Cole ties up and lands a knee and elbow. One minute to go. Cole goes for a flying scissor takedown, Max lands on top. Cole completes the sweep and attacks the leg. Max scoots his leg out, but Cole remains on him. Cole stays on the leg until the bell. 10-9 Holloway.

Round 2: Max checks a leg kick. Both jabbing. Miller leg kick. Miller goes high, just misses. Spinning back kick by Holloway. One minute in. Body shot and overhand right from Holloway. Miller low kick. Both men land right hands. Max with a right, Cole with a left hook. Low kick from Miller. Two minutes in. Cole shoots, gets stuffed, but falls back on a leg. Max gets his leg out and waves him up. Spinning backfist and a pair of blows from Holloway. Max lands a body shot, but an inadvertent headbutt opens Cole up and pauses the action. Cole takes some time to recover and they take the center of the cage. Holloway to the body. Two minutes to go.

Miller leg kick, Max tries to go high and they slug inside. Max lands a right hand, takes a left hook. Miller with a body kick. Again. One minute to go. Leg kick by Miller. Max tries a spinning heel kick, Cole grabs the plum and is moved to the fence. They separate. Miller low kick, Max tries a flying knee and they clinch. Max takes Cole down and lands some good ground-and-pound before the bell. 10-9 Holloway.

Round 3: Cole sticking out his jab, whiffs on a left hook. Good combination. Holloway to the body. Good overhand left kicks off a combo. 3-2 from southpaw. One minute in. Straight right and spinning backfist land, then a pair of punches as he tosses Cole to the mat. He allows Miller back to his feet. Lead left hook from Holloway. They trade inside. Cole with a good counter left. Two minutes in. Another left hook by Holloway. Overhand right, left straight. Hard straight left. Cole with a right hand. Spinning backfist just misses for Max. BIG counter right rocks Miller. Holloway ripping away to the body, they clinch. Two minutes to go.

Holloway lands some punches on the break. Holloway right hand, Miller left hook. Straight left by Holloway and Miller shoots. Cole in on a leg. One minute to go. Cole pulls guard on a leglock, drops it and concedes full guard. Max hits the body and lets him up. Good right by Cole. Max tries a cartwheel kick and just misses with a pair of wheel kicks before the bell. 10-9 Holloway.

Final result: Holloway def. Miller by unanimous decision


170 lbs.: Kiichi Kunimoto vs. Neil Magny

Round 1: Magny on the advance. Low kick from Strasser. Again. Right hand from Magny. Strasser low kick answered by a right hand. Magne steps into the clinch. One minute in. Strasser reverses, Magny reverses right back and lands a knee to the groin. Brief break. Counter knee and right hand by Magny. Magny blitzes him with a series of good punches and takes him to the cage. Magny gets the plum and lands a series of knees before Strasser reverses and changes levels. Two minutes in. Strasser working for a trip. Magny reverses position. Two minutes to go.

Magny scooting Kunimoto along the fence. Magny kneeing the body and legs. Magny separates after landing a few shoulder strikes. One minute to go. Magny in pursuit, eats a hard right hand and clinches up. Magny working for a trip, settles for the Thai plum and lands a few knees to the body. They jockey for position against the cage and Magny attacks the body until the bell. 10-9 Magny.

Round 2: Magny again on the front foot, lands a pair of good right hands. Body kick connects for him as he presses the advantage. He clinches up after a combination and digs away to the body. Strasser looking to take dominant position against the fence, can't do so. They separate. Kunimoto wades in with haymakers, eats a few knees to the body as Magny ties up. One minute in. Kunimoto manages to complete an outside trip into half guard. Kunimoto working to pass, disrupted by the fence. Two minutes in. Magny retains half guard. Now he regains full guard, controlling his foe's posture. Magny tosses up a triangle, can't get it but makes room to stand. Back to the clinch, more knees by Magny and now he unloads with punches. Magny slips, shoots in  and takes his man down. Two minutes to go.

Magny takes him down once again after he stands, Kunimoto attacking a Kimura. Magny drops some body blows. One minute to go. Magny gets his elbow free and continues attacking the body and thigh of Kunimoto. Magny takes his back as he looks to stand. Magny dropping heavy right hands. Kunimoto manages to survive until the bell. 10-9 Magny.

Round 3: Magny wades in with more punches, backing Kunimoto to the fence. Magny shoots in under a flurry and takes Kunimoto down against the fence. Strasser immediately gives up his back. Magny working for the RNC, then switches to more heavy punches. He sneaks the choke under his chin and forces the Japanese fighter to submit. Impressive performance from Magny.

Final result: Magny def. Kunimoto by submission (rear-naked choke)


185 lbs.: Daniel Kelly vs. Patrick Walsh

Round 1: 1-2 by Walsh, then a right hook. Again. Another off a Kelly left hook. 1-2 lands for him. One minute in. Kelly flicking out his jab, eats an overhand left. Another overhand left. He's just walking toward Kelly, landing thudding right hooks and overhand lefts. Another right hook by Walsh, left hook by Kelly in response. Two minutes in. Walsh gets wobbled in an exchange, but gets his bearings back quickly. Counter right hook from Walsh, then an overhand left. Kelly 1-2. Quick exchange inside, both connect. Two minutes to go.

Walsh whiffing more often now. Straight left connects for Kelly. Counter right hook from Walsh. Walsh falls short with a long string of punches. One minute to go. Straight left by Kelly. Kelly denies a level change, eats an overhand left. 1-2 by Kelly. Counter left. Walsh takes him down at the bell. 10-9 Walsh.

Round 2: Kelly throwing straights and jabs on the back foot. Walsh right hook. Walsh shoots in, can't get it. Kelly sticking his jab, eats a pair of overhand lefts. Counter left by Kelly. One minute in. Walsh with another right hook. Brief pause after Kelly's mouthpiece falls out. Overhand left by Kelly. Walsh answers. Another overhand left for Walsh. Two minutes in. Nice uppercut by Kelly as Walsh ducks in. Two minutes in. They trade inside. Walsh overhand left. Walsh shoots in, gets rebuffed. Two minutes to go.

1-2 by Kelly. Both of these guys are really bad strikers. Jabs from both. Walsh wings a few haymakers. Counter 1-2 by Kelly. One minute to go. Walsh connects with a good right hook. Kelly overhand left. Straight left hits home for him. 1-2 by Walsh, Kelly body shot. He wades in and they trade punches at the bell. Awful fight. 10-9 Walsh.

Round 3: Kelly with a few early counters. Walsh still plodding forward. Kelly jabbing effectively. Counter 1-2 from Kelly. One minute in. This is just horrible striking from both men. Walsh falls short with an ugly flurry, eats a stiff jab. Kelly more aggressive this round. Continuing to stick his jab. Two minutes in. Counter uppercut by Kelly. Walsh eating a lot more punches than in earlier rounds. Another counter uppercut. Walsh briefly tries to change levels. Double right hook by Walsh. Two minutes to go.

Counter 1-2 by Kelly. More jabs. Swatting overhand left connects for Walsh. Good uppercut. Straight left by Kelly. One minute to go. Kelly with a solid body shot. More jabs, straight left from Kelly. This is not helping my tiredness or my headache. Walsh wings some tired punches. Kelly lands a few more solid blows before the end. 10-9 Kelly.

Final result: Kelly def. Walsh by unanimous decision


155 lbs.: Michel Prazeres vs. Kevin Lee

Round 1: lee flicks out a high kick. Prazeres catches another kick, but gives up a guillotine. Prazeres gets his head out and completes the takedown, only for Lee to grab another guillotine. Prazeres gets out of that one as well and takes Lee's back when Lee scrambles up. Lee stands and backs up to the fence with Preazeres on his back. One minute in. Lee mugging for the crowd. Prazeres falls off his back but is still pressing Lee against the fence. He changes levels, then clubs him with a right on the exit. Prazeres lands a pair of heavy shots, then stuffs a takedown. Two minutes in.

Left hook and body kick land for Lee. Prazeres catches another body kick. Lee head kick blocked. Prazeres lands a low kick. Prazeres left hook, Lee lands a right, Prazeres lands a right. Good exchanges. Two minutes to go.

Prazeres shoots in, is stuffed. 1-2 by Lee. High kick blocked. Another 1-2 lands. Good body kick connects. Counter left hook from "Trator." One minute to go. Prazeres slips on a body kick. Lee kicks his legs a couple times before letting him up. Both connect inside. Prazeres steps in with a blocked left hook before the bell. 10-9 Prazeres.

Round 2: Prazeres catches a kick to the cup. Body kick by Lee, body kick by Prazeres. Both connect with punches inside. 1-2 by Lee. Lee taunting with his hands down. Good counter combo by Prazeres. Lee tries a flying knee and Prazeres shoots, briefly getting him down against the fence. One minute in. Lee walks him off the fence and they separate. Prazeres catches a body kick and looks for a single-leg. Prazeres takes him down against the fence. Lss gets back to his feet, Prazeres with the rear waistlock. He scores an outside trip. Two minutes in. Lee looking for the switch. He gets back to his feet, Prazeres still on him. Lee grabs the bodylock and takes Prazeres down in return. Prazeres trying to turn into him. Lee moves forward into an odd position and Prazeres stands. Two minutes to go.

Clubbing right from Prazeres, then a left hook. Straight right from Lee. Lee shoots in and takes Prazeres down. On top in full guard. One minute to go. Prazeres controlling his posture. Good right hands from Lee. Round ends there. 10-9 Lee.

Round 3: Lee on the offensive, Prazeres countering well. Prazeres counters a body kick with a right hand. 3-2 by Lee, right hand by Prazeres and a left hook. Lee clinches up. Knees to the body by Lee. Lee changes levels, goes back to the clinch and uses some dirty boding and knees. One minute in. They separate. Overhand right by Prazeres. Both men fairly stationary, landing punches on one another. More phone booth exchanges, some trash talk sprinkled in. Prazeres changes levels and takes him to the fence. Browne elbows by Lee. Prazeres looking for a single-leg. He abandons it after taking some elbows. Back to slugging. Lee completes a double-leg into half guard. Two minutes to go.

Prazeres looking to turn into him. Prazeres on a leg, Lee sprawling on it and landing punches. Prazeres turtling, eating punches. Lee grabs onto a guillotine, Prazeres escapes out the back door. One minute in. Lee punching away on the turtling Prazeres. Prazeres makes it to his feet and gets wrangled back down. Lee takes his back and hunts for the choke. Lee gets it palm-to-palm, but can't get it under the throat. Prazeres survives. 10-9 Lee.

Final result: Lee def. Prazeres by unanimous decision


125 lbs.: Ray Borg vs. Chris Kelades

Round 1: Borg lands a good body kick before clinching and taking him against the cage. Borg completes the takedown into full guard. Kelades controlling posture. One minute in. Borg looking to posture up. Borg shrugs off an armbar and takes side control. Kelades regains half guard. Two minutes in. Kelades tries to turn into him and Borg grabs the front headlock. Kelades takes top position against the fence. Kelades on top in side control. Borg tries to use the cage to scramble free, can't do so. North-south now, Borg scrambles up and gets in on his hips. Two minutes to go.

Kelades denies a takedown attempt, can't stop the second one and is brought down. Kelades looking to scramble up with the fence, gets hoisted up, carried, and slammed down in center cage. One minute to go. Kelades looking to use butterfly hooks, Borg takes side control. Borg hops to mount. Kelades gives up his back after taking some heavy punches. He returns to his back, but gives up an arm-triangle choke. Kelades survives to the bell. 10-9 Borg.

Round 2: Kelades wades in with punches, blocks a head kick. Kelades clinches, Borg reverses and presses him against the fence. Borg changes levels, slams him down into guard. One minute in. Kelades working his guard high. Borg avoids a triangle and lands an elbow. Kelades tries a sweep, eats a heavy right hand and gives up half guard. More elbows by Borg. Two minutes in. Half butterfly for Kelades. Kelades looks for an armbar, eats some ground-and-pound for his trouble. Kelades scoots to the fence, but gives up his back. One hook in for Borg. Ttwo minutes to go.

Borg looking to soften him up for the choke. Good punches by Borg from the back. Kelades regains guard, eating a knee to the body. Borg nearly in mount, locks up a d'arce as Kelades turns into him. One minute to go. Borg adjusts his grip, but can't get the choke. Kelades with his back to the cage. Borg blasts him with a right hand before attaching himself to Kelades once more. Borg cranks a guillotine in the waning seconds, can't get it. 10-9 Borg.

Round 3: Borg immediately completes a single-leg. Kelades holding onto an arm-in guillotine that seems destined for failure. Borg works his head out and establishes in half-guard. Good elbows by Borg. One minute in. Sharp right hand after Kelades throws from his back. Kelades looks for deep half-guard. A scramble ensues and Borg remains on top. Two minutes in. Borg looking for a Kimura. After an extended period of adjustment, he yanks Kelades' arm behind his back and quickly earns the tap.

Final result: Borg def. Kelades by submission (Kimura)


145 lbs.: Nik Lentz vs. Levan Makashvili

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Final result:


155 lbs.: Efrain Escudero vs. Rodrigo Lima

Round 1: Efrain opens with a low kick. Inside exchange, Efrain lands the better blows. Low kick lands for Lima. One minute in. Both land leg kicks. Inside leg kick from Lima, Escudero with a right hand. Efrain rocks him with a series of right hands and a knee. Lima shoots in. Monstro in on his hips, Efrain hoists him up with the switch but gets slammed down anyway. They scramble and Lima looks to take the back. One hook in for Monstro. Escudero slips out and presses him against the fence before they split. Two minutes to go.

Lead uppercut and left hook by Efrain kick off a combination that rocks Monstro. Lima shoots and they scramble once again. Monstro in the front headlock. Good knees to the body as Escudero rises. One minute to go. Monstro trips him down, landing on top in half guard. Ground-and-pound from Lima. Escudero with some heel strikes until the bell. 10-9 Escudero.

Round 2: Lima with a low kick, eats a left hook and a right hand inside. Escudero catches a finger in the eye as he tries to press forward. Efrain back to the action, lands a combo. Inside exchanges, favoring Escudero. One minute in. 1-2 by Lima. 1-2 and takedown attempt by Lima. Lima working for a single-leg, switches to a double but can't get it. He shoots in again, stuffed again. Two minutes in. Good elbows by Escudero. Monstro pulls guard, Efrain on top landing ground-and-pound. Two minutes to go.

Can opener and a hard right hand from Efrain. Another series of brutal right hands. Left hands this time and he shucks off a triangle attempt. One minute to go. More big punches by Efrain. Efrain continues clubbing him until the bell. 10-9 Escudero.

Round 3: Escudero with a 1-1-2, then a left hook. Overhand right connects. Another. Monstro is exhausted, eats another series of punches. Big uppercut. Lima shoots in and completes a low single-leg. Efrain looking to use butterfly guard and manages to sweep his way to his feet. One minute in. Lima lands a left. Efrain shoots and completes the takedown. On top in full guard. Two minutes in. Lima twists for an armbar, can't get his leg around. Efrain chipping away with ground-and-pound. Two minutes to go.

Efrain continuing to land GnP. More punches and elbows, landing unopposed. Big elbows in the waning seconds. 10-9 Escudero.

Final result: Escudero def. Lima by unanimous decision


145 lbs.: Jim Alers vs. Chas Skelly

Round 1: Skelly opens with an overhand right. They trade inside, both men connecting. Alers catches a body kick and takes him down into half guard. One minute in. Alers looks for a belly-down ankle lock when Skelly tries to scramble. Alers drops it and takes top position. Skelly takes deep half guard and goes for a kneebar. Two minutes in. Skelly with some heel strikes to the shoulder as he works for the submission. Skelly loses the sub but manages to scramble up. Back to their feet. Two minutes to go.

Stiff jab by Alers. Skelly tries to change levels, eats a right hand and they trade artillery. Skelly rattles him with a left hand. Two big right hands by Skelly connect as he takes Alers to the fence. Alers cracks him with an uppercut and Skelly changes levels. One minute to go. Alers reverses against the fence. Knee to the body from Skelly. Short right hands by Alers. Great round. 10-10.

Round 2: Alers with a pair of inside low kicks. Another, both land right hands inside. Skelly cracks him with a lead uppercut. Straight right connects for him soon after. Alers grabs the plum and lands a knee to the head. One minute in. Skelly cracks him with a left hook that hurts Alers. Skelly in pursuit with heavy right hands, then changes levels. Two minutes in. Skelly working for a single-leg. Skelly fails to run the pipe. Alers continuing to defend, eats an elbow on the break. Two minutes to go.

Lead right by Skelly. Alers inside low kick. Skelly looks for a single-leg, moves him to the cage. Alers with a right hand on the exit. Forty-five to go. Alers lands a good counter, eats an uppercut. 1-2 by Skelly, Alers briefly tries to change levels. Another series of right hands lands on Alers and The Beast is hurt. Skelly beating the snot out of Alers against the cage and finishes him with a questionable knee.

Final result: Skelly def. Alers by TKO (knee and punches)


125 lbs.: Tim Elliott vs. Zach Makovsky

Round 1: Elliot opens with a somersault-to-head-kick attempt. Elliot rushes with a flurry. Makovsky shoots in, avoids a guillotine and ends up on top in guard. Elliott looks for an inverted armbar, can't get it but continues to swing away from his back. Standup attempt denied. One minute in. Makkovsky passes to half guard. Elliott gets to his feet, Makovsky latches onto a front headlock. Ellliott stands out of it. Counter left lands for Makovsky. Low kick and double-leg, slamming Elliott to the mat. Makovsky having trouble passing. Two minutes in. Elliott tries to roll free, nearly gives up his back. Makovsky takes north-south and applies the eponymous choke. It looks deep. Elliott escapes and scrambles up, moving into the clinch. Two minutes to go.

Nice knees by Elliott, Makovsky answers with a body shot. Zach shoots in, Elliott grabs onto a guillotine and tries to roll him over without success. Makovsky on top, Elliott looking to scoot free. Elliott firing elbows from his back, tries another inverted armbar. One minute to go. Makovsky drops a left hand and passes to the crucifix. Elbows and punches raining down. Elliott moving his head side-to-side to avoid the punishment, Makovsky ends the round fishing for an arm-triangle. 10-9 Makovsky.

Round 2: Makovsky low kicks to start. Straight left and takedown attempt. Elliott fighting it off with the whizzer, can't defend. Makovsky on top in half guard. Heavy shoulder pressure from Fun Size. Elliott manages to stand from half guard. Good punches inside by Elliott. One minute in. Makovsky holding him against the fence, Elliott makes distance. Makovsky ducks a punch, can't complete the takedown. 1-2 by Makovsky, then a short elbow. Big left hand by Elliott and he drops for a guillotine. Can't get it, takes top position. Makovsky immediately sweeps him with a butterfly hook. Two minutes in. Makovsky tries to pass to side control, gets caught in guard. Elliott continuing to fire elbows off his back, takes a couple of punches. He scrambles up, eating a par of left hands in the process. Elliott wades in with body punches. Knee by Zach. Two minutes to go.

Makovsky tries to change levels, lands a knee and a left hook. Takedown denied, Elliott tries a knee. Elliott lands a clubbing left hand, Makovsky ducks a follow-up and sets up in guard following a takedown. Elliott active off his back as usual. Makovsky trying unsuccessfully to pass. One minute to go. Elliott using overhook control, ref stands them up. Elliott moves Zach to the fence. Knee to the body lands before Zach exits. Makovsky lands a series of counters, eats a knee to the body, and scrambles off a throw attempt. 10-9 Makovsky.

Round 3: Elliott wades in with punches. Zach shoots in, sprawled on. Elliott looking for knees from the front headlock. Makovsky stands, shoots in, and an ill-advised guillotine attempt from Elliott lets him complete the takedown into side control. Elliott regains guard, Makovsky briefly passes to half. One minute in. Elliott scooting to the fence, Makovsky glued to him. Makovsky takes his back and begins looking for the RNC. Elliott stands and slams Makovsky to the canvas. Makovsky still attached to him. Two minutes in. Makovsky traps an arm B.J. Penn-style and continues looking for the choke. Makovsky applies the body-triangle. Two minutes to go.

Makovsky lands a couple of lefts, loses the back, then regains a hook quickly. Elliott manages to get his back to the mat, Makovsky in side control. Elliott looking to scramble up and again slams Makovsky. Elliott grabs onto a guillotine. Makovsky regains guard after he lets it go. Makovsky controls his wrists until the bell. 10-9 Makovsky.

Final result: Makovsky def. Elliott by unanimous decision


155 lbs.: Cody Pfister vs. James Moontasri

Round 1: Pfister on the front foot. Moontasri catches him with an early knee, prompting Pfister to shoot. Moontasri defending against the cage, Pfister continuing to drive. Moontasri gets the plum and hurts Pfister with another knee. Cody shoots in again and presses him against the cage. One minute in. Moontasri still fighting off the takedown thirty seconds later. Crowd chanting for Cody, still no success. Two minutes in. Moontasri gets the plum and drills him with a knee to the body. Cody still on him. James landing some short blows, shoves Pfister away. Spinning backfist and flying knee by Moontasri. Pfister, seemingly hurt, shoots in off of it and eats a series of hammerfists. Pfister keeps on him. Two minutes to go, Pfister taking a thrashing from Moontasri.

Pfister off-balance, eating punches against the fence. Good knee by Moontasri. Cody shoots in, can't secure the takedown and gets sprawled on. One minute to go. Moontasri looking for the crucifix from the front headlock. Reverse elbows from Pfister. Moontasri swats him with some hammerfists as well. Hard elbows by James until the bell. 10-8 Moontasri.

Round 2: Pfister flings out a high kick to start, falling well short. Counter right by Moontasri, avoids an elbow. Knee by Moontasri appears to knock one of Cody's teeth out; hell of a chin on him.. Left hook by Cody. Pfister shoots, sprawled on and nearly kicked in the head as he tries to recover. Moontasri jumps on him and takes his back against the cage. Ninety seconds in. Moontasri looking for the RNC. Pfister flattened out and eventually taps to the choke.

Final result: Moontasri def. Pfister by submission (rear-naked choke)


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