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UFC 184 results: Jake Ellenberger strangles Josh Koscheck into second round submission

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports


Josh Koscheck and Jake Ellenberger both came into UFC 184 tonight (Feb. 28, 2015) sporting awful back-to-back-to-back losing streaks, meaning that something had to finally give after they collided inside Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

And it was Koscheck's windpipe.

Koscheck ran out to the center of the Octagon and Ellenberger beat him back with a stiff jab. Koscheck landed a few jabs in response, then dove in for a single-leg takedown and drove Ellenberger into the bottom of the cage. Ellenberger got back to his feet rather quickly and continued to fight off a second attempt.

Koscheck kept busy with foot stomps and knees to the body along the cage before Ellenberger spun out with about two minutes remaining in the round. Koscheck missed with a left hand and Ellenberger clipped him with a right hand that appeared to shake him up.

Ellenberger landed a another nice shot and Koscheck -- who now looks super tentative -- smiled in response. The round ended with Koscheck playing keep away after a strong first half.

To start the second, Koscheck immediately dove in for another takedown, but Ellenberger stuffed him initially along the cage. Tied up, a stalemate forced the referee to separate them and restart the action. Ellenberger then landed a looping right hand and Koscheck appears to be bothered by his left eye.

Stiff jab from Ellenberger, which Koscheck responds with a left hand. Koscheck still having issues with his eye -- wiping and blinking it as if it was damaged. He managed to land a left hook before going in for another single-leg takedown that Ellenberger rebuffed once again.

It turned out to be a terrible idea.

Ellenberger secured a tight choke, flipped over Koscheck, and strangled him on that mat. Koscheck flailed to escape, but Ellenberger was not letting go of the power guillotine. Moments later, with Koscheck foaming from the mouth, he tapped before going unconscious.

Incredible submission on a very experienced fighter.

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