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Video: Chael Sonnen reacts to Anderson Silva's failed drug test

After the mixed martial arts (MMA) community collectively let out a gasp at the news that Anderson Silva had tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in a pre-fight screening for his UFC 183 bout against Nick Diaz, nearly everyone wanted to hear what his former rival Chael Sonnen had to say.

If you recall, Sonnen and Silva had arguably the greatest rivalry MMA has ever seen, leading up to two exciting and highly anticipated bouts at UFC 117 and UFC 148. Of course, Sonnen has since retired from the sport due to two failed drug tests in a row in 2014, but his views on all things MMA is still very much in demand.

"The American Gangster" was recently on TSN's "Off the Record," and the former No. 1 middleweight contender gave his thoughts on Silva's positive test.

From MMAJunkie:

"Let me run the tape back 13 months. Anderson Silva was in the ring, and he suffered a compound fracture. To explain the to the viewers, his bone from the shin down, his foot, his toes, everything, was snapped in half. The only thing connecting it to his body was his skin. And I know that's graphic, but it's relevant to the story. He's got an obligation to himself: health first and sport way down the list. He has an obligation to get himself better, whatever he needs to do. Use science. I don't care if it's free market or black market, he needs to repair his leg. That's okay, and we give him a pass. If he wants to come back and compete, which he decided he did, he's got to operate within the rules. This news broke about 15 hours ago, so I - like you - need to reserve the right to have a different opinion when were confronted with different evidence that's going to come along in the coming weeks. But for right now, it appears that he tested positive for some banned substances.

After some more back and forth, which you can watch in the video above, Sonnen ultimately noted that if "The Spider" is guilty, he needs to come out and be honest about his wrongdoings.

"I wish he wouldn't have said anything yet. I think he needs to put a little time between - let me talk about me, and not Anderson. I wanted to come clean. I wanted to tell everything I can, but when you're confronted as a human being with shame, when you know you're wrong, it's very difficult to fully express everything. Now I eventually got there, but I'll tell you first hand it took me a while. My first reaction was, ‘Hey, this is my business, and I don't want to talk about it.' I came through that, and I think if Anderson puts some time in between, he might change his stance."

"If he did this, I would encourage him and anybody else, much like me, just come out and say you did it. The door is still open to come out and just tell us what happened. Say, ‘Listen, it was still in my system. I'm busted. I'm sorry.' Lay it out, fade to black, roll the credits."

Silva has already denied the test results, much like Sonnen initially did when his first test failure came to light, but it seems that "The Spider's" former rival is being earnest when he tells the Brazilian legend to simply tell the truth.

Do you think Silva will ultimately come out and admit his faults, or will due process show that the lab botched the legend's test?

For more on the Anderson Silva drug testing scandal, follow along on our story stream right here.

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