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GLORY 19 results recap: Rico Verhoeven retains heavyweight title, Errol Zimmerman injures knee

The GLORY 19 heavyweight title fight got off to a great start, but Errol Zimmerman tore his patella tendon and could not continue in the second round. Rico Verhoeven wins via technical knockout (doctor stoppage) to retain his crown.

GLORY Sports International

HAMPTON, Va. -- The talk between Rico Verhoeven and Errol Zimmerman was over and it was time to let their skills have a chat inside the ring in the GLORY 19 main event last night (Fri., Feb. 6, 2015).

Verhoeven would win the highly-anticipated contest via technical knockout because Zimmerman suffered a torn patella tendon in his right knee when he landed awkwardly after missing on a spinning-back kick attempt.

The heavyweight title fight got off in a hurry and Verhoeven -- who doesn't usually subscribe to dangerous exchanges -- was throwing caution to the win and beating the heavy-handed Zimmerman at his own game. Unfortunately for Zimmerman, he suffered the non-contact knee injury in the second round and the fight had to be called, giving the technical knockout to Verhoeven at the 2:17 mark of the second round.

The champ had "Bonecrusher" in trouble in the exciting and back-and-forth first round. While that was happening, he wasn't thinking of the game plan, he was emotional from the lead up to the fight and he let it get the better of him and he nearly put away the No. 4-ranked GLORY heavyweight.

"The moment I hit him, I was like 'okay, now you're going to get knocked out with your own combination,'" Verhoeven explained. "The hook, uppercut, hook that he does, that is Errol's combination. That's what I was thinking. Maybe not the smartest thing, but emotions got the best of me at that moment."

There was a telling moment of how emotional Verhoeven was. After Errol had slipped in the corner, Verhoeven gave him a quick shot to the head as he walked away.

"I think I was a little too emotional because for me, in my mind, he was halfway on the way to the ground," Verhoeven told "There is a lot of emotion in the fight. That is what happens in the ring. It is what it is."

Early in the second round, after missing on an uncharacteristic spinning-back kick, Zimmerman would fall awkwardly and immediately clutch his knee in pain. Referee Al Wichgers gave him a standing eight count, and then brought in a doctor. The bout was waved off soon after. Verhoeven is happy to hold on to the title and thinks he performed well prior to the fight ending prematurely.

But, he doesn't want to see anyone get injured ... even his fiercest rival.

"I was controlling the fight from the first second, so I think I made a statement," Verhoeven told after the fight. "Of course, like I said before, I wish him a quick recovery. I don't wish that on nobody. This is so bad, we are all athletes. We all have a big mouth. We scream to each other. We say crazy stuff. But, in the end we are hyping up for us and for the fans. And we want as much people to watch GLORY and we want to take over the U.S."

Note: spoke to ISKA President Cory Schafer, who oversees the officiating at all GLORY events about the stoppage and how referee Al Wichgers handled it. Schafer explained that when a fighter has a self-inflicted injury, an automatic standing-eight count is administered. After that, a doctor is called in to assess the injury and the fighter is given up to five minutes to see if they can continue to fight. Schafer said Wichgers handled the situation exactly how he was supposed to.

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