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GLORY 19 results stream, live Spike TV kickboxing updates

The world's premiere kickboxing organization is back TONIGHT (Fri., Feb. 6, 2015) with another quality one-night, four-man tournament as its top-ranked Welterweight kickboxing standouts vie for a crack at division champion, "Bazooka Joe" Valtellini, from Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia. will deliver LIVE coverage of GLORY 19 below, starting with the under card "Super Fight Series" and then the Spike TV broadcast, which begins at 9 p.m. ET.

In the semifinals, American spinning-shit enthusiast Raymond Daniels -- who was last seen blasting Francois Ambang into oblivion with one of the best knockouts in the history of the sports (watch it here) -- will take on Brazil's Jonatan Oliveira while the favored Nieky Holzken faces Russian Alexander Stetcurenko.

Before the two winners lock horns, GLORY will also showcase a middleweight clash between recent Melvin Manhoef-slayer, Joe Schilling, against up-and-comer, Robert Thomas, as well as a heavyweight title bout between the incumbent Rico Verhoeven and the brick-fisted Errol Zimmerman.


Glory Heavyweight championship: Rico Verhoeven def. Errol Zimmerman via TKO (knee injury) RD 2 (2:17)

Welterweight tournament final: Nieky Holzken def. Raymond Daniels via TKO (4 knockdowns) RD 3 (1:25)
Middleweight bout: Joe Schilling def. Robert Thomas via unanimous decision (30-26 x3)

Light Heavyweight bout: James Hurley vs. Cedric Smith-- Smith def. Hurley via TKO RD 2 (0:56)

Welterweight tournament semifinal: Nieky Holzken def. Alexander Stetcurenko via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Welterweight tournament semifinal: Raymond Daniels def. Jonatan Oliveira via TKO (3 knockdowns) RD 2 (2:15)
Lightweight bout: Andy Ristie def Steve Moxon via TKO RD 1 (2:43)
Heavyweight bout: Xavier Vigney def Everett Sims via TKO RD 1 (1:44)
Lightweight bout: Josh Jauncey def Max Baumert via TKO (Doctor Stoppage) RD 3 (0:37)
Light Heavyweight bout: Brian Collette def Myron Dennis via unanimous decision
Welterweight bout: Francois Ambang def Stephen Richards via KO RD 1 (2:14)


Heavyweight Championship: Rico Verhoeven vs. Errol Zimmerman

Round one: Zimmerman counters a jab with a body kick. Good 3-2 by Zimmerman off a Verhoeven kick. Zimmerman tries to rush, but gets wobbles with a sequence of punches. Verhoeven in pursuit and takes him to the ropes, only for Zimmerman to land a few bombs of his own. Verhoeven ties up and they reset. Hard right from Rico. Clinch. One minute in. Another clinch. Zimmerman body kick, Rico tries to go high. Zimmerman with a right hook and left uppercut. Rico with a pair of low kicks. Teep from the champ. Stiff jab by Rico. 1-2 by Rico staggers Zimmerman. Rico backs him up to the ropes and they trade some more bombs until Zimmerman falls to the ground. One minute to go, Zimmerman back up. Vehoeven lands a head kick and a three-punch combination. Teep sends Zimmerman stumbling. They pause to wipe up some water from the corner. Rico lands a front kick to the head, blocks a head kick and they slug it out at the bell. 10-9 Verhoeven.

Round two: Zimmerman with an overhand right. Head kick blocked. Rico jacks him with an overhand right that raises a spray of sweat. Good leg kicks by Rico. Verhoeven trips after a few jab-low kick combos. One minute in. Zimmerman with a sweeping right hand. Verhoeven head kick blocked. Zimmerman leg kick. Rico doing damage to the lead leg of Zimmerman. Goes inside this time after a few punches. Zimmerman looking to sneak the right around the guard. Zimmerman tries a spinning heel kick to the body and hurts his knee doing so, falling to the mat and clutching it. The doctor comes in to examine it. On his recommendation, the referee calls an end to the bout. Verhoeven comes over to help his fallen rival to his feet, after which he's helped by his corner.

Final result: Verhoeven def. Zimmerman by TKO (knee injury)


Tournament Final: Raymond Daniels vs. Nieky Holzken

Round one: Holzken on the advance, avoids a spinning kick and starts buffeting Daniels against the ropes. Daniels tries to back him off, can't do so. Holzken stays on him and blasts him with a liver shot that sends him crumbling to the ground. Daniels takes his tame to stand back up and Holzken stays right on him. Holzken lands another liver shot as Daniels fires kicks on the retreat. Holzken targeting the body, battering Daniels around the ring. One minute in. More body shots by Holzken in the corner. Daniels lands a good knee to the body, eats a right hand and liver shot. Holzken low kick, body shot, and knee to the head. Daniels pops him with a sequence of punches. One minute to go. Daniels firing with some venom, lands a spinning back kick to the chest. Good counter left and body knee. Another knee. Lead uppercut connects. Holzken walks him to the corner and lands a double left hook, then a pair of hard right hands. Daniels shoves him down. Holzken continues walking him down until the bell. 10-8 Holzken

Round two: Daniels more aggressive early on, misses a wheel kick and lands a knee. Holzken low kicks connect. Counter right lands for him. Holzken low kicks and liver shot. Holzken lands a fusillade of punches in the corner that sends Daniels to a knee. Daniels back up a minute in. Daniels with a 1-2. Holzken gets him to the corner, Daniels punches his way out. Holzken catches a kick and dumps him down. Daniels with a sequence of jabs, but gets frozen by a liver shot and cracked with a knee up top that scores the bout's third knockdown. He's back up with a minute to go. Holzken marching forward, avoiding a knee and a weel kick. Holzken blasting away in the corner. Daniels clinches and escapes, landing a body shot. Holzken takes him back to the ropes, lands a hook and eats a pair of punches. Holzken body shot. Holzken left hook, body shot, left hook at the bell. 10-7 Holzken.

Round three: Daniels reaching with punches early. Holzken straight right, Daniels answers and puts Holzken on his seat with a spinning back kick. Holzken takes a count, which he disagrees with. Two-punch combo lands for Daniels as he circles. One minute in. Daniels finding success with his spinning back kicks and punching combos. Holzken shoves him to the corner, sneaks a knee through the guard, and puts the wounded Daniels down a final time with an overhand right.

Final result: Holzken def. Daniels by TKO (4 knockdowns)


Joe Schilling vs. Robert Thomas

Round one: Thomas head kick blocked. Straight right stumbles Thomas, who clinches. They trade low kicks. Schilling looking for the knee up top. Clinch. 3-2 and uppercut connects. Schilling pouring it on, but gets tripped up by a low leg kick. Schilling goes right back on the attack, gets clinched. One minute in. Schilling moves him to the fence, clinch. Low kick exchange. Schilling body kick caught, Thomas trips him down. Good right by Schilling met by a knee. They trade knees in the clinch. One minute to go. Knee and uppercut by Schilling, then a front kick to the face. Brutal combo by Schilling. A heavy right hand and resulting onslaught nearly send Thomas through the ropes. Clinch. Thomas moves him to the corner and tries to fire, then gets backed off by punches and knees until the bell. 10-9 Schilling.

Round two: Schilling immediately lands some heavy leather, only to eat a nice combo from Thomas in the corner. Clinch. Schilling low kick. Thomas connects with a pair of right hands as he advances. Shovel hook and knee to the body from Schilling. Schilling overhand right, clinch. One minute in. High kick blocked. Thomas drills him with a knee upstairs. Clinch. Thomas with a counter left hook, then a knee to the body. They exchange at close range. Schilling backs him off with a hook around the guard. Intercepting knee from Thomas, swiping right by Schilling. Clinch. Thomas lands another knee to the body. One minute to go. Another knee from Thomas. Body punch by Schilling, left hand lands and Thomas lands another knee. Thomas with a knee. Schilling tries to dump him. Schilling with a glancing spinning back fist at the bell. 10-9 Thomas.

Round three: Schilling aggressive early, landing punches and a front kick. Thomas lands a lead right hand, eats another front kick. Schilling catches a kick and they clinch. Thomas moves him to the ropes and lands a heavy straight. Spinning back fist misses wildly. One minute in. Schilling with a punch combo. Thomas connects with a hard left hand. Schilling with a two-piece, eats a right hand and clinches. Schilling head kick blocked, left straight lands. Thomas with a hook and lead right. Body blow and clinch. Schilling fires a spinning back fist, then melts Thomas with a straight right when he completes the spin. Thomas manages to rise with fifty seconds to go. Schilling pouring on the punishment against the ropes. Thomas firing back and they battle inside. Schilling landing some telling blows. Thomas tries a spinning back fist and tries to walk Schilling down before the bell. 10-8 Schilling.

Final result: Schilling def. Thomas by unanimous decision


James Hurley vs. Cedric Smith

Round one: Both men firing off some sloppy punches and low kicks early. Smith slips on a head kick attempt, then lands a glancing one and goes at Hurley in the clinch. Smith lands a flying knee, then gets tripped up. Hurley looks really bad. One minute in. Some clinching. Hurley left hook, long combination by Smith. Nice body kick and low kick from Smith. Clinch. Smith tries a flying knee, lands inside before the bell. 10-9 Smith.

Round two: Smith opens with a low kick and knee in the clinchl. High kick, low kick, high kick sequence from Smith prompts Hurley to rush in and fall. Hurley stumbles as he rises, resulting a count. Snith body kick, right hand inside and a knee send Hurley wobbling to the ropes and the referee doesn't like what he sees, stopping the fight after a brief count.

Final result: Smith def. Hurley by TKO


Tournament Semifinal: Nieky Holzken vs. Alexander Stetcurenko

Round one: Holzken low kick and counter right as Alex tries to throw back. Good 1-2 from Holken and another, then an inside low kick that trips Alex up. Another heavy 1-2 after they trade low kicks. Leg kick exchange, combination and knee by Holzken. Powerful leg kick staggers Alex. Holzken body shot, then a spinning heel kick to the body. One minute in. Holzken opening up near the ropes, blocks a spinning back fist. Alex with a left uppercut and low kick. Holzken with a hard knee and a swiping right as Alex tries to attack the legs. Holkzken left hook, Alex with an uppercut. Holzken moving him with with inside leg kicks, eats a right. One minute to go. Holzken has him on the ropes. Alex trying to punch and kick his way out. Straight right by Alex met by a right hand. Holzken leg kicks and a stiff right. Alex combination, body kick caught and answered with a left to the body. Holzken with a punching combo and glancing spinning back fist. Body shot at the bell. 10-9 Holzken.

Round two: Alex head kick blocked, low kicks landing for him. Holzken lands a knee up top, takes a body punch. Alex still looking to pick away at his legs, eats a heavier one. Holzken knee and teep. Clash of heads pauses the action. Alexander targeting the lead thigh, eats a body shot. Alex to the body. Holzken low kick and knee. Halfway through the round. They trade punches at close range. Alex finding more success with short-range punching combinations. Cross counter as Holzken jabs away. Nice combo by Alex. One minute to go. Holzken with a hard left kick. The Russian's activity is winning the round. Holzken slams home a series of inside low kicks. Left hook, body kick, body hook from Alex. Spinning back fist blocked. Spinning back kick attempt. Alex very aggressive with punches and low kicks, eats a knee upstairs and a left hook before the bell. 10-9 Stetcurenko.

Round three: The two move to center ring and immediately begin trading at close range. Stetcurenko landing with greater volume, Holzken with greater power. Holzken feinting with front kicks and knees, lands one upstairs. Good combination from Alex and some low kicks off the ropes. One minute in. Holzken looking to snipe as Alex has his back against the ropes. Alex uppercuts, Holzken left hooks. Leg kick exchange. Alex with some body blows and low kicks. Holzken straight left, hard leg kick. Nice sequence of left hooks met by a Stetcurenko right upstairs. Both men banging away near the ropes. One minute to go. Nice straight right by Holzken to counter a flying knee attempt. Now Holzken on the ropes. Stetcurenko eats a heavy right to the body and another in between his combinations. Holzken rattles him with a left hook and another. Holzken aggressive in the waning seconds, slips before the bell. Great fight. 10-9 Stetcurenko.

Final result: Holzken def. Stetcurenko by unanimous decision


Tournament Semifinal: Raymond Daniels vs. Jonatan Oliveira

Round one: Daniels sticks a side kick and tries a wheel kick on the advancing Brazilian. Good knee up top before the ref splits them by Oliveira. Daniels with a spinning back kick. Clinch. Another side kick, Oliveira moves him to the corner. Daniels blasts him with a knee to the body, but hits groin and prompts a pause in the action. Oliveira is right back on the attack, firing off low kicks as Daniels lets loose with right hands and spinning kicks. One minute in. Flying knee attempt by Daniels. 3-2 lands for Oliveira. Oliveira looking to corner him, they trade punches as he does. Nice left hook. Spinning back kick by Daniels, Oliveira with a knee up the middle. Oliveira avoids a wheel kick, eats a spinning back kick, and then gets knocked down by a wheel kick from the opposite side. Fifty seconds to go. Oliveira beats the count with time to spare. Nice uppercut by Oliveira. Daniels with a right uppercut, Oliveira smacks him around in the corner. Oliveira head kick, Daniels spinning back kick. Oliveira connects with a pair of rights before the bell. 10-8 Daniels.

Round two: Oliveira right back on the attack, eats a counter right early. Good combination from Daniels, who gets knocked down with a cut kick. Daniels connects with a knee to the body, then a spinning back kick that forces Oliveira to a knee. Again, back up with time to spare. Daniels with some kind of flying whatsit attack that doesn't connect. Daniels knee to the body. One minute in. Oliveira lands some good punches in the corner. Daniels with another knee to the body that clips the groin with the shin. Daniels with a front kick to the body, then a push kick. Oliveira lands a heavy low kick and another. Daniels avoids a head kick in the corner. Daniels with a spinning back kick. One minute to go. Daniels crushes him with a spinning back kick to the body that sends Oliveira to his knees immediately. That's three knockdowns and the fight.

Final result: Daniels def. Oliveira by TKO (3 knockdowns)



Andy Ristie vs. Steve Moxon

Round one: Ristie eats a low leg kick and moves inside. Ristie lands one to the pills and the ref pauses the action. Ristie comes up with a knee and eats a right. Ristie lands a combo against the ropes. Ristie lands a left hook and an inside leg kick. He throws a knee that is blocked. The next one gets through and he throws a right and Moxon goes down in the corner. Ristie stuns him again with a straight left. And then drops him in the corner for a second time. After the action starts again. Ristie lands another knee. He lands a clean right hand to drop Moon for the third time and earn the TKO victory.

Final result: Andy Ristie def Steve Moxon via TKO RD 1 (2:43)


Xavier Vigney vs. Everett Sims

Round one: Vigney forgets his mouthpiece to start fight. True Story. After a few exchanges. Vigney drops him int the corner. VIgney smells blood when they restart and comes in with a flurry and drops Sims again, this time for good.

Final result: Xavier Vigney def Everett Sims via TKO RD 1 (1:44)


Josh Jauncey vs. Max Baumert

Round one: Jauncey lads a kick to the body after he and Baumert exchange low kicks. Jauncey lands an inside leg kick and circles out. Baumert tries for a left hook and a knee but doesn't connect on either. Jauncey throws a right hook that is blocked. Baumert lands a outside leg kick. Jauncey lands a left straight.  Baumert lands an outside leg kick. Jauncey lands an outside leg kick. Jauncey misses a big right hand and goes upstairs with a kick but misses that too. Baumert lands a right at the bell.

Round two: Jauncey ducks under a right hand and lands an inside leg kick. Baumert has a combo blocked and lands a inside leg kick. Jauncey misses on an uppercut. Baumert blocks a high kick. Jauncey lands a body shot and misses on a spinning heel kick. Baumert lands a right hand and Jauncey back pedals and throws a right that misses. Jauncey lands an outside leg kick. Baumert answers with a body punch. Baumert lands a right hand at the bell that rocks Jauncey. He lands another right hand to back of Jauncey's head after the bell that knocks him to the floor. Referee does not call a foul.

Round three: Jauncey kicks out Baumert's post leg out and he falls to floor. Baumert slips again in the next exchange. Jauncey lands a right knee on the button. Referee pauses fight to check a cut above Baumert's eye. Fight is called for the cut. Jauncy hits a nice celebratory back flip. Not sure if the ref counted the late knockdown or not.

Final result: Josh Jauncey def Max Baumert via technical knockout (doctor stoppage) RD 3 (0:37)

*Just told by referee Chris Wagner that it was in fact an official knockdown at the end of the second round.


Brian Collette vs. Myron Dennis

Round one: internet issue

Round two: Dennis lands a teep to start the round. Collette lands a left that is blocked. Colette lands a one-two combo. Dennis slips after a kick attempt. Collette lands a right kick to the body. Dennis pushes Collette into ropes and Collette circles out. Dennis attempts a knee from the clinch that is blocked. Collette lands a clean left to the body and a fight kick to the leg. He lands two more kicks on Dennis' right leg. Collette catches a kick and lands a punch to the stomach. Dennis in trouble in the corner and the bell sounds to end the round.

Round three: Collete catches a leg kick and lands a punch to the body of Dennis. Collete lands a right and has Dennis staggering. He tries to finish him off with several punches but Dennis hangs on. Collette lands a kick to the body. Both fighters have slowed considerably. Collette lands a left leg kick and a punch to the body again. Collette lands another outside leg kick. Collette lands a head kick and drops Dennis. Dennis makes the eight count. Collette fires two hard body punches as the bell sounds to end the fight.

Final result: Brian Collette def Myron Dennis via unanimous decision


Francois Ambang vs. Stephen Richards

Final result: Francois Ambang def Stephen Richards via RD 1 KO (2:14)


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