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Ed Soares 'could definitely see' Anderson Silva returning in 2015, potentially against Georges St-Pierre

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In the immediate aftermath of UFC 183 this past weekend (Sat., Jan. 31, 2015), much of the discussion surrounding Anderson Silva was in regards to whether or not the former UFC middleweight champion would return to the Octagon once more, or retire with his victory over Nick Diaz.

With Silva explaining that his family wants him to call it quits, "The Spider's" longtime manager Ed Soares went on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, and suggested that fight fans have not seen the last of the mixed martial arts (MMA) legend.

From MMAFighting:

"Right now they're already starting to film [The Ultimate Fighter] Brazil [4], beginning [Monday], so he's got a pretty tight schedule. He'll probably be filming TUF until the first week of March, and then I think he'll take some time off and sit there and see what's next. But I could definitely see him fighting again in the second half of this year."

If Silva does return, the Brazilian likely won't be fighting for the title as Dana White suggested he may prior to UFC 183. In Soares' mind, 2015 is the perfect time to set up the super fight everyone has been waiting for: Anderson Silva vs Georges St-Pierre.

"I think that GSP fight would be an incredible fight. I definitely think that that would be the fight where if I could be the ultimate matchmaker and say, which fight would I like to see, I'd like to see GSP vs. Anderson Silva. I think as they're going towards the tail end of their careers, they're two of the greatest that have ever stepped foot in the Octagon, and neither one of them has a title right now, so this would pretty much be the superfight. It would be the biggest fight in UFC history. It would be bigger than UFC 100 with Georges St-Pierre and Anderson."

Considering GSP's manager recently noted that the former longtime UFC welterweight champion has no plans of returning to the Octagon in 2015, this may simply be yet another case of wishful thinking in terms of super fights.

Do you want to see GSP vs Silva, or should both men hang up their gloves and let the next generation of fighters become the face of MMA today?

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