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UFC Quick Quote: NSAC denies covering up Anderson Silva's UFC 183 test results

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

"To think for one second that we would consider that -- maybe it's mother nature for some negative people to think that way -- it's ludicrous. I have 24 years in the FBI. To think someone could get me to close my eyes to a positive test, to risk someone getting hurt, that conspiracy theory is ... we would never do that."

Those are the words Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) executive director Bob Bennett told the LA Times, as he finds the suggestion that the NSAC would cover-up Anderson Silva's pre-fight positive test for performance enhancing drugs (PED) absolutely "ludicrous." When the initial questions arose as to why Silva was allowed to fight at UFC 183 on January 31st when he failed a test that was administered on January 9th, the NSAC admitted they only received the results for the pre-fight test one day following "The Spider's" victory over Nick Diaz. Had they gotten the results sooner, NSAC chairman Francisco Aguilar noted the fight would have been called off.

What do you make of this Maniacs? Was any tampering involved -- considering how important UFC 183 was for business -- or is the NSAC telling the truth?

For more news and information on the Anderson Silva UFC 183 drug testing scandal, follow along on our story stream right here.

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