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Rashad Evans: Alexander Gustafsson let the hype get him, resulting in knockout loss to Anthony Johnson at UFC on FOX 14

Could it be?

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Hype can be a dangerous thing.

According to Rashad Evans, that seems to be the case for Alexander Gustafsson, the poster boy for Swedish mixed martial arts (MMA) who recently suffered a devastating loss to "Suga's" friend and Blackzilian teammate, Anthony Johnson, at UFC on FOX 14 in Stockholm, Sweden.

See it again here.

To hear Rashad tell it, it seems "The Mauler" may have let the hype get to him -- something that is often hard to control -- and could have played a big factor in his loss to "Rumble."

Check out Rashad had to say on The MMA Hour (via MMA Fighting):

"One of the reasons why I felt AJ won was that Gustafsson, I like Gustafsson, Gustafsson is a cool guy and everything. But I honestly felt like he actually thought he was the champion. He had a great fight with [Jon] Jones, and it could have went either way. But then he let the hype get him. It's hard. Because when you've got the UFC machine behind you, hyping you up, putting you on video games and stuff like that, you feel like, yeah, you are the champion, you just ain't got your belt yet. But then you're overlooking people. But when you overlook people, that's when you get it handed to you."

While it is safe to say Gus wasn't overlooking "Rumble," one can see where Rashad is coming from.

The towering Swede had trouble getting over his loss to current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, at UFC 165 in 2013 via unanimous decision; a bout many believed should've have seen the crowning of a new champion.

According to "Suga," Gustafsson may have had a bit too much trouble coping with the defeat, as he suggests Gus was wearing an imaginary belt around his waist soon thereafter.

Of course, the former No. 1 contender bounced back nicely with a win over Jim Manuwa six months later, but with a rematch against "Bones" on the line, Gustafsson couldn't capitalize by getting a win over Johnson.

What say you, Maniacs, could it be that Gustafsson let the pressures of "hype" get to him?

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