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Bigfoot Silva is 'absolutely sure' Anderson Silva is innocent, suspects it was doctor's fault

This sounds familiar...

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It had to be suspected that fellow Brazilian mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters would come to the defense of former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva following news that "The Spider" tested positive for performance enhancing drugs (PED) in a pre-fight UFC 183 drug screening.

After Silva's initial statement -- through doctor Marcio Tannure -- noted that he has an "impeccable career history," the former champ went a step further in his following statement -- through his manager Ed Soares -- explaining that he has never taken "any performance enhancing drugs."

Now UFC heavyweight Antonio Silva is backing up "The Spider", as he recently told Globo that he is certain Silva is innocent, and he suspects Dr. Tannure has something to do with the failed test.

His words:

"I am absolutely sure that he is not guilty of anything. I think he must have made use of something on the orders of the doctor. He was the victim in this doping. I think people upstairs (the Commission) need to see that. It is not the first case of this doctor (Marcio Tannure). They need to see who the athletes are and who is leaving these problems."

"I had a problem with this doctor and I ended up being suspended nine months for doping. It was the time of the TRT. I made an application to replace the hormone at the time and was released. I knew what he was doing completely and it was allowed, but he gave me a higher dose than my body needed. No evil desire, but do not want on my side."

When "Bigfoot" himself was suspended following his bout with Mark Hunt in late 2013 for testing above the allowed limit of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) -- when the treatment was still allowed by the NSAC and UFC -- the heavyweight behemoth blamed Dr. Tannure for not monitoring the drug properly.

While "The Spider" himself has not accused Dr. Tannure, could this become a defense for Silva in the future?

We will likely find out in March or April, when Silva heads to his NSAC disciplinary hearing to state his case.

For more on the Anderson Silva drug testing scandal, follow along on our story stream right here.

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